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Revisiting: Angry And Hateful!

angry lady

Time for another exciting hpathy quiz answer! Were you able to guess which homeopathic remedy solved the case?

It’s time for the quiz again, Mom.

But first, as always, we begin with my timely announcements!

This better be good, Shana!

On October 27th the Lion King 2, “Simba’s Pride”, a sequel to the 1994 “Lion King”, turned 20 years old.

I seriously doubt that anyone cares!

Lots of people complain about sequels…

They do?

…but this one is pretty good. Something I never realized about it before is that, apparently, it has elements of Romeo and Juliet.

“But soft, what light on yonder window breaks?”

Actually, Mom, it’s “What light through yonder window breaks.”

Aaaaah!!!!  How is it that you know every stupid thing????  Oh, right; you’re “Shanapedia”!

“It is the east…and Juliet is the sun.”

Mom! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m right in the middle of things that turned 20!

“What’s in a name?”

I’m going to ignore you.  Also on October 7th my favorite show, “Charmed”, turned 20.  For those of you who don’t know…

…and that would be everyone…

…it’s a show about sisters who happen to be witches.

Oh, well; when doesn’t that happen???!!!

I was sad to learn that show-runner Brad Kern turned out to be a jerk.

“Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay, emergency, come right away!”

Mom!  This is NOT “Bewitched”!  I know it was your favorite show, and I promise that someday I’ll watch it, but…  Where were we?

Things that turned 20.

I was about to say that there was also a book tie-in series that came out in 1999, with the last book being released in 2008. Two books are novelizations of actual episodes…

I sensed we lost India and Pakistan as you careened into “novelizations”!

I forgot to mention last month that September marked the 41st anniversary of James Taylor’s “Your Smiling Face”.

And there goes Greece!

Alternatively, this year (actually last month) “The X-Files” and “Frasier” turned 25.

Oh and actor, Burt Reynolds, died.

“Saturday Night Live” used to do a skit called “Celebrity Jeopardy” which always seemed to feature “Burt Reynolds” as played by cast member, Norm McDonald; so, in honor of Burt Reynolds, here is a sample of “Celebrity Jeopardy”.

How best to describe Burt Reynolds… A totally irresponsible, and yet boyishly likable, playboy.

I love SNL’s “Celebrity Jeopardy”!  You know, that could be 20 years old too!  Also I can’t believe it.  The universe must like me or something…

Well, I should certainly hope so!

…because Conan O’Brien…


…is apparently doing a stand up tour.  He’ll be at the Borgata next month.

Oy vey!

And remember, Mom, you take the Brigantine exit!

I know, I know!

Also, Elton John announced two more shows at the Wells Fargo Center, which I just got a ticket to!

You did??????  I think it’s time to start the Quiz!

Who’s in the Quiz this month?

It’s “Hillary E. Clinton” again–not to be confused with Hillary R. Clinton.

“Hillary E. Clinton” again????  What’s wrong with her this time?

She’s angry and hateful.

Oh, angry and hateful; well, that’s different.  Never mind!



Hi Elaine,

Last night I woke up around 2 am feeling really angry and hateful towards my husband.

Two nights ago I got into a bad fight with him and found myself moving into a very angry, hateful place.  I noticed that my sense of hearing was really sensitive (almost seemed as if sounds were reverberating in my body) and I had a knot in my stomach.

I had thought all that had faded away by last night, but apparently not.

It sounds like _______________________ to me.

I took a dose of ________________30C.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the anger and hatred melted away.

I really didn’t think that kind of emotion could be responsive to homeopathy.




 Nitric acid




Nux vomica-2



Well, how did we do this time?

Is it Nitric acid, Elaine? 🙂

Oh look, it’s my boss, Firuzi!  She’s the one who’s always reminding me that I’m late getting my articles in!  But she should know, you can’t hurry a Calc-carb, it only makes them move slower!  So, OK, Nitric acid.  It does show up in bold for Anger and Hatred; but, it doesn’t show up for knot sensation in stomach, nor for over-sensitive hearing; so, I don’t think we can use Nitric acid.  Sorry, Firuzi!


Is anybody else here today?

Hi Elaine

Hi Neil!

Well my immediate thought for the quiz was Staphysagria as anger seems to be the etiology.

I don’t think we have enough details to go for Staphysagria.  We don’t know what the argument was about, who was at fault, or how she argued.  You know, Staphysagria throws things, breaks things, in a sudden, unexpected explosion of anger; because she’s usually in complete control of her anger; so, she really has to be at the end of her rope to go off in this way.

On repertorising, Causticum comes up under sound reverberating under “Hearing” and is a good anger remedy.  I think that reverberating may be local to ears in Causticum rather than a sensation felt in the whole body.  It is not listed under sensitive to sound though.

That’s true.  Then we should probably forget about it.

Nux vomica is also under “hearing, reverberating” and it is also under sensitive to sound and stomach knotted feeling.  Staph. is not listed under sensitive to sound but is listed under stomach pain from vexation.  So to me, it’s a toss-up between Staph and Nux.  As the patient says, it was after a fight, indicating that the anger wasn’t bottled up but unleashed, which leads me toward Nux but I am going for Staph, as etiology tops everything.  Probably chose the wrong one again…

Yeah, you did!



See chart below:

Did anybody else show up for class today?


Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

here are our answers to the October quiz.

Miroslav says:

I would have guessed Colocynthis: an illness from anger, spasmodic stomach ache (a knot), sounds with echoing …


So…your rubrics are:

  1. Mind: ailments from anger
  1. Stomach: spasms
  1. Hearing: reverberating, sounds, hears

Well, here’s the problem, Miroslav; I took your rubrics exactly as you said, repertorized them, and didn’t get Colocynth!  In fact, Lycopodium and Nux vomica were tied for 1st place.  See below:

Jitka´s answer is:

First I found a rubric “illness from the quarrel“,

Hmm……that’s a good rubric.  But here’s the thing, Jitka.  We can’t say for sure if she has ailments from quarreling or ailments from anger.  We could combine those two rubrics or take the larger one.  If ailments from anger contains all the remedies in ailments from quarreling, then we should take “ailments from anger”.

Ailments from quarreling contains 14 remedies.  Ailments from anger contains 104.  Because of that, I think we should take “ailments from anger”.

There were two remedies in a grade 2 under “Ailments from Quarrels”, Ignatia and Staphysagria.

They’re in Ailments from Anger too, in bold though.

But I found only Ignatia in grade 2 among remedies sensitive to sounds.

You’re right, I don’t see Staphysagria there.

In chapter “Hearing”, I found a rubric “penetrating, every sound and the echo penetrates the whole body, especially the teeth ….*  There is only one remedy -Theridion, so my answer is: Theridion.  But I think my colleague is right, because I couldn´t find Theridion among angry remedies,

So we can’t use it, then.

*Excuse me for probably confused translation of the rubric – “Hearing, penetrating” and so on, because I translated it back into English from our translated Murphy and I’m not sure if I used the same equivalent terms as Murphy did.

Yeah, well, that’s the problem because you translated it incorrectly.  Here’s the rubric:

Hearing: shrill, every sound and reverberation penetrates her whole body, especially teeth, makes vertigo worse and causes nausea.–Theridion

So, as you can see, a rubric this specific, unless she has these exact symptoms, is going to steer us off-course.

She didn’t say, “Every noise sounds shrill to me, and it’s making me nauseous.”  Here’s what she did say (or in other words, here are the elements of the case):

  1. Mind: anger (or ailments from anger)
  1. Mind: hatred
  1. stomach: knot sensation
  1. hearing: sensitive
  1. hearing: reverberating, sounds, hears

Right?  I mean, no interpretation is even needed, all you have to do is look up what she says.  “Stomach, knot sensation” is actually in the Repertory, there are only 4 remedies!  So, all you have to say is, “I need an anger remedy with a knot sensation in the stomach and sensitive hearing,” and there’s only one remedy it could possibly be–Nux vomica!

You probably know how sensitive Nux vomica is to all impressions, right?  Noise, smells, light, a draft of air…they’re so toxic, everything bothers them!  And they have that famous keynote of a sensation as if a stone in their stomach; a knot is very much like a stone.  And you know how quarrelsome they are, right?  In fact, I posted this video in another article but it’s been a long time and probably no one has seen it, so, here it is again.  This is Mr. Nux vomica himself, Archie Bunker from “All In The Family”!  In this video, he’s angry because his son-in-law is putting his socks and shoes on the “wrong way”:



Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hope you are doing well.

Hillary E. Clinton sounds like Nux vomica to me.

Is it correct?




And that was Salma Afroz from Bangladesh!


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!


Very common problem in every house and addressed brilliantly in a quiz.

Here the colic is from Anger and Indignation, which is the main etiology

of this case.  No other remedy strikes me other than ” COLOCYNTHIS “.

Please let me know and thanks in advance,

Vamsi Sudha.

Hi Vamsi!  The trouble is this, she never mentions being in pain!  She says she has a knot sensation in her stomach.  She never mentions pain.  You know, Colocynth has a lot of pain!  And what else?  They famously have to bend over double because of it!  This is from Allen’s Keynotes:



 Agonizing pain in abdomen CAUSING PATIENT TO BEND DOUBLE. with restlessness, twisting and turning to obtain relief amel by HARD PRESSURE (amel by heat, Mag. p.).

 Pains: are worse after eating or drinking; compel patient to bend double (Mag. p.; agg by bending double, Dioscorea); menses suppressed by chagrin, colic pains.

 Extremely irritable, impatient; becomes angry or offended on being questioned.


Colocynth actually does not have the knot sensation at all. 

In this case, all I did was repertorize exactly what she said: ailments from anger, hatred feelings, knot sensation in stomach, sensitive hearing and so on, and it came up with the remedy I suspected immediately–Nux vomica.

Nux v. famously has a sensation as if a stone in the stomach, and I thought that seemed very close to a “knot”.  Plus, they’re very sensitive to noise–and all impressions–because their nerves are shot!  So, anyway, it was Nux vomica.

Hi again, Elaine.  Yes you are obviously right.  Sometimes we presume things, like I felt she had a knot feeling and pain associated with it.

Right, I’ve noticed down through the years that a lot of assumptions are made about symptoms that aren’t there.

You are right, she did not complain about pain ( I reread the quiz ).

Nux vomica is perfect choice and it fits in perfectly.  Thanks for educating.

– Cheers,



Did anyone else show up for class today?

Hi Elaine,

Sounds like Sepia!

Looking forward to see the answer.


Visnja Deci


Hmm…Sepia…..  Yes, I see where you’re coming from; they have an aversion to their husbands and they can be quarrelsome and hateful.  You know what?  All I did … well, first of all … Nux vomica popped into my head right away.  You know how over-sensitive they are to noise, plus they have the sensation like there’s a stone or a rock in their stomach, which is similar to the “knot” she mentioned; but, actually, if you just literally repertorize everything she says, you come up with Nux vomica.

Thanks for voting Visnja!


Oh look, it’s Krista!

Hi Elaine,

How are you doing ? Just wanted to add my vote for this month’s quiz.

I vote for Nux Vomica

Thanks !!



I can’t argue with that!  So listen, it’s time to congratulate our winners:

Krista and Salma, come on down!

You’re our 2 big Winners!

See you all again next time for another great and fabulous Hpathy Quiz!!!!


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