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What Remedy is Hank Hill?

What is Hank Hill’s constitutional remedy in homeopathy? Another in our series of “famous persons” Quizzes.


I planned to talk about things that turned 30, but we have a famous person quiz this month!

Are we finished with Things That Turned 20?  And now I’ll never know what turned 30!  Listen, important announcement!  Videos from Daily Motion are now playing spontaneously!  If your video started all by itself, just click on it and it will go into “pause” mode. 

And by the way, this is Daddy’s birthday month.  Isn’t there a video of you singing happy birthday to Dad?

Mommmmm!!!  You’re embarrassing me.  Again!  I was only 2 years old!  Or 3 maybe?  No, 2.  OK, let’s get it over with.

It’s a great video!  This is for you, Richard Lewis!  Happy Birthday!

OK, and now back to our Famous Person Quiz!  We kind of hit a snag, I had planned for us to guess the constitutional remedy of Eric Cartman from “South Park” but I had trouble syncing up the sound to the video; so instead, our Famous Person Quiz this month will be a famous Texan–Hank Hill of  “King of the Hill”.

“King of the Hill” was created by Greg Daniels (“The Simpsons”) and Mike Judge who is also known for a show on MTV about two morons who shall remain nameless.

You mean “Beavis and Butthead”?  Yes, please let’s, quick, change the subject!

The show turned 20 on January 12th of this year.  So in honor of “King of the Hill’s” 20th anniversary, we will be showcasing propane salesman, Hank Hill, as this month’s quiz.  The episode we will be showing is Season 2, episode 6 titled “Husky Bobby”, originally aired November 9, 1997.

Shana, I seriously doubt that anyone cares!

Mom, I have to get a certain amount of trivia out of my system!  Now, if you can please give our readers from India and Pakistan an explanation of Hank Hill and the show?

OK, I’ll try!  Well, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the story.  Hank wants very much to “fit in” in his conservative Texas suburb and not make waves and draw attention to himself for all the wrong reasons, and that basically means Not appearing to be GAY or LIBERAL!  

To play it safe, one should hang out with other men, talk about football and drink beer!  If you slip up with this protocol, you risk becoming the butt of jokes and ridicule!

Well, the problem is, Hank is walking a very fine line because, on the one hand, he is surrounded by his conservative “yahoo”, “red neck” friends and neighbors that he went to high school with and needs to fit in with, while at the same time, as a family man, he is required to occasionally be emotionally available to his wife Peggy, son Bobby and niece Luann, which he does rather awkwardly, and who are a constant source of embarrassment to him!  In fact, if I had to pick a word for this episode, it would be “Embarrassed”!  

Hank’s son, Bobby, is not at all athletic, not interested in sports; in fact, Bobby is FAT!  And Hank himself, when he was in high school and captain of the football team, used to mercilessly tease boys who were overweight!  Now his son is one of them!  Hank is very embarrassed by this!

So, as the episode starts out, Hank and Peggy are taking Bobby out to shop for clothes, but Bobby is too fat to fit into any of the pants.  The salesman sends them over to an over-sized boys clothing store.  Already Hank is embarrassed to be seen in such a place; but it gets worse!  The store owner thinks Bobby looks so cute in his new clothes that he signs Bobby up to be a model for the store’s clothing line!  In fact, the first photo-shoot will be in Sunday’s Paper!  Hank says, “No way, we’re going to be too busy for that, we’re very busy, we’re so busy, we don’t even have time to have this conversation, that’s how busy we are!”

Due to the fact that Hank wouldn’t take Bobby to the photo shoot, Luanne took him!  His picture is all over the insert in the Sunday Paper!  Hank is so embarrassed, he wakes up early Sunday morning and steals the insert out of every Sunday Newspaper in the neighborhood!

In the meantime, Bobby has gotten such a good response from the Sunday Paper ad that he is now booked for an Over-Sized Boy’s Fashion Show!!!!  As Hank is hanging out with his neighbors on the corner, Peggy walks by and says, “Hank we’re going to the photo shoot!”  Predictably, Hank’s homo-phobic friends start razzing him with, “Photo shoot?  What’s this about a ‘photo shoot’, Hank?”  They all start laughing derisively!

As Hank shows up at the photo-shoot, techno-dance music is playing, lights are flashing, and practically everyone there is gay!  Including the photographer!  Hank is mortified, horrified!  “Peggy, I feel like I’ve died and gone to New York!”  

He says to Bobby, “You can come quietly or I can carry you out baby-tantrum style!”

To understand Hank, it helps to know that his father was a Colonel in the US Army and fought in World War II.  I’m guessing his father was probably a Nux vomica type–very irritable, demanding, insulting, impatient and unsympathetic.  Hank is consequently fearful, rigid and repressed.  Having his son on a career track as the hottest male model in Texas is totally freaking him out!

Hank says no to the up-coming fashion show, but Bobby sneaks out and goes anyway.  Hank finds out and manages to get there just in time to save Bobby before the high school bullies (and 15 years earlier, Hank would have been one of them) start pelting the models on the runway with donuts and other food items!  Of course, the fashion show is ruined!  “Wow, Dad,” Bobby says, “How did you know that was gonna happen?  You saved me!”

How did I do, Shana?

You did good, Mom.

OK everybody, here’s the video.  Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what remedy Hank Hill is.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine!

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