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Movie Theater Creates Havoc

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Yet another exciting and well-done Hpathy Quiz!

Mom, don’t look now but…what are you doing?

I’m taking a picture of dinner, Shana.

Not again! Mom, no one does this but you.

Are you sure?

OK, let’s see it!

Here it is:


It’s not just any spaghetti, Shana.

I had a premonition you were going to say that!

The pasta is brown rice pasta, the beef is grass-fed beef. (Cows are not supposed to be eating grains, it’s not their real food!) I sprinkled grated raw milk cheddar cheese on top, and as you can see, there is a big helping of salad right next to it. Hello!

Sorry, Mom, there was a commercial on for Cheesy Poofs.

Shana!!!!! This is exactly the wrong kind of message to be sending to our audience!

Sorry!!!!!!  S’all right?

S’all right!

Who’s our patient for this month?


You? It must be a slow month! When did you get sick?

After YOU got sick!

When was that?

Don’t you remember when you went to The Ritz to see “Conan O’Brien All Blown Out”?

That’s “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop”!

Who cares, Shana! The point is, it had disaster written all over it! Movie theaters are hotbeds of germs! Thousands of people crammed into one spot, no windows, freezing cold temperatures from the air conditioning…. Nothing good can come of it! So it was hardly a surprise when you started sneezing and coughing, and then a week later I started coughing!

OK, then let’s hear about it.

It was a dark and lonely night….

Just the case, Mom; do you realize I have to be at college in two weeks?

I’ll try to speed it up. Ahem! Where was I?

At the beginning!

Right! OK, so, as I may have mentioned, Shana had a cold, and a week later, I got a cold–thank you very much, Mrs. Monderissi Gandhi!

Sorry!!!! S’all right?

S’all right!

So what what was wrong with you?

Coughing! My chest felt tight. I had short, dry coughs that made my head hurt, I had to hold my head in my hands when I coughed.

What brought the cough on?

Good question, Shana! A tickling in the chest.

So what was the remedy?

They’re supposed to guess that!

Oops! Sorry! S’all right?

S’all right!  I thought it must be Bryonia because the cough was making my head hurt, but I tried Bryonia and nothing happened!  I thought the tightness in my chest must mean Phosphorus, but that didn’t work either!  Finally, I had no choice but to repertorize.

If you know the remedy, write to my Mom (before I leave for college!) at [email protected] . See you in September from my dorm room!

Bye-bye! Wait, Shana, come back! You’re too young to leave home!

Mom, I’m 19!

As in 1 and 9, which is 10, now go to your room.

Mom!!!!! Shouldn’t you be making the pizza?


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