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I Don’t Care

What remedy does our petulant teenager need?

Mom, It’s Time for the Quiz!

Really?  You know, sometimes it seems like we do the Quiz every month!

Ha-ha!  Very funny, Mom!  I’m not going to let you ruin my very important Announcements with your pathetic attempts at “humor”, which I am dedicating to the memory of Conan O’Brien’s Late-Night talk show.

You’re dedicating my pathetic attempts at humor to Conan O’Brien?

No, I’m dedicating my Announcements to … you know what?  I’m just going to pretend you’re not here.  We can begin with a much-needed moment of silence.

Conan O’Brien

Are you trying to say that Conan’s show got cancelled?

No, Mom!  He ended his show on June 24th, thus ending a 27 year career on late-night television.

What choice did he have?  The network cut him back to half an hour, they took away his band….  He stayed too long, Shana, like an ex-boyfriend who won’t leave no matter how many times you tell him you can’t stand him!  (“When you say ‘it’s over’, does that mean I’m supposed to leave?  Do I have to leave right now?”)

It is truly the end of an era.

You know, when Jerry Seinfeld ended his show, he was #1 in the ratings!  You know what?  When Conan does his last show?  No one’s gonna care!  No one’s even gonna watch!

Mom, for your information, Conan has already done his last show!

See what I mean?  He wasn’t even on my radar screen!  Or anyone else’s radar screen!

Excuse me!  He was on the radar screen of the people who loved and watched him for years.

Yes, I know.  You and Mrs. O’Brien.

Liza.  Her name is Liza.  His wife.  Even so, I loved Conan, especially his funny bits with band leader, Max Weinberg.

Max Weinberg

I know, Shana, he had a really great show at one time, but he needed to retire while he was on top!  Let’s honor the Conan O’Brien Show from when he was King of Late Night.

I think that was Johnny Carson, but, OK.  Here’s one of Conan’s and Max Weinberg’s funny bits where Max invites Conan to go with him for a beer:


I must admit, that was mildly funny.

And I think I also read that “Conan Without Borders” (the hour long specials where Conan travels to other countries and tries to “fit in”), will continue.

That will be good because that was funny too.

Who’s in the Quiz this month?

Remember “Carlos Von Flurgg?”

I believe so.  He didn’t want to leave home for college, right?

Right.  He was the procrastinator.  Well, this is his younger brother, “Fernando”.

What’s wrong with him?

He’s an ITP patient, a teenager, and he had been doing well, but then something happened and his platelets dropped again.  His only symptom is increased tiredness; hard to prescribe on that, so I relied on his mentals as related by his mother, “Patsy”.

“You mean Patsy Von Flurgg”?

Yes, “Patsy Von Flurgg”!


Hi again, Elaine, it’s “Patsy Von Flurgg”!  I wanted to talk to you about “Fernando”, he has been very touchy lately and easily offended.  He was getting upset while talking to me, so I tried moving in closer to him and he said, “Don’t touch me!”


I just spoke to him again and he opened up a little.  He says he’s feeling lost, and that he’s trying to find himself.  He equates it to being in a maze and his true self/who he is, is in the middle of the maze and he doesn’t know how to get there.  He said he felt this way shortly after his illness and that the feeling is back again.  He says he needs to find himself on his own and doesn’t want any help from the rest of us or a professional.

Well that’s just great!  Let me ask you.  You’re saying his platelets have dropped.  Does he have any symptoms, like nosebleeds, bruising, etc.?

No nosebleeds or bruising but he was feeling more tired.  But, “Morty Von Flurgg”, my husband, had mentioned that things seemed to get worse with Fernando when we spent a week in the country with Carlos to get him settled.  Morty and Fernando went home after that and Carlos and I spent a couple of weeks together so I could “parent” him (lol).  Fernando seemed to get all bent out of shape after that.

Ohhhh…..  I seeeeeee……………

I explained to Fernando that Carlos is allowed to have some mothering as well since he’s been away from home for 9 months.  Later on in the week, Fernando was snippy with me when I called – so hmm….  So we have been giving Carlos more attention lately and I don’t think Fernando was very appreciative.

He also said that he felt like we ignored him, didn’t care about him, when Carlos got home from university.

He’s always been the baby of the family and especially with his ITP, he’s received more attention.

I asked him if his blood test results bothered him and he said, “I don’t care.”

Patsy, give him a dose of ____________30C and let me know what happens.


Hi Elaine!

So, it hasn’t been a full 24 hours since I gave Fernando the remedy but, we’ve noticed a shift in his mood!  He’s much less agitated and seems to be back to his gentler self with no snippy comments or side looks!  He came and talked to us after his online class and he even hugged me of his own accord!  So, I guess you’ve hit it out of the ball park again!!!!


OK, everybody, that’s it!  If you know what the remedy is, write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  See you then!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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  • Ok, I was thinking maybe Nat mur because Fernando wanted to be left alone, didn’t want anyone around him, didn’t want to be touched. But my guess is Alumina for his feeling that he couldn’t find himself, that he was confused about his personal identity.

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