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What Remedy Is Spongebob Squarepants?

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Another “Famous Person” quiz–try and guess Spongebob’s constitutional remedy!

I should have known this day was coming…after a certain conversation took place in September:

Maria: I also happen to laugh a lot with SpongeBob!  My sister’s kids made me watch it and I really like it!  It is very funny!  We should do a quiz about Spongebob, don’t you agree?

Me: Uh-oh, I hope Shana didn’t hear that…..

Shana: Too late!

Me: D’oh!


So, here it is; and I hope you’re happy, Miss Shana!  And by the way, has anybody died?

Well, since you mention it….

Should I be sitting down for this?

Carol Ann Susi.

Carol Ann Susi?

Howard Wolowitz’s mother!

Howard Wolowitz?  Who is Howard Wolowitz?

He’s one of the science nerds on “The Big Bang Theory”!

So, a fictitious person died?

No, Mom, the voice actor, Carol Ann Susi!  Here’s a video montage of Howard and and his over-protective mother, or should I say Mothuh:

And here she is on an episode of “Seinfeld” as George Costanza’s “date”:

Wow, Mrs. Wolowitz, we hardly knew ye.  Is there anything else?  Oh, I know!  You can give a report on our road trip to Maryland to visit your cousins Laura and Jon!  Here you are with Jon now:

I know you think that Jon is cooler than I am, but, I just don’t see it!  Are you going to give your report now?

Traffic in Delaware was a mess.

That’s your report?

I ordered from Dominoes Pizza.

And, that’s it?  What about when I made carrot-apple juice for everybody, don’t you think that was the high-point of the weekend?  Oh, that’s right, you wouldn’t try any!

I can’t help it if have a fear of juice!  Is that in the Repertory?

Well this is ridiculous!  Let’s start our quiz, shall we?  Thanks to Shana, who combed the internet for this exciting video of Spongebob, I now invite you to watch and guess the little guy’s remedy.  The episode is called “Hall Monitor” (season 1, episode 7a).  Here it is:  


If you know Spongebob’s remedy, write to me at [email protected] , the answer will be in the December issue. 

OK, as it happens, the Quiz answer is here now, click below:

Revisiting: What Remedy Is Spongebob Squarepants?



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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Hi Elaine ,I would give SpongeBob Lyc as he loves power and he likes having a person of lower standing to boss around. He is cowardly behind all his bluster . Despite these apparent criticisms he is lovable

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