Plooh Got The Flu

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Yes, it’s another flu case! Try and guess the remedy.

Guess what Mom?  It’s time for the quiz again!

Again?  I still have a sink full of dirty dishes!

There was a bit of 2017 news I forgot to share last year.

Good.  While you’re doing that, I’ll be in the kitchen.

The higher-ups at “The Simpsons” fired their composer Alf Clausen.

No way!  Oh, and P.S. Shana, no one cares!

His job was to score the music that appeared in the show.  He conducted a 35-piece orchestra for the music, which I think was very impressive.  So basically, the Simpsons fired a very important and influential employee.

Yeesh!  What were they thinking????

Anyway, he was responsible for many classic musical moments such as “See My Vest”, “Monorail Song” (Conan O’Brien wrote that episode), and “Who Needs the Kwik E. Mart?”

Such misfortune!

Moving right along, Bee Gees younger brother, Andy Gibb, would have been 60 years old on March 5th if he had lived.

What a tragedy!

You know how I’m always trying to find out what’s turned 30?

A worthy pursuit, I dare say!

Turns out this year Andy will have been dead for 30 years.  I can’t believe it.  Anyway, for his birthday, I wanted to share this great video I found.  It turns out Andy Gibb made an appearance on the 80’s sitcom “Punky Brewster”.  Here he is playing a piano-teacher named Tony Glen and singing “I Can’t Help It” (from the 1980’s “After Dark” album).

“After Dark” was a great song!  We should try to find it!  Oh, and P.S., what’s the likelihood that ANYONE’S piano teacher looks like this??????


On another note, Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday is this month as well. He is 56.

Did I mention no one cares?

Anyway, I have a ticket to see Bon Jovi perform at the Wells Fargo Center May 3rd.

Yes, we know.  Shana Lewis, professional concert-goer!

Oh, and he got into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame this year.  I’m hoping his former guitarist Richie Sambora will perform with the band at the ceremony.

Oh right, because what’s a ceremony without Richie What’s-His-Name?  And Now, if you don’t mind, I have a real announcement to make.  It’s time for the Death Report!  In the middle of February we lost Barbara Ann Alston at 74, a co-founding member of The Crystals.  She actually died from the Flu (Homeopathy Treatment for Flu) after being hospitalized.  Well, make of that what you will.  This is what happens when you don’t know homeopathy!

Barbara (far right) sang lead on “There’s No Other Like My Baby” and “Uptown”.

The Crystals are probably best known for the song Darlene Love sang lead on, “He’s A Rebel”, which went all the way to Number-1 in 1962.  Right now, here is Barbara Ann Alston singing lead on “There’s No Other Like My Baby”, which I believe was their first record:

um…I was getting to the Death Report before I was so rudely interrupted!  Anyway, I have to sadly report another death.  This person isn’t really a celebrity per se


Ok, maybe he was famous around the Italian Market in Philadelphia, but anyway, I got on Facebook one day last month and was shocked to learn that George Vellios, the owner of Lorenzo’s Pizza, died!  Such unexpected sad news.  I have no idea what happened, but its none of my business. Still what a loss for South Philly.

Did you say, “What a loss for South Philly“????  OMG!  I am cracking up!!!!!  That’s like saying, What a loss for Brooklyn!  Or What a loss for The Bronx!  Or What a loss for Cleveland or some other place that no one cares about!  But seriously, it’s going to be hard to think of the Italian Market neighborhood in South Philly without thinking about George!  Don’t we have a picture of George somewhere?  Oh wait, here’s one from 2003:

From left to right: George, homeopath Shirley Reischman, and me!


Oh and I just found out something I never even knew.  The guy who played drums on “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson died.

Shana, I seriously doubt that anyone cares!

He played drums on two other tracks for the “Thriller” album (Baby Be Mine and Pretty Young Thing).  His name was Leon Ndugu Chanceler.

What kind of a name is that?  Why would you name your kid “Leon Ndugu”?  It’s like right after “Leon” the parents got drunk and started slurring their speech!

He also cowrote “Let it Whip” by the Dazz Band.

He did?  Oh!  Well that’s different.  Never mind!  Rest in peace, Leon Nagoogoo, or whatever your name is.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re anxious to start the quiz.

No, I’ve pretty much given up on that idea.

Our report on what we did at the end of February will probably have to wait til April.

We actually did something in February?

I don’t want to forget to mention one thing, though. I’m all verklempt!!

Oh geez….

A teaser trailer came out this month for Disney’s live action adaption of Winnie the Pooh…

Oy vey!  Not Winnie the Pooh again!

about what would happen if Christopher Robin from the stories grew up and became a hardened man, not the real Christopher Robin Milne.

Of course not!  Because nothing is real about the Disney adaptation of A. A. Milne’s sensitive and endearing stories about his son and his stuffed animals.  Give me a break!  Not to mention Ernest H. Shepard’s delicate and under-stated drawings.

Well, excuuuuusseee me, but I think it’s an interesting concept!  Anyway, it honestly looks just as charming as the cartoon.

Shana, you know how I feel about the Disney Channel’s fake Pooh!

Still?!!  When I heard the Pooh voice I remember so well, I thought I was going to cry.  I’m more excited about this movie than any almost-26 year old has the right to be.

Shana, you’re the ONLY almost-26 year old who’s excited about this movie!

We gotta see it in August.

I was afraid of that.

Oh and James Taylor


turned 70 on March 12th.

Is that it?  Can we possibly start the Quiz now??????

Who is it this time?

I need a fictitious name.

What about “Pooh”?

Shana, I think that name is taken!

Well, what about “Plooh”?

Fine!  Stupid name, but fine!



Hi Elaine

“Plooh” is down with flu-like symptoms. Given the recent experience with his brother “Pliglet” (the fact that you said Gelsemium or Baptisia patients are so prostrated/dull that they ask for nothing, or that the odors are pungent), I am discounting those two and debating between Belladonna or Phosphorus.

I dont have my materia medica (I gave it to “Rabblit”, the friend I introduced you to a while ago).

The confusing thing is the peculiarities:

1) “Plooh” is hungry (asking for food) even with fever – points to Phosphorus.

2) However, sunlight aggravates his headache (has been wearing sunglasses) & has intermittent throbbing headache – points to Belladonna.

3) Whenever he rolls his eyes to left or right, the pain is exactly in that direction – ??.  It’s a sharp pain that makes him squeal whenever I ask him to do it.  But the pain is more on right side, so I’m thinking of Belladonna.

Etiology is more confusing:

– We went camping over the weekend (cold night in low 30s) and the boys walked 5-7 miles with somewhat heavy backpacks (Aconite or Rhus tox?)

– A kid in his tent was coughing in the night & I gave him Phos 200c at 3am, which stopped it within 5-10 min.

Hey, good prescribing, “Christopher Roblin”!!!!  Soon you’ll have my job!

– It could have been ailments from bad water, as we used a filter to drink water from a stream–maybe not such a good idea (however, all 20 kids did the same thing, so, I don’t know…)

Sensation: Throbbing headache which comes with fever (highest around 102).

Nose is bit watery during day time (warm/bright room), but is congested now.

For “Plooh”, I started with Arsenicum 30c (his constitutional & possible “ailments from bad water/food” remedy during campout) on Monday afternoon, but got fever again.

From Monday evening, gave Belladonna 200c in water (3 times) with 5 succussions in between. The fever comes back to 100-102 after 5-6 hours. I think he’s doing better in the day time.

Should I stay with same, or am I on wrong track?


“Christopher Roblin”

P.S. His pediatrician called and said that he has Influenza virus.

“Plooh” got the flu.

Oh dear!  I assume “Pliglet” is well now with _________, right?

Yes, he was back to school the next day.  I guess that will be next months’s quiz?

The doctor suggests to take Tamiflu…

Oh great!  Well, really, what did we expect him to say?

…given his history of asthma & hospitalizations before.  I don’t want to give it.

BTW, we all 4 took Influenzium 9c, but both “Pliglet” & “Plooh” got the flu.

30C would have been better.

I’m thinking whether I should give Oscillococinum.

It couldn’t hurt–if I’m not able to find a remedy.  What about vitamin C?  I will read the complaint now.  Sorry you had to wait two hours for me to answer.

Question: Describe the complaint

Started with scratchy feeling in throat on Monday morning after hiking/backpacking trip on cold weekend.

Started with Ferrum Phos 200c, but by Tuesday morning started complaining about throbbing headache, but was able to move about.

By Tue eve, eyes were looking tired/glassy, and started getting fever up to 102.

Gave Arsenicum 30c (thinking it’s maybe bad water at campout) and Puls 30c as he started getting clingy.  Fever and other symptoms didn’t subside.

The fever heat was dry, his palms/feet are also warm, sunlight was aggravating (puts sunglasses on or wants room dark), moving eyes up/down/corners gives  sharp pain (that he screams every time he does it).

The sharp pain is more pronounced on right side.

Started giving Belladonna 200c in water from Tuesday evening due to above, but fever comes back every 4-6 hrs.  He says none of the remedies did any good.

My wife also gave Tylenol whenever fever crossed 102. (I know an article is coming from you, but that’s her line in sand…)

But she’s not changing anything!  Here’s a facebook message from the school nurse at Shana’s school:


January 24 at 1:11pm ·


It is important that throughout the school year and during the flu season that we take precautions in the spread of illness. If your child has a fever (100 or greater) the night before, please do not send them to school the next day. Your child must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication before returning to school.

Tylenol, Motrin, Ibuprofen, etc. are not a cure, they will relieve the fever, however, if your child is still sick. …


In other words, changing the deck chairs on the Titanic doesn’t mean you’re not still on a sinking ship!!!!!


Debating whether I should go to Phos or continue Belladonna given his symptoms or something different.

Question: Etiology–this means the CAUSE of the complaint.

Most likely got it at the campout as one of his tent mate was coughing in the night. “Plooh” now has Influenza vrius, verified by swab test as Type B.


Other possibility is few events at campout

– Cold night

– Hiking 5 miles carrying backpack

– Water (although filtered and almost all kids/adults drank it, could be a reason)


Question: Sensation–describe the pain or other sensation you have.

Throbbing headache (intermittent, but whenever it is there, he says its throbbing)


Question: Appearance– anything remarkable? Red skin, droopy eyes, etc.?

Eyes are a bit watery, dry skin


Question: Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

Just the head.


Question: Modalities– What makes your complaint better or worse?

Any light aggravates – wants to wear sunglasses

Moving his eyes around leads to sharp pain in that direction. More so on right side.

Normal appetite. Wants to eat whenever the fever goes down.


Question: Concomitants (other symptoms that came with the complaint, “along for the ride”, as they say)

Intermittent cough (sounds phlegmy). Watery nasal discharge Wednesday morning, but stuffy/congested nose now.


Question: Discharges–color, odor, consistency and sensation.

No odors (which made me move from Baptisia to Belladonna)

Phlegm is whitish yellow, not sticky.


Question: Generals–these are all the symptoms that begin with the word “I”:

no answer


Question: The mentals: Is the complaint changing you mentally and emotionally?

Wants some comfort/hugs from mom & dad.  Asked for it few times (made me think of Ars or Puls)


Question: What have you been saying?

no answer


Question: What are you doing?

Lying down. Watching TV or reading books when not sleeping.

Slept during the day yesterday (Tuesday) & today. Woke up and drank water immediately.

In between, he reads or wants to watch TV or play video games. Wants company or hugs from mom.

Moaning intermittently. Chilly


Question: Describe your thirst and appetite, Fever, Sweating? Describe.

Thirsty after waking up from afternoon nap yesterday. Said mouth was dry. Drank 4-5 big gulps.

Been drinking but it’s mostly mom asking him to drink water to help. Once in a while, he does drink it himself. So, would NOT say thirstless!

He likes warm water but once he said he wants room temp water. (made me think of Phos).


Question: Odors? Any identifiable odors–like sulphur, onions, fish, etc.?

Nothing except a little smell of phlegm in his breath.


Question:  What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?

Hunger (in fever), throbbing headache.

Actually, you said earlier that he’s hungry when the fever goes DOWN.  So, not sure you can say “hungry during fever”.


Light aggravates to the extent he wants to wear sun glasses.

Just 4-5 times, he smacked his lips loudly Tuesday afternoon (which I felt was odd).  Asked him why he did that and he said “Dont know.”

Sharp pain whenever he rolls eyes. Touching his eyes (with eyelids closed) leads to sharp pain – immediately shouts out loud.


Question: Is there a diagnosis?  For instance, the flu, teething, colitis, diabetes, etc.

Flu influenza type B


Question: Describe your energy–

Tired, sleepy but not stuporous. Wants to hang out & watch TV or even play video games on big screen whenever not sleeping/reading.


Question: What does your tongue look like? (color/coating/pattern, crack/s, shape, etc.)

no answer


Question: If you have a cough…

no answer


OK, I have to think of _____________ here because of the most characteristic symptom–________________ which results in ____________.  A _______________ case always has some _______________ on the ___________; plus, he does have the _________ and the ______________.  Give a dose of 200C and wait and see if he gets any better.  Let me know.  I’ll be up for another 2 or 3 hours.



Elaine, gave _________________ 200c. He watched TV for a while, said the pain still there but a bit better than before. However, he was tired and started acting a bit cranky when I asked him couple of times how he was feeling. He was able to compose himself and understand why I was asking.


Did steam inhalation & went to bed. He said “Why do I get sick?” and then when I tried to soothe him, he had the presence to say “It’s ok to fall sick to stay home & watch TV :-)”


Light still bothers him (even while watching TV, he wants to keep the shades on or closes eyes for few secs). He’s off to bed now


Next day:


Dear “Christopher Roblin”,

How is “Plooh” today?




Sorry I forgot with my job hunt mode.


He is better. The fever didn’t come today. Still complains a bit on headache (with eye movement,) but definitely better than yesterday. He allows me to press his eyes which he didn’t allow yesterday.


OK, that’s it!  If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  And now, taking us out is Andy Gibb, who would have been 60 years old this month, with my favorite Andy Gibb song, “After Dark”:


Bye everybody!



Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website:

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