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Revisiting: “Hurt So Bad” (Homeopathy Cures Really Bad Headache!)

Headaches: forehead, eyes, above, narrow line, in a–Bryonia.

Bryonia is the only remedy!  Also, I have to tell you that before even finding that rubric, when I heard that the headache was so bad that the patient couldn’t even open her eyes, I immediately suspected Bryonia.

What people have to understand about Bryonia is that Bryonia has really bad pains!  For example, when you hear about a flu where the headache is especially bad?  You should think of Bryonia right away.

Anyway, so here’s our case:

Headaches: forehead, eyes, above, narrow line, in a

Headaches: cry out in pain, compels one to

Headaches: cold applications amel.

Neck: tension

Mind: despair of recovery

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Tidbits 42: Repertory Round-up, Part-2

Thanks for voting!  I think I see Maria off in the distance…


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!!!

For this month’s quiz I vote for Aconitum.

If I am wrong I will try again as usual 🙂

You’re wrong so try again!  I know why you voted for Aconite, because she said she was afraid and Stramonium had already been tried.  It’s a reasonable choice.  But remember, our 4 questions: “Sensation, Location, Modalities, Concomitants”.  Oh, and Etiology too; though I don’t think we have an etiology here.  But, maybe if you could tell me what those four things are?

Oh I see now that she already had tried Aconite too!  I totally missed it!

Oh! Then so did I.

Look, my first choice was Phosphorus but I thought that I read that she tried it.  Now I see it is not tried.  I must have my vision checked…

I don’t know if it is correct, but under:

Food/appetite/increased/ during headache

No, no, no, her appetite was increased before the headache even started!  Claire said, “She has been hungrier than usual the past few days.”  It was just one of those superfluous things that people throw in — what I call “clutter”– because it doesn’t amount to anything, it doesn’t tell us anything about the headache.  It’s not like the mother said, “Despite having a headache, Molly was really hungry!”  No, we don’t even know whether she ate a lot for dinner that night, or just an average amount or less than usual, we didn’t get any information about that.

PHOS is a 3. But I can’t be sure if it is related to the headache.

Cold applications amel


It’s much more than whimpering.  She’s crying out in pain.  Remember, the mother said it was “a vicious headache”.

Despair of recovery
Headache, violent

The fear is strange, but under Fear, during pains is Acon, Ars, Carc.

There’s fear during pains and fear OF the pains!  Two separate rubrics that should be combined because they mean almost the same thing.

But under fear, of the pains phos is present.  I am not sure of this rubric though.
PS I thought of Glonoinum too.  It is present under Headache/forehead/frontal/root of nose.
It is also known for violent headaches and amelioration from cold applications.  Lacks the mentals though…

Still, it’s a good thought because they are better for cold.

OK, before I even knew anything, I just heard “vicious headache” and I blurted out “Bryonia!”

Bryonia has terrible headaches!  In Bryonia illnesses, there’s usually a very bad pain!  Remember the quiz we had about the woman with food poisoning after the New Years Eve party, stomach pain, who couldn’t find a position where she was not in pain?  That was Bryonia!  And it’s in the rubric “Headaches, cry out, pain compels her to”.  And also, not being able to open her eyes is sooo Bryonia!  I mean, most people have photophobia during a headache but are still able to open their eyes if they have to, but to not even be able to open your eyes, that’s Bryonia!

Anyway, you came so close to finding the “strange/rare/peculiar” symptom in the Repertory.  It was the Location: headache, forehead, above the eyes in a straight line–Bryonia is the only remedy listed!  Here’s the exact rubric: “Forehead, headaches, pain, eyes, above, narrow line, in a”.

So, if you know anything about the “hierarchy of symptoms”, “strange, rare and peculiar” beats out even the mentals!  So it doesn’t matter that you couldn’t find Bryonia under “fear” (but actually, Bryonia is there under Mind: fear, pains, of the”) but even if it weren’t, you know that whatever is highest in the hierarchy over-shadows everything that’s down below it, right?  But luckily, Bryonia covers the whole case, including cold applications amel. and despair of recovery.  Anyway, so, long story short, it was Bryonia!

Wow! I missed the narrow line rubric in repertory.  I was thinking above nose mostly. I am amazed you found the remedy so easily!  Great quiz Elaine!  Thank you!

I actually found it just based on hearing it was a “vicious” headache and that Belladonna had already been tried.  But, yeah, that’s a pretty amazing rubric!  Can’t believe I found it!

I loved your tidbits article about coughs!  Very useful with these spring viruses etc.

Thank you!

You’re welcome.


Well, look; I’m really starting to repeat myself now; so, if I didn’t get to you, please don’t be too disappointed.  I will just thank all the people who voted and hope that everyone votes again in this month’s quiz!  Do you know what this case proves?  What The Marvelows said in 1967:

“Everything’s gonna be alright–when the morning comes…”

So true–if you know homeopathy!

See you next time!


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