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It Takes Two!

Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor

This quiz case needed two remedies, try to guess which ones they were!

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Mom, it’s time for the quiz!


Not again!  Didn’t we just have a quiz a month ago?  

I’m sure you’re wondering what is 20 years old this year.

I am?  Oh yes!  Of course!  That’s exactly what I’m wondering!  What is 20 years old in 2017?  Well, wait, don’t tell me, don’t tell me.  I’m usually very good at this.  Twenty years old…what could it be, what could it be…. Um….rattle snakes?

Mom!!!!  You’re way off!  On July 15th, Cartoon Network’s “Johnny Bravo” turned 20.

It did?  He did?  “Johnny Bravo”????  No one knows who he is!!!! 

It was a cartoon based on a character resembling Elvis Presley! 

Oh.  Well that’s different.  Can we start the quiz now?

Seth MacFarlane, the guy who is today known as the creator of “Family Guy”, used to write for “Johnny Bravo” and “Dexter’s Laboratory”.

Unfortunately, Shana….. no one cares!

Also the guy who created “Johnny Bravo” was roommates in college with Craig McCracken (creator of “The Powerpuff Girls”), Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of “Dexter’s Laboratory”), and Paul Rudish who worked on both “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Dexter’s Lab”.

What a small world; and hopefully not a small room since they were all roommates; and by the way, what kind of name is “Genndy”?  Would you explain that please?  What parents in their right mind could only come up with “Genndy” for their newborn baby?  (“Dear, what are we going to name the baby?  Something special, I hope!  Something that will make him really popular!  How about…wait for it, wait for it …  ‘Genndy’!  What do you think?  ‘Genndy’!!!“) 

Mom,  I’m going to explain this and then stop being so complain-y!  His real name is Gennady Borisovich Tartakovsky…

OMG!!!!  It just keeps getting worser and worser!

…only for some reason he spells his Russian name as “Genndy”. 

None of this is helping!

What can I say, I guess Russians have weird names like…”Vladimir Putin”. 

Not to be confused with any other “Vladimir Putin” who might be floating around… and possibly listening in on our conversation…

Also I’ve seen people speculating on the internet over what kind of accent Dexter has and I find it interesting that it was suggested in an interview by Genndy that Dexter’s accent is probably Russian which would make sense since Genndy is Russian. 

Have you noticed how we keep saying “Genndy”?

Also I would like to point out that Genndy….


…also worked on “The Powerpuff Girls”.  So, this man…


… is basically my whole childhood.

I had no idea your childhood was so impoverished!  Who were your parents?

Anyway, next, my favorite movie, “Good Burger”, turns 20 on July 25th.

“Good Burger” is your favorite movie?  OMG.

You may recall that this movie stars comedy team Kenan and Kel as fast-food employees who are competing against a bigger and flashier burger chain.

Oh!  Well why didn’t you say so?  Now it’s everyone’s favorite movie!

Here is a video of funny moments from the movie.  It’s a teensy bit long…

Oh great!

…but trust me, it’s hilarious.

It better be, Shana!

Well, Shana, you were right.  It WAS long!!!

Before I get to my next announcement, I would like to advise our ezine readers that if at all possible, they should try to get a hold of “Good Burger” because it is hilarious! 

OK, so noted.

If you have Netflix, you can find it on there.  If, like me, you still have a VCR, you can look for the VHS or if you’re a DVD household…

Shana!!!!!!  Is this going anywhere????

Next I would like to announce that my favorite show, “the Originals” got renewed for season 5. 

Hooray.  Is that your last announcement?


You have nothing more to say?

Not that I know of….

Nothing else has happened?

Not that I’m aware of….

You know, every month you find some reason to bring up James Taylor.  And the one month you actually go to SEE James Taylor, in concert, you got nothin’ to say!!!!!

First of all I do not mention James Taylor every month!  Maybe every other month.  Secondly, excuuuse me!  But I was a little busy with my announcements about things that turned 20! 

Oh!  Well I am sooo sorry for having lost track of that!

But fine!  If you wanna talk about James Taylor….


I went to see James Taylor at the Wells Fargo Center on July 9th.  He was there with Bonnie Raitt.  I feel like the stars have aligned in a really interesting way. 

You do?  They have?

Bonnie Raitt is Daddy’s favorite singer and James Taylor, as you may recall, is my favorite singer, so, it was magical watching them share a stage! 


Here is Bonnie Raitt doing a James Taylor song, called “Rainy Day Man” from 2006.  I think I can see why Daddy liked her so much:

Bonnie Raitt is “under-Raitted” if you ask me!  You were very lucky that you got to see her! 

That song is from James’ Flying Machine days.  He had a group in 1966 called the Flying Machine.  It’s also on his debut album from Apple Records.  It also has a different version of “Carolina in My Mind” on it.  Anyway, real quickly I want to talk about the concert.

If you can, please do!

There were very impressive visuals.  To introduce him before he came on stage, there were various clips of James from different interviews and such, some of which I had never seen before (hard to believe I know).  One of them was his appearance on “The Simpsons” (a season 5 episode called “Deep Space Homer”), so as both a Simpsons and JT fan, that made me happy. 

There was also that ridiculous clip of him on Sesame Street singing “Jellyman Kelly”. 

Say no more, say no more.

Anyway, yes, amazing seeing Bonnie Raitt live.  I am sort of familiar with her music but never knew she was such an awesome guitar player.  She did a good cover of “Burning Down The House” by the Talking Heads (a new-wave group).  Oh and James was funny as usual.  If it wasn’t so expensive I would try and see him anytime he’s nearby just to hear his jokes and stories even though they are the same stories over and over again.  I wish I could meet him.

I’ll see what I can do.

Anyway, back to him being funny: of his blues song, “Steamroller”, he said, “It takes longer to perform than it took to write.” 


There was a man sitting next to me in section 2, row 10 which was a floor seat.  He said, “You seem like a young fan” and he asked me where I’ve seen James before.  I also talked to someone when I was walking in and asked them if they were also heading off to see JT and Bonnie Raitt.  I said I saw James three other times but my first time seeing Bonnie and the guy said that I was ahead of the game.  When the encore came Bonnie Raitt and James sang “Johnny B. Goode” in honor of Chuck Berry. 

Wow, I’ll bet that was great!  But now, you know what?  It is SHOW TIME!  Get ready for the often-imitated, but never duplicated…the one and only…


So, let’s everybody quiet down, OK?  So this was a constitutional case until it started to look like this patient was coming down with the flu!  I had to switch gears and find a remedy for whatever was happening to her acutely.  Consequently, there are 2 remedies here, Remedy-X and Remedy-Y, you have to find both of them.  I give you now….”Roxanne”:

Shouldn’t we call her Roxy instead?

Are you still here, Shana?  Fine, Roxy.  Yeesh!

In a message dated 7/2/2017 3:19:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, *** writes:

This morning I’ve been tearful, irritable, and angry. I lost my temper at the cat for being noisy and started throwing pillows.  I finally sat down on the floor and got really upset, crying and angry at the same time.

Sounds like Remedy-X.

I went for a walk and in the middle of it decided I was too tired to continue.  I did not feel better being outside, which is unusual for me.  I went home and started feeling really cold.  I couldn’t stand to be talked to and was snappish with my husband.  I finally went to bed, because that seemed to be the only way to get warm and be alone.  I felt better moodwise just getting under the covers. I just got up to eat lunch and feel as though I have a tight band around my head and a tight neck.  I was drooling while I was in bed too, and have been feeling a lot of tension between my shoulder blades. It had been foggy all week but it’s sunny today.

I’d been feeling mildly achy for a couple of days.  I’m unusually thirsty today too.

Take a dose of Remedy-Y 30C in water and let me know if it works.

Ok, I took Remedy-Y, took a hot bath, and went back to bed.  My mood is much better; I’m still feeling cold and tired, but less so.

Next day:

Feeling better today—still a bit tired and achy but no longer cold or irritable.

In a message dated 7/6/2017 8:21:36 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, *** writes:

Wow, I’ve felt sane most of today thanks to the Remedy X.  My emotional and mental state goes beyond calm and centered.  I have had to plus the bottle and reduce the time between doses, but this remedy really seems to be helping at a deep level.  Fingers crossed that it continues to do so.



In a message dated 7/9/2017 11:22:00 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, *** writes:

I woke up feeling even better this morning!


So what do you think?  We’ve got a constitutional case interrupted by a flu-like virus which had to be treated first, then she took the initial remedy that I blurted out, so, try to separate out the two, the acute case from the chronic case, and let me know what the two remedies were.  Send your answers to me at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  And oh, by the way, Shana?  You know what Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston said in 1966?

It Takes Two?

Me and you!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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