I Feel Like Hell

Another riveting and exciting Hpathy Quiz, try and guess the answer!

Mom, it’s time for the quiz.  I’m very excited to report on the James Taylor…


I was going to say concert!  Where’s the picture I took of James Taylor?

Shana, I can’t find it; plus which, it was the worst picture I’ve ever seen.

We’re lucky to have a picture at all when you consider how hopelessly lost we were!

It’s not like we didn’t stop and ask for directions!  Unfortunately, it seems that no one in New Jersey speaks English!  Certainly not the proprietors of Dominos Pizza and 7-11.  We might as well have been in India!

Apu 7 11

I hate to miss things. I know you think we didn’t miss much but you’re not me.

I’m not?  Are you sure?  Because people say we look like twins.   

Elaine & Shana

I see what you mean.  Which one are you?  Anyway at intermission, James Taylor sat there on the stage and signed people’s albums, tickets, t-shirts, etc. and took pictures with them. I’ve always heard people say how nice he is and I guess it’s true. I really wanted to meet him but there were so many ahead of me and intermission seemed to end very quickly. While waiting I met this lady who saw my James Taylor/Carole King t-shirt and she said she saw the two of them in Madison Square Garden and that they were great.

How nice, you made a friend while pointlessly standing in line.

Anyway, I think, for me, the highlight of the concert was “Shed a Little Light”. There’s just something catchy about how gospel-y it sounds.


Plus, “Only a Dream in Rio”, “I Will Follow” (with Arnold McCuller’s solo) and “I was a Fool to Care” were also stand-outs. Unfortunately I can’t find any footage of “Only a Dream in Rio” from the recent shows. I also enjoyed his jokes before starting each song. At some previous shows, he did songs I would’ve loved to hear, like “Lo and Behold”.

Is that the end of your report?


Good; thanks for the audience warm-up, and now it’s time for our feature presentation! Lights please! Curtain, and….


In a message dated 7/3/2015 12:51:44 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, b_______@yahoo.com writes:

Hi Elaine,

I feel like hell

OMG! Maybe you should see a homeopath!

do you have time to help me?

Me???? Well, I don’t know, it is rather unorthodox…

I started filling out the acute case questionnaire while I was still having severe pain and was very nauseous. I’m stable now, but I worry about the pain coming back…maybe you could look at this and tell me what you think the best course is…please forgive the spelling errors and grammar- the pain was a 10 on a scale of 1-10.

Did you say “spelling errors and grammar”? Well, I’m not sure that I can take a case with spelling errors and grammar…

  1. Chief complaint: Severe menstrual cramps- started about 9am this morning.

Oh, cramps, I should have known!

started having cramps yesterday, but they were the regular amount of pain. Monday and Tuesday, I had really bad burning in my stomach area- took phos. 30 c on Monday (one dose)- this helped the burning pain and gave me energy. Wednesday was fine- some bleeding from period. also, I am very nauseous- threw up in one sitting about 9 times- all liquid orange, felt like acid. concurrently, i have the urge to go to the bathroom- mostly mushy poo. that’s now subsided. pain persists in the lower abdomen, about six inches below belly button- same area where i always feel cramps. on and off feeling very hot. could not get comfortable- usually laying down with heating pad is better, but this time standing and walking around was better, but i was doing it in between pooping and feeling like I was going to throw up.

i spent the morning crying and wailing a little, praying “please help me, please help me’. this is the worst menstrual pain i’ve ever experienced. i took two doses of 4 ibuprofen (800 mg) twice yesterday, once this morning. my parents gave me one dose of ultram because i was in so much pain- the pain is much better now but still present. severe nausea comes and goes, but i only threw up the one time around 10:30am. I also took 2 doses of colocynth 30 c around 9:45am, and one dose of rhus tox 30c around 10:15am. Took the ultram around 10:30am. it’s taken all this time for the ultram to completely kick in but the pain is still dull and i’m worried about it coming back. also, the pain made me feel like i was going to pass out. also, this morning, i couldn’t calm down. i”m finally calm now- i started to calm down after i threw up. that was the turning point where i started to feel better.

  1. Etiology: my boyfriend was sick with a stomach ache yesterday- i wonder if this is menstrual cramps plus a virus? I just don’t know. I will tell you that i’ve been very upset the past two weeks- I guess everyone has. I’m in SC, Charleston is a very special place to me- the church shooting plus the confederate flag issues- these are all so personal to me- i used to visit my friend in charleston all the time- she lived minutes from that church- there are two older black ladies who I’m very close to- my grandmother’s friends- to think that could have been them. plus gay marriage. i’m a social liberal and very sensitive. my brother is gay, and i take in the conservative critisicm very, very personally and deeply. it’s not easy to be a liberal in the south

It’s not easy being a liberal anywhere!

– i have liberal friends, but i often feel so lost in the south. it’s been very upsetting- maybe it affected my period this time around- been very upset.

  1. often during my period, my body feels like it’s trying to expel something. today, i felt like with all this pain, i was pooping, having to pee, throwing up- just felt like my body needed to expel things. maybe it was trying to get out all these pent up feelings- i get very upset, take in a lot of collective feelings because i am empathetic. i don’t cry easily- i need to, want to, but i just can’t get it out. it all comes out at one time finally when i can’t hold it in any longer.
  2. Appearance: face pale, dark circles under eyes (dark circles worse than usual, I’d say)
  3. Location: lower abdomen- center- that’s where the menstrual pain is
  4. Modalities: better from cool air- i’ve had the fan on; better from walking around, although i’m tired and i can’t do that much. i left my house and came to my granny’s. my mom is here with me. they are downstairs- i don’t want them up here with me, but i don’t want to be completely alone. i just want them nearby. no appetite- ginger ale is helping. got in the bathtub with warm water and the fan on me- that helped for awhile. i’m finally getting comfortable sitting up on the floor.
  5. i’m feeling better as I type this, but I want to tell you everything that happened this morning in case it all comes back when this ultram wears off. i was restless, anxious, couldn’t think straight at all- couldn’t think of which remedies to take- took the colocynthis for cramps and rhus tox because of restlessness. when i took colocynths, my spirit felt better- a little relieved- i’m not sure it helped me physically, but it helped me emotionally- had i been in my right mind or had someone nearby who knew homeopathy, maybe it would have helped more? finanlly cried because of the pain. didn’t want to be touched, though.
  6. red menstrual blood, vomit was orange liquid
  7. What have I been saying? I’m better now- I’m okay. this morning “I’m not okay” “I might need to go to the hospital (I NEVER think that!), “Please help me, please help me, please help me”….I begged God, my mom, my boyfriend ( I don’t usually ask for help unless I really need it)
  8. Mentals: anxious, confused, couldn’t think straight or focus, panicked
  9. “please help me, please don’t leave me”…my mom and granny were supposed to go visit my uncle in the hospital and I wouldn’t let them leave me…that never happens! I was really, really in a lot of pain to deny my family the chance to go see my poor uncle in the hospital- i feel awful just typing this- i usually don’t ask people to go out of their way on my account
  10. What have I been doing? pacing, back and forth from the bathroom to the bed
  11. Thirst: not thirsty, not hungry- food would have made me gag sooner or later probably
  12. Fever? i don’t know if i have a fever- my granny said i felt hot, but i had what seemed like hot flashes coming and going
  13. none
  14. none
  15. The most striking thing- the level of pain (10) and the fact that i don’t want to be alone, the fact that i might have gone to the emergency room had i had insurance- in my normal mind, i don’t want to be within 2 feet of a doctor or take drugs and here i am begging for pain medicine- “thankfully”, my dad has a bad back pain and had something greater than ibuprofen
  16. Diagnosis? i might have endometriosis, my last doctor talked about it, but i think I’m now going to go get the test to see if i have fibroids the pain is so bad
  17. I’m okay right now, tired. before, very restless and tired
  18. tongue normal
  19. no cough
  20. still take phosphorus- took 30c on Monday- took 200c about three weeks before that and I had a lot of old problems come back with a fury- felt better after a week, but it was too deep- i couldn’t go through it again- will stick to 30c- it’s the best remedy for me.

OK, so, after reading your whole case, my first thought is _________ 200C, do you have that?

Yes, I’ll give it a try, thanks.

In a message dated 7/3/2015 7:49:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, b__________@yahoo.com writes:

I’m feeling much better, hopefully it will last.


OK, everybody, do you know the answer? Write to me at LEWRA@aol.com. The answer will be in next month’s ezine. Bye for now!


Mom wait!

You’re still here?

Yes! To play us out, here is “I Was a Fool to Care” by James Taylor, live from Columbia, South Carolina:

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at LEWRA@aol.com

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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