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Revisiting: Elaine Treats a High-Profile Client (It Could Happen!)

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Mati Fuller drops by to ask Elaine for help with an injured knee.


Who missed last month’s brain-teaser? Here it is again with the answer to follow:


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Hello all! I have no vote count for you today because my computer actually got a virus last week and I had to have the whole hard drive wiped clean! I lost a lot of documents, including all the votes that were cast from last month! Luckily, though, everyone was wrong! The only person who came close was Myriam from France, who simply would not give up! She kept trying and trying and trying! Finally she got it right! Here’s what she said:

Ledum –

Oh …..I am so stupid !!!  Merci!!!!  I learned so much with this case.

Yes, it’s Ledum! How did you know?

GE : chilliness

Mb : inflammation knee cold

Ge : lying amel

My first error was giving too much (importance ??) at warmth – it’s normal wanting warmth when feeling chilly


Well, that about sums it up, doesn’t it? The first thing I did was go to “Knee, swelling”. Of all the remedies in bold, only one looked interesting to me: Ledum. Why? The famous coldness at the site of the injury! I know, I know, Mati’s knee wasn’t cold; but it wasn’t hot either! And that’s what I found interesting: Knee swelling, not hot! For me, that was reason enough to look up Ledum in the materia medica, and sure enough, there were all the elements of the case: CHILLY, better lying down, better rest, and stiffness! Did you know that Ledum had stiffness? Anyway, there was the whole case. Our congratulations go to Myriam for not giving up!

Try again with this month’s quiz–see you again next time!

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