It’s No Day At the Beach For Toni!

Toni the dog is taken to the beach and she has an asthma attack! What could the remedy be?

Mom, can you believe the year is almost over?

No way!  It’s practically time to pay taxes again!

Before you know it, we’ll be writing the December quiz!

You mean we’re not doing that now?

No, Mom, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet!

I just assumed we were writing the December Quiz.  Then what are we doing?

We’re writing the November Quiz!

Still???  You mean we haven’t done that yet?????  What have we been doing all this time????

We’re running late as always!  All the more reason why I should be allowed to get on with my Announcements!  I have to figure out what I want for Christmas.

That’s your announcement?  What kind of announcement is that?

No, I am here to talk about Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop!

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop?

Is there an echo in here?  There is a documentary coming out on Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop!

Which one is Shari?

Lots of people grew up watching Shari Lewis and her puppet Lambchop on PBS and I was one of them.  Shari’s daughter, Mallory, is continuing her legacy by being the ventriloquist for Lamb Chop now.

Oh, that’s so wonderful!  Imagine having a daughter who could carry on your work….  I wonder what that’s like????!!!!!!!

Are you saying you don’t have one????

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying!!!!!!!

I may be almost 30 years old…

Geez, Shana, don’t make yourself a year older already….

…but I still love Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy!  I suppose we have to explain to our readers who Shari Lewis is.

Yes, because I’m sure everyone from India and Pakistan are dying to know!

This is a service we provide here at the Hpathy Quiz!

Oy vey!

Shari was a Ventriloquist and Lamb Chop was her creation.  She was also the puppeteer for the aforementioned Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy.  On PBS, she hosted a show called “Lamb Chop’s Play Along”, which was an educational show for children.  Her last project before her death in 1998 was the “Charlie Horse Music Pizza” (which is sadly lost to time).  It was a show meant to educate about music because apparently, some elementary schools didn’t have music in their curriculum.  She also created TV specials around the Jewish holidays: Chanukah and Passover.  Shari also happened to be Jewish herself.  I didn’t know this as a kid, but, her birth name is actually Phyllis Naomi Hurwitz.

I had noooooo ideeeeea!!!!  Is there a Death Report this month, per chance?

Unfortunately, there is.  Sadly, the other “Jay” from Jay and the Americans died.

The OTHER Jay died?  What does that even mean?????

I’m getting to that!!!  There were two of them.  Jay Traynor who apparently died in 2014, was the first “Jay”,

best known for the hit, “She Cried”.

And when I told her, I didn’t love her anymore… she cried….

OK, Mom, enough already!  But the second Jay is probably the guy most people think of when you say “Jay and the Americans”, namely:

Jay Black.  He’s the voice on “Cara Mia”.

Cara Miaaaaaaaaaaaaa why??????  Must we say good-byeeeeeeeeee…..

Mom!!!!!   Oh and quick random fact about the first “Jay” that I just discovered. The Mystics (the group that sang ‘Hushabye’) changed lead singers a lot.

They did?  Did I mention that “Hushabye” was the first record I ever bought?

I knew you were going to say that! 

Though I don’t know…. I remember buying “Dottie” by Danny and the Juniors….

Mom!  No one cares!  Anyway, and one of them was Jay Numero Uno.


The first Jay!  He sang with the Mystics!  Mom, try and keep up.  That lineup did a song called “White Cliffs of Dover” but I don’t think that’s the same one Phil Spector produced for Bob B. Soxx and the Blue Jeans.

It probably was the same song, Shana.  “White Cliffs of Dover” is a “standard”, but, Phil Spector’s doo-wop version puts all the others to shame!  We have to play it!

Well, if we have to, but, it’s not on my roster…..

Brilliant!  Brilliant, I tells ya!

I was also saddened to read that the co-writer of “Wallace and Gromit”, Bob Baker, died.  He wrote “The Wrong Trousers”, “A Close Shave”, “Curse of the Were-Rabbit” (feature film), and “Matter of Loaf and Death.”

Shana, no one even knows what you’re talking about!

Mom!  “What Remedy Is Wallace And Gromit” was one of our Quizzes, remember?  Now, as I was saying….. When I was younger, I never really paid attention to who was on the writing staff, I just knew “Wallace and Gromit” was created by Nick Park but it’s also important to recognize the contributions of his co-writer, don’t you think?  For those who don’t know, it’s a British claymation series about an inventor and his dog.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about Bob Baker… How about “Cara Mia”?  And by the way, Jay Black wasn’t Jay Black’s real name, it was David Blatt.

I should have known.

You should have known what!?  Here it is, folks, Jay Black of Jay and the Americans with a brilliant live performance of “Cara Mia”!

You know, it’s not easy to sing live!  One mistake and everybody knows it!  Good-bye David.  Why must we say good-bye, indeed.


And now for the Quiz!  Who is it this time?

It’s Toni again.  This time she had an asthma attack on the beach.

Toni the dog?  Carly’s dog?  The dog who was afraid she’d be left alone at night?

Yes!  That dog!

What was she doing on the beach?

I’m not sure……..


Hi Elaine, we’re back from visiting my parents.  The trip was definitely not a waste of time. I got to see my parents and we had a really nice visit.  Both of them are doing better than we thought.

But Toni had a coughing/asthma attack our first day and it was really scary!   We had taken her for a run at Lake Erie and I heard this weird noise that I thought was the gulls.  Then I realized it was her! The wind was howling and it was really loud, so she must have been scared.  The coughing stopped as soon as I picked her up.  Two days later she stopped eating.  So I gave her a dose of ___________ but a week later she stopped eating again!  So…one more dose of ____________ and it got her to eating a little, but the coughing returned!  Then the next day she started panting and shaking while we were driving.

Luckily, we had Rescue Remedy in the car and it sent her into a deep sleep and she started eating a little again.

However, today she had another coughing fit and I decided OK, that’s enough!!!!   _____________ just is not cutting it!  So it was time to start over!  Whatever she had, it came on suddenly.  She’s also been acting like a frightened dog.  I went back over the whole thing from the very beginning, the whole situation, and I finally decided on: ______________.

Oh, right, good thinking!

She ate well tonight.   I slept a little later and my husband fed her.  He said her appetite was “voracious!”  So Toni is doing much better.

Return of appetite is what we expect to see after the right remedy!  OK, I know what happened now.  You kept giving her her constitutional remedy, and because it was her constitutional remedy, and it always helped her in the past, you thought it would help again; and actually, it did somewhat help a  bit each time, but because it did not match the acute case, Toni kept relapsing; not only that but here’s the interesting thing: clues were thrown at you depicting the real remedy that she needed!  Robin Murphy said this would happen, that sometimes the wrong remedy will bring out a clearer picture of the remedy you’re supposed to give, and that certainly happened here!  So, you went back and analyzed what happened from the beginning and came up with the remedy that covered the acute case, and, Wham!  You nailed it, and she recovered completely!  (Those of you who are looking for the constitutional remedy in every case should be learning a big lesson here!)


Alright, that’s it folks!  Get your answers in!  What remedy do you think cured Toni’s coughing fits and loss of appetite?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know, the answer will be in the December ezine.  Did I just say December?  OMG!  The Hpathy ezine is about to enter its 18th year!  Aaaaah!!!!

See you in December!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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