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Halloween Remedy Casts Kellys Toothache Clear To The Cosmos!

Elaine Lewis
Written by Elaine Lewis

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Kelly, you don’t look like yourself; kind of haggard, a little down in the dumps, and what’s with the pointy hat?

It’s Halloween, Elaine…!!!! Unfortunately, this picture of me was taken while I had a toothache. Was I ever desperate! Too disoriented to remember my incantations, my potions all went up in orange smoke, I wasn’t myself!

Did you try calling Dr. Bombay?

I got his nurse. Dr. Bombay was skiing in the Alps. Then I remembered your toothache article! I went back and reread it; it was inspiring: “If Elaine can use homeopathy to cure a toothache, why can’t I?” Then I remembered why. I’m not a homeopath! So, I got in touch with you.

Yes, I still have the emails:

“Help me or else!–Kelly”

“I know where you live!–Kelly”.

Oh Elaine, you kept them! How sweet!

Just call me a sentimental fool!

Do you have his number?

I hear Endora takes a dim view of bad jokes!

Yikes! I’ll just proceed with my case then, shall I? Ahem! “My Toothache”, by Kelly Young.

One bright and yet dreary afternoon, a dull pain began in my right lower molar. Chewing made it worse, so did both hot and cold drinks. I wasn’t surprised as the tooth was decayed and my dentist had suggested a root canal a while back and being no fan of the dentist, I put it off.

Kelly, I don’t want to say anything but, I think you’re setting a bad example for our adult readers.

I’ll give a boring speech at the end about the importance of regular dental visits along with brushing and flossing and sub-gingival irrigation with baking soda and peroxide to prevent periodontal disease, OK Elaine? Elaine? It seems I’ve put her to sleep; oh well, I noticed that before the daily tooth pain became severe, I often had a headache that was made somewhat better when I rubbed my temples. The episodes started typically in the afternoon, growing steadily worse through the evening. Usually I felt better in the morning.

After reading the uplifting articles on her own dental nightmares, I contacted my ever-helpful, potato-chip loving…

…and cheap…

…and cheap homeopath—Hey, I thought you were asleep!

I heard my name mentioned in connection with potato chips.

I was just saying that you suggested three remedies, that you couldn’t decide among the three, but said to try one and if that didn’t work to try the other; so, I tried the first remedy which gave a little relief but nothing more, even after taking it more often and plussing the bottle; so decided to move on to remedy #2 and I could tell by the second 30c dose that, amazingly, it was working!

Unfortunately, the next day things took a bizarre turn. Part of the tooth had broken off! It felt funny. There was a sensation of pressure and an odd pain.

I succussed the bottle and kept taking ______ with only minor relief. I was quite confused at this point! However, the next morning the truth came out. The earlier broken-off piece had lodged itself between the tooth and the gum and was causing the pressure feeling!


Exactly! But I didn’t know that then! I didn’t know what was going on, I only knew the tooth had broken off. So I kept taking, over and over again _______ and much to my dismay the pain became worse!

No way!

Yes, way! I felt like I was almost back to square one! Then it occurred to me that this was an aggravation! Thankfully, from reading these wonderful pages, I knew how to “zap” (thank you, Diane Fuller!!!) and things settled down really quickly. Whew!

And by “zap” you are referring to Diane Fuller’s patented Antidoting Technique?

Yes, exactly. Now here ‘s the funny thing. When the aggravation went away, I started probing the area and that was when the broken piece fell out! I looked at it; it was all decayed! The remedy actually did dental work! Now I was completely pain free and have been ever since, proving that seeing your dentist is a complete waste of time.

What about your boring speech?

I already gave it.


So, boys and ghouls, if any of you know the toothache remedy that cured Kelly, write to Elaine at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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