Lifting, Pushing and Hauling Lead to Confusion, Soreness and Crying!

Written by Elaine Lewis

A useful article about Lifting, Pushing and Hauling Lead to Confusion, Soreness and Crying!.Full details about Lifting, Pushing and Hauling Lead to Confusion, Soreness and Crying!

Mom!!! Look what time it is! 

What, is it February again?

It was February a month ago!

Shana, what did you do with February?!

What makes you think I took it, and do we have a quiz?

Well, of course we do, Shana! This is the hpathy ezine, isn’t it?
Home of the Hpathy quiz? Why wouldn’t we have a quiz? OK, where’s the quiz!
Shana, where did we leave the quiz?

Did you look in your pocket?

It’s not there!

Did you check the dryer?

It’s not there either!

Did you leave it in the door?

Shana, you’re going to have to call all our clients and see if you
can get one of them to throw their back out!

Mom, wait! Check the pizza boxes!

You’re right! Missing items always gravitate toward pizza boxes! OMG!
Here it is!

Maybe you should throw those pizza boxes away.

And risk losing all our stuff?

Can we hear the case now?

Of course we can! Ahem! It was a bright and sunny day in … what
month is this?


I knew that. It was a bright and sunny day in March.

Actually, Mom, it’s raining outside!

Oh, fine! Well, if you know so much about homeopathy, why don’t you
give the case!?



Fine! Ahem! Here is the case. This is the case of Shirley.

Not to be confused with Shirley Alston-Reeves of The Shirelles.

Mom, I don’t think anyone knows who The Shirelles are.

Really? Are you serious? Well, that’s horrible, a complete disaster!

Mom, why don’t you go look for a Shirelles video like a good little
Mommy. Now, as I was saying, this is the case of Shirley. Shirley had tendonitis
in her shoulder, which was improving with Arnica, but before you could even
say “Shirley Alston-Reeves of The Shirelles”, Shirley had injured
the same shoulder doing heavy lifting at work! I know, it’s hard to believe!
So, Shirley writes to mom and says:



I took the 6X Arnica 4 times yesterday as you recommended for my
tendonitis. I felt better as the day went on and better last night than the
previous 2 nights. More energy, only a tad bit of noticing my arm and shoulder.

Yesterday, at work, I had to move from one cubicle to another. Boxes
to lift, push and haul. Also, couldn’t get my key to work in my car so I had
to walk probably 10 blocks to the train with my heavy purse and another bag.

This morning I awoke with a very sore arm, almost painful, tired,
my upper back across my shoulders was tender and sore and I am just plodding.

Should I raise the potency?




Is this in response to the overwork you did at the office yesterday? Also,
did you read my article on acute prescribing?

you did, do you remember what I said about “Sensation, Location, Modalities,
Concomitants”? When presenting a case to a homeopath, don’t say, “My
arm hurts, my shoulders hurt.” You must learn to talk in “complete
symptoms”! Here’s what you might have said, “My arm is sore from
overlifting the day before. The sensation is soreness and lameness. Location:
same arm as the tendonitis and both shoulders; it’s not an aggravation of
the tendonitis but different. The modalities: Worse sleeping on the painful
side, better massage, better cold bathing. Concomitants: anger from the pain,
snapping at people, being rude and impatient.” (Keep in mind, I am just
making this up! It’s to give you an idea!)



My apologizes – I did read the acute prescribing article.

The complaint is better after moving (walking, bending, using arms
— reaching into cupboards, cooking, washing dishes, opening & shutting
doors, etc.)

Overall better after eating.

concomitants: Impaired thinking, as in, “what do I do next?
I dunno!” Crying. In a fog.


take ____________30C, one dose, and let me know what happens.


[Less than one hour later….]



1. First thing I noticed was that my eyes were focusing much better instead of focusing like I was in a fog.

2. Then it felt like head/brain/mind was reconnected from the middle of my ears up – or activated.

3. Next I noticed I felt more relaxed.

4. Then, more aware of my surroundings.

5. For about 15 to 20 minutes I felt this surge of energy being released from my body. Energy was rising up inside and outside and all around my body and continuing to rise above my head – I could feel it for about 8-9 inches above my head – like strong, thick sheets of energy rising up in waves. I can still feel it moving up my spine.




OK, gang, you tell me, what remedy worked for Shirley? Notice Shirley doesn’t say whether or not her pain went away and notice I don’t really care! Why is that? Because one of the most important tenets in homeopathy is Hering’s Law! And what does Hering’s Law say? “Healing takes place from the inside-out.”
What does that mean? It means that the right remedy is going to first make the person feel better on the INSIDE! If we don’t see this after a remedy, we are not happy! We start to wonder if we’ve made a mistake. What do we do if a patient says, “I’m no better! I still have the pain.” Do we say, “Oh no! I’ll find you a better remedy!”? Not until we have asked the all-important question, “How are you on the inside? How is your energy, your mood?” Nine times out of ten they will tell you, “Oh, my spirits are much better! The pain doesn’t really bother me that much anymore even though it’s still there.” Bullseye! Don’t be looking for another remedy, this is exactly the result you want! The pain will go away in due time, don’t worry.

from Shirley:



I just got home from work and I am amazed at how much better I’ve felt today. I’m lighter and my head is so much clearer. And I seem to be expressing something I used to know called happiness!


I’m not sure the hpathy Rule Book allows for people to be that happy, let me look.
If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s
ezine. In the meantime, if it’s true that people don’t know who The Shirelles are? OMG! This could be big trouble for homeopathy! Here are Shirley (Alston-Reeves) and The Shirelles singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”:

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