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Panic Attack!

What homeopathic remedy cured this scary case?

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hpathy Quiz!  But first, here’s Shana with some unimportant announcements! 

Mom, you said, “unimportant”.

I did????  That was a mistake!  A mistake, I tells ya!  I meant to say, Here is Shana, with her time-consuming announcements!

Mom!!!!  I’m going to ignore you.  Here are my announcements for the month of August, 2019.  Announcement the first: I am very excited to announce that The Bee Gees “One” album turned 30 last month (on July 25th).

They dedicated the album to their younger brother, Andy Gibb…

…which is beautiful and sad at the same time.  In my opinion, you know an album is good when you can listen to every song and not skip one.  I know you say that most songs on albums are B-sides or throw-aways but this is a good album!

If you say so.

Anyway, here is “One”, one of the greatest songs ever committed to paper.

Are you kidding???  The greatest song?  Don’t you think that’s a little over-blown?????

Well, what would you say?

There must be something worth mentioning on this CD!

Well, now that you mention it….  I do have something to share regarding “It’s My Neighborhood”.

“It’s My Neighborhood”, now that’s a good song!

It was apparently originally written for Michael Jackson!  For the “Bad” album.

However it ended up not getting used.

What???  No way!  You’re kidding!  I can see Michael singing that!  He never should have turned it down!

He wanted to write his own songs!

Well, that really turned out well, didn’t it!

Mom, there’s nothing wrong with “Bad”, and, for that matter, “The Way You Make Me Feel”!

“The Way You Make Me Feel” is “Bad” and very shrill.  I can really see Michael doing “It’s My Neighborhood”, it would have been the best song on an otherwise “Bad” album!

OK!  Enough with the puns about how bad “Bad” was!  It wasn’t that Bad!  Here’s “It’s My Neighborhood” by The Bee Gees from the “One” album which turned 30 last month:



And now for the Death Report!  “The Simpsons” lost another long time cast member, Russi Taylor (voice of Martin Prince).


She was 75.  Funny thing is she was also the voice of Minnie Mouse (since 1986) and Disney now owns “The Simpsons”.

I hear there’s going to be a sequel to the 2007 Simpsons movie at some point.  Hard to imagine it without Martin.  Remember our Bart Simpson Quiz?

Bart had to study for a History test and ended up befriending Martin in order to get a good grade.

He didn’t get a good grade, but he did manage to turn Martin into a juvenile delinquent!

The following video is called “Bart Makes Friends with Martin Prince”.  Geez, what will the Simpsons be like without Martin?  Anyway, here are some of the funny lines from this video for our readers who can’t understand spoken English:


Bart:  Hey Martin, I need you to help me get a passing grade.

Martin:  You do?  Well, you do need someone’s help but I don’t know why that someone should be me.

Bart:  Because I can make it so the other kids don’t laugh at you so much!

Martin:  They laugh at me?  I’d always considered myself rather popular.

Bart:   You’re not.

Martin:  But, my speed with numbers!  My years of service as a hall monitor!  My prize-winning dioramas!  Do these things mean nothing to them?

[Bart pushes Martin to the ground and the other kids laugh.]

Martin:  Very well, you have made your point.

[So… for the rest of the video, Bart and Martin try to tutor each other in their individual strengths; unfortunately, Bart learns nothing but Martin learns how to throw a boy into the girls’ bathroom and then run for his life!]

Martin:  Who would have thought that pushing a boy into the girls’ lavatory would be such a thrill?!  The screams!  The humilation!  The fact that it wasn’t me!!!!!  I never felt so alive!

Bart:  Martin, my test is tomorrow and I haven’t even started studying….

Martin:  Who cares?!  Life is too short to worry about tests!

Bart:  Hey, I thought we had a deal!

Martin:  The Martin Prince you had a deal with no longer exists!  Come on fellas, to the arcade!!!!!



So listen, Shana, there’s one more death to report, and we’re a little late with this one, but, it’s only because no one told us about it!!!!  You remember the song “Those Oldies But Goodies” by Little Caesar and the Romans?  You know the guy who, at the end, says, “Yes dear, they are playing our song; and it will always remain our song…”?  That was David Johnson.  He died 10 months ago–October 25, 2018–at 84.  I love this song, it says all there is to say about a certain golden age of music that will never come again; but, fortunately, has left so much treasure behind!

“Those old-ies but goo–oo—oodies… remind me oooooof … YOU…!!!!”  Little Caesar and the Romans:



And now we should probably start the Quiz!  In contrast to last month’s very long and ponderous quiz, this one is very short and sweet!  I know a lot of you out there are breathing a sigh of relief over that!  Here we go with…”Panic Attack!”  This is from “Miss Piggie” (not her real name):


Elaine, something is up.

I think it was yesterday, I had a fine day, nothing particularly stressful. 

So suddenly, around dinner time, without exerting myself, I had a bad panic experience.  I can feel my pulse going faster than it should, my whole insides feel like a live wire (like an electric buzzing charge).  I’m feeling edgy, like there is too much adrenaline circulating.  And all this with no precipitating event to cause anxiety or edginess or any of it!

I tried Rescue Remedy and other Bach Flower Essences; I was starting to mentally “writhe”, wanting to escape my body; feelings of unreality, floaty, very disssociative seeming.  The feeling you have in response to the floaty, unreal feelings is to want to somehow jump out of your own skin/head. 

After about half an hour I could not take it anymore.  So I took a single pellet of _______________30C.

Within minutes, things subsided, I felt like my feet hit the floor again, emotionally speaking.  The rest of the evening felt level and today feels normal.  I had no fear it would happen again, which normally I would.

Yours truly,

Miss Piggie



So what do you think, everybody?  If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  See you then!

Mom!  You forgot again, didn’t you!


To play us out with “See You In September”!

Its time for that again?  No way!  OMG, where does the time go?????  OK, here it is, “See You In September” by the Happenings!

Bye-bye, so long, farewell!


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