Mommy, Are You Coming Home?

Written by Elaine Lewis

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Recently, my six year old came home from school with a dry cough and a clear runny nose. Ordinarily, this would not have been a big concern, but I was out of town for the next three days and my parents were baby sitting.

There had been a change in temperature from very cold (0 degrees) to more moderate (30 degree) temperatures.

Though not unusual for my son to develop a cough or cold during these changes in temperature, all three of my children had just recently gotten over a similar illness, so this added to my concern.

The cough was joined by a fever the next day that eventually went up to 102.7. My son was lethargic, chilly, hoarse, and wanting cold water which was unusual for him.

He was up coughing the previous night, tossing about and restless. He had darkish circles under his eyes and his eyelids were puffy and half closed. His face was pale and his cough became worse when he talked, exploding out of his mouth at times.

I spoke with my son on the phone and he sounded so sad and unwell. He said, “I feel very bad mommy, are you coming home?” Well, I almost did!

My mom, being a retired teacher, was very good at accumulating and reporting facts and observations. Based on these, i told her to give my son a 30c potency of the indicated remedy, in water, and to be sure to shake the bottle before each dose–which would be a swallow. She gave a total of 3 doses, every hour that evening and was amazed to find the fever almost gone and my son well the next morning!

Elaine suggested an aggressive dosing schedule, as these viruses have a way of looking like they’re dead when they’re really just lying in wait! The result was both fever and cough rapidly disappearing. (thank you Elaine, again!) (“You’re welcome!”)

I believe we can add another “convert” to homeopathy, my mother!

Kelly Young


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Elaine Lewis


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