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Revisiting: The Eyes Have It!


Local waitress sets her sights on a homeopathic remedy–did you guess which one it was?

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Is anybody here????

Hi Elaine!

Oh look, it’s Sarah Q from Jordan!

Could everyone please just settle down?

The quiz is up!  Hurray!  How are you Elaine?  Happy birthday!

Shh!!!  Don’t tell anyone!

So this quiz is really clear.

It is?

There is just one rubric that we need and that is:

Eyes; Itching, air, open, amel: PULSATILLA

I’m voting for Pulsatilla!

I am confused though, is that what you gave her at first?  If it was why didn’t it take right away?  Maybe because she swallowed it rather than letting it melt?  Thanks Elaine!

Sarah, I was thinking of giving her Pulsatilla; but, I decided to play it safe and give Euphrasia.  Murphy has listed the word ALLERGIES in bold under Euphrasia; which, of course, is Eyebright.  I don’t think she was really better outdoors; but, who knows. 

Thanks for stopping by–all the way from Jordan!  Is anybody else here today?   


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!!!!!

Glad to hear Shana won first prize in the Rock ‘n’ Roll trivia contest 😀

Thanks!  What else would you expect from someone nick-named Shanapedia!

My vote for this month’s quiz goes for Euphrasia.

You’re right!!!!

It is the first remedy I would think of for seasonal allergies regarding the eyes.

That was my thought too!  It was the eyes, and it was allergies; so… Bang!  Euphrasia!

If I am wrong I will try again.

You’re not wrong, so don’t try again! 

Do we have any other contestants?


Dear quiz masters,

Oh look!  It’s the gang from Slovakia!

We are sending  our regular unsuccessful contributions to your quiz…:)

How exciting!!!!

Miroslav votes for: Ruta

In rubrics “itching eyes, eye pain”, there are many remedies, the rubric “allergy“ is not mentioned in the Repertory …So I’m forced to resort to my surmises: I  would try Ruta, it’s a routine remedy for eyes … I was also thinking about Euphrasia…

Bingo!  That was it!  It was Euphrasia!

I also thought of Histamine as a routine remedy on itching.

Yes, that might have worked too.

But if I have  to choose, I pick Ruta, she has eyes red, hot, painful, itching  inner corners …

Actually, we have no information about the corners.


Jitka votes for: Histaminum

It’s a reasonable choice.

I made a chart of  Rosemary´s three symptoms mentioned in the her case.  The most striking symptom was itching, and according to a chart it should be Pulsatila or Sulfur.  But in my opinion, none of them suit this case.  So I decided to vote for a more versatile remedy for allergy itching and that’s Histaminum.

It makes total sense. 

Hold on, Dr. Sebastiano Di Salvo from Italy is here!


Dear Elaine,

my answer is Pulsatilla (second choice euphrasia)

Actually, you and I were so close, but I reversed them:  Euphrasia was my first choice and Pulsatilla my second choice.  In Murphy’s Repertory, there are 3 remedies in bold under Eyes, itching:  Euphrasia, Pulsatilla and Sulphur.  But in Murphy’s MM, “allergies” and “hay fever” are in bold only under Euphrasia.


True but again, the cause of the symptoms is most important.  In Euphrasia, the cause of the itching is more likely to be allergies than in Pulsatilla.  Murphy has “allergies” in BOLD in his Materia Medica under Euphrasia.

Best regards

Sebastiano Di Salvo, Italy


I want to thank everyone for voting!  Especially our big winner…Maria!!!!!

The most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard…..

Wait a minute!  Stop the presses!  This just in!  Richard Dery from Canada votes for Euphrasia!   Here’s Little Richard now, he says “I Got It!”

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis

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  • Boy, Sarah Q from Jordan really caused a stir! ;D Nobody screams wildly when I show up!

    Who knows, maybe the waitress went outside to “test” to see if the remedy was truly acting; like she may have started to notice a slight change, doubted whether she was imagining it, and went outside to test it, though she did not seem to mention that as a modality to Elaine (i.e. “it’s even worse outside!”). She (the waitress) did say they were spring allergies.

    Euphrasia as an herb is an astringent and mucus-reducing; and astringents, herbally speaking, are great at improving eye problems (bilberry being another astringent example). Rubrics for the homeopathic remedy Euphrasia support the signature of the herb: eye issues, mucosal tissues, increased discharge, etc, and these are the types of things that so often show up in an allergic response (build-up of mucus, for instance).

    Nice on-the-spot prescribing! It’s wonderful when you have the remedies on hand and can give the right remedy at the right time and introduce homeopathy to someone. A friend’s daughter once hurt her foot badly during a playdate and with her mother’s permission, we gave her a dose of Arnica 200c (the highest I had in my bag) and within minutes, she and her mother were stunned that the foot looked better and felt pretty much normal. From then on, the mother kept Arnica in HER bag for her kids!

    • That mother is a smart lady who actually learns from experience! Regarding Rosemary, I should mention that the door to the restaurant was open and the waitresses were going in and out serving the people who had chosen to eat outside; therefore, the outside air was part of the inside air; so, I can’t make too much of Rosemary going out and coming back in again and saying her eyes had stopped itching, I can’t say that it had to be that she was better for outside air. Oh yeah, Sarah’s fans do get quite emotional…..

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