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Shana, it’s time for the September Quiz, what have we got?

We’ve got a case from Luke, Mom.

Shobi’s son Luke? 4-year-old Luke?

Yes! You remember his case from “Homeopathy In The Middle of the Night”?

Oh, yes, he was screaming with a headache and a high fever! What’s he got this time?

According to Shobi, he’s too loud.

He’s what?

She says he’s too loud!

What do you mean he’s too loud?

He’s talking too loud!

What does that mean?

I don’t know!

Well, what does it mean?

I have no idea!

Since when is that a complaint?

Since when is WHAT a complaint?

Talking too loud!

I am NOT talking too loud!





YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Oh. Well that’s different. Mom, start the pizza!

Are you going to read the case?

Fine! I’ll read the case!

You do that!

Fine! OK….Ahem! Here we have Shobi’s email dated August 26, 2008. It says,


Here’s Luke’s case. Yesterday I saw the following:

Loud speech–when he talks to you or replies to a question. He is incredibly loud! And doesn’t seem to realise how loud he is.

He is also telling me that he doesn’t like the attention I give my mother – that it’s not fair that I have to be with her and talk to her as much as I do!!

He would prefer if she just wanted to be with him & Satchel without me interrupting them – or vice-versa.

Then the sleeplessness. He gets in bed and just can’t fall asleep. It’s been two straight nights – my mom has only been here 2 nights!

The eczema patch becomes incredibly itchy on getting into bed. Then it eases away on it’s own once I go in & reassure him. In the meantime he is wide awake and he tells me that he wishes he could sleep like Satchel who can sleep the minute his head hits the pillow. Before my mom’s visit, Luke had the sleeplessness – however it was more due to being overtired at night time or if he had something that had artificial colourings/sweeteners after dinner.

While he lies there he tells me that scary things come in his head – images of things that scare him…like Batman, for instance… images in the daytime he has seen on TV, books etc. Batman, he loves & is fearful of at night or when alone.

Both nights he woke up between 1.30-2am to drink water – he drank gulps of water and went back to sleep.

So, what do you think?? I’m going in circles!


OK, Mom, I finished reading, what happened after you gave the remedy?

Luke stopped itching, he was able to sleep at night, he stopped talking loudly and stopped demanding to be the center of attention!

If you know what the remedy is, write to Mom at [email protected]. The answer will be in next month’s ezine. Is the pizza hot?

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