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Im Fine! No, Really.

Im Fine! No, Really.

A useful article about Im Fine! No, Really..Full details about Im Fine! No, Really.



Dr. B has given us more work!

What? You mean we can’t go home?

He asked everybody for suggestions.

He asked 40,000 people for suggestions?

And a preponderance of people wanted more quizzes!

People want to take tests?


What is wrong with them?

I don’t know, Shana, just help me come up with something!

I want to know who’s singing lead on this Spinners’ song:


Mom, I don’t think that’s what Dr. B had in mind; but, if anyone knows the answer, write to us at [email protected]

Now, OK, here’s an idea! I want to know which remedy or remedies say, “I’m fine, no really, I’m fine!” when, clearly, they aren’t, and why do they say it? Is there a rubric or rubrics for that in the Repertory? What is it / are they? OK you have 15 seconds! Now, send your answers to Mom at the previously stated email address and we’ll see you back here in February! Good luck, everyone!

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