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Revisiting: “Wonder Brother-In-Law” Has The “Aussie Flu”!

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Remember “Wonder Woman”? Well, her brother-in-law has the flu! Were you able to guess his remedy?

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Rhus tox-5





 Is anybody here today, per chance?  Who wants to tell us what remedy cured Wonder Brother-In-Law’s 12 day flu?


Hi Elaine.  Happy Valentines day!

Hi Sarah from Jordan!

I love you for all the hard work you put into hpathy every month.  You truly are one of homeopathy’s heroes…

I is?

…selfless and for the good of humanity.

Well, if you say so!

So, coming off of last months win, I am tackling my enemy–the complicated acute case–and doing it with renewed ambition!

Sarah, it only LOOKS complicated because you’re not thinking about the hierarchy of symptoms!!!!  Remember, if you’ve got “mentals” in the case, they’re going to over-ride whatever local symptoms are underneath them, right?

This case was a mess of symptoms!

But not all of them count!

In my attempt to focus mostly on the more unique symptoms, I looked into the fever for its perspiration and being at night.

And that might be very important IF there were no mentals in the case!

And also it being after midnight to 4am.  That along with blood tinged discharges, better for a shower, worse for cold, yet better for refreshing drinks, I was stuck between Rhus Tox and Phosphorus.

See?  This might all be very interesting, IF there were no mentals in the case!!!!

I am thinking Rhus Tox because of the pronounced dislike for cold, even shivering after showering.  Phosphorus was still a possibility because he really wanted those cooler drinks (fruit drinks etc), but to me, it seemed that the chilliness was much stronger and Phosphorus tends to be on the warmer side.  So, Rhus Tox it is.

Sarah, go back and read “Repertory Round-Up, part 4” and then answer the quiz again:

Tidbits 50–Repertory Round-Up, Part-4


Thanks Elaine for the second chance.

Alright, he is irritable, moaning, doesn’t want any noise, very tired, sipping drinks, and “calling others for support”.  Calling others sounds like he doesn’t want to be alone.  All of these are making me think of Arsenicum.  Also the after midnight aggravation!  I think I might have got it!  Hoping.  Thank you Elaine.

Yes, it is Arsenicum!  And don’t forget “tossing and turning” in bed and “Pacing”.  Look up “Mind: restlessness, pacing”; and see what you find, I think you’ll be surprised to see that there are only 2 remedies and one of them is — ta-da!–Arsenicum!

Yippee!  I think I am getting better at this. 😀  Thank you for giving me the chance to figure it out and showing me the way.  The pacing and tossing and turning, is classical Arsenicum restlessness, and I didn’t even catch that!  I saw it earlier when I was thinking of Rhus tox and thought it was better for continued motion.

You might have thought that but, Arsenicum never feels better from motion; it’s anxiety that makes them move about and walk from place to place, pointlessly.

Quizes are more fun when you get them right. 😀  Looking forward to next month.

Thanks for voting!  Is anybody else here?  Hello!  You’re on the air at!


Hi Elaine ,

Hi Neil…

This month I think Arsenicum is indicated…

Yes, you’re right!

…worse cold, shivery, better warmth, worse cold but better fresh air, tired wants to lie down but seems restless too, drinks in sips.  Not sure about the green /yellow discharges though.  mmmm…

Neil, remember the hierarchy of symptoms?  If a case has mentals, they over-ride local symptoms like green/yellow discharge.  What about “calling around for support”?  What does that suggest to you?  Fear?  Anxiety about health?  Despair of recovery?  Desire for company?  What about pacing?  Look up Mind: restlessness, pacing.

Thanks Neil.  Is anybody else here?  Hold on, I think I see Wayne from Australia off in the distance.  Waaaay off in the distance!  Speak up, Wayne, I can hardly hear you!


Hi Elaine, can you hear me now?  This flu quiz is a hard one.  Coming from Australia is probably what did it.

Right, the Aussie Flu; well, you should be an expert on this!

The remedy picture and all the symptoms haven’t coalesced for me.

I repertorised the following:

Night; fever perspiration with

White; tongue, center, red stripe

Ice, general; desires

I didn’t see “desires ice” anywhere.  What I saw was that he was thirstless but occasionally took sips of cold or hot drinks.

Warm; temperature, general, desire for warmth

Thirstless. general, chill during

Noise, general, aversion to

Company, general, alone, amel; when

He actually wanted company.  He was calling around for support.

Fruit, general; desires; acid, sour

Melons, general, desires

OK, wait a minute.  What do all these fruits that he desires have in common?  They’re all “refreshing things”.  That’s the inference to be drawn here.  There can’t be only 2 remedies that desire melons!  Just Pulsatilla and Tellurium?  Really?  No way!  That’s unrealistic.  Better to take the rubric “Desires refreshing things”.  It’s in the “Food” chapter in Murphy’s.

Barking coughs

Mucous discharges, general, yellow green

Moaning, groaning,

Motion, general agg

Now, I’m asking you to think.  The patient has the flu.  Flu patients are famously prostrated.  They have no strength, probably no appetite, haven’t eaten in days, and you have to expect that they’re going to move as little as possible.  Even getting up to go to the bathroom is something they dread.  Now, can we call this “motion agg.”?  No, this is a common symptom of the flu.  In homeopathy, common symptoms won’t lead us to remedies.

Forehead, headaches, pain, general frontal eminence

Even here, nothing is quite so common in the flu as a headache.  I don’t think this is going to be of any help to us.

The two leading remedies were Phosphorus and Thuja and I would give the patient Phosphorus even though there were some gaps 6 in the 15 categories.

I will be interested to see the answer in this one.  Phosphurus is not normally an influenza remedy.

Sigh.  Wayne.  Did you read my article on the hierarchy of symptoms and how to select rubrics in a case? 

Read it again and tell me if you still think it’s Phosphorus.

Hi Elaine,

Thank you for your willingness to help me (and the rest of the homeopathic community) with my repertorising.  About the ice – I misread your statement.  You asked the patient if they want ice – I mistakenly wrote this down as the patient wants ice – must have got excited with such a clue.

Yes, that would have been a dynamite clue!

So we can rule out Phosphorus.  I am surprised that Phosphorus is a flu remedy, but in Murphy’s Disease chapter, it is mentioned in black type.

Phosphorus is a polychrest, which means you’ll find it in practically every disease!  BUT, you will find it with the usual Phosphorus keynotes and confirmatories: desire for ice cold drinks, great thirst, desire for company, better for sympathy and consolation; and, you might find that the worst part of the case is the chest, lungs, and cough.  This is why we see it so often in Pneumonia and Bronchitis.

I think I can now understand your hierarchy and I will endeavour to use it to find the remedy.  Starting with the etiology, the patient didn’t feel well and went on a long drive, to a pool party.

A long drive in slow traffic–both ways!

He participated in the swimming and drove a long way home again and fell down with the flu.  I think the cause was already in existence, so you can rule out belladonna, arnica or baptisia.

OK, wait a minute.  I think you’re confusing two issues.  We can rule out Belladonna and Baptisia because there’s no “sudden onset”, but we can’t rule them out based on “etiology” (which means “the cause”).  I actually couldn’t find a cause, such as “jumping in a cold swimming pool on a hot day”, which might have made us think of Rhus tox, but we got no information on that.  It might have been an indoor pool for all we know.  It is winter here and nobody’s swimming in New England unless they’re indoors.  It just seemed to me that he tried to do too much.  Too much stress, too much activity, not enough rest, and I’m sure too much party food too.  There’s no single remedy tied to all that, that I know of.

Looking at common flu symptoms, we have: fever and chills, exhaustion, aches and pains, coughing – dry coughing hopefullly, congestion, shortness of breath, headache, and possibly diarrhea and stomach flu.  (I hope you like my effort to spell the American way.)


We have cough with bloody sputum , possibly a clue.  The symptoms given are pain in the eyes, droopy eyes, drowsy, dull, intermittent fever…

Be careful, that’s the word for Malaria–intermittent fever.  Maybe you mean “remittent fever”?  In an intermittent fever, the temperature alternates between fever and normal.  In remittent fever, the temperature goes up and down but never reaches normal.

sneezing, sore, throat, irritated, sluggish, perspiration, moaning, groaning, noise aversion to; all common symptoms.

Very good, but wait a minute, because some of these symptoms are valuable to us.  Perspiration shows it’s not Belladonna.  Sensitive to noise might help confirm certain remedies like Phosphorus and Nux vomica.  Moaning and groaning… as a matter of fact, as soon as I hear “moaning and groaning”, I immediately suspect Arsenicum, though it could go for Nux vomica too.

Possible uncommom symptoms are, thirstlessness in a general fever, thirstless in a chill, likes warmth, nervous fidgeting, pacing, but also likes lying down.

Pretty much all sick people like lying down.  It’s significant to me that, as a sick person, he’s up pacing back and forth!

He likes fresh orange juice and melons, worse at 12 to 4am, fever better warmth, fever better shower.

I can’t find “fever better shower”.  You’d have to go to “Generals: bathing, hot bathing, amel.” 

The tongue was a specific clue, being white with a pink stripe; couldn’t find anything conclusive here except to back up a remedy.

Looking at the above, it seems like Arsenicum could be the remedy.

Yes!!!  That’s it!!!!  Now look, if you go to “Mind, restlessness, pacing”, there are only 2 remedies and one of them is Plantain (Plantago) which is in plain type, and not even a flu remedy, and the other is–Arsenicum!  So now all you have to do is ask yourself, “Is Arsenicum better warmth?  Is Arsenicum worse after midnight?  Does Arsenicum have moaning and groaning?  Is Arsenicum sensitive to noise?…And don’t forget the biggest tell-tale symptom of all: “calling around for support”, which means anxiety about health and desire for company, and you come to realize that Arsenicum covers pretty much everything in the case!

Phatak has arsenic at 12 to 4 a.m. aggravation.

Arsenic is better warmth, better showers, thirstless in a chill, thirstless during a fever, wants to move around, blood in sputum, has a white tongue.  It is also better for lying down in some circumstances and is noted for small sips of water, all of which are in play here.

Sorry about the Phosphorus diagnosis, but I’m glad you got me to look at your method more closely.

Yes.  And why?  Because we have MENTALS!  And they over-ride everything below them in the Hierarchy!  We no longer have to care about the color of his tongue or his desire for orange juice and melons and all the other stuff because we’ve got MENTALS– desire for company, anxiety about health, moaning and groaning, pacing… nothing else matters!  You see?????  Now, if the case had no mentals, no etiology, no sudden onset and no diagnosis, then we’d be all about the color of the tongue and the desire for orange juice, the kind of cough he had and so on; but, thank goodness we had a perfect image of the Arsenicum mentals; consequently, we had an easy case!  Do you see how complicated you made this case?  All the rubrics you took?

I hope I have done better this time, but if I’m wrong, I’m sure you will put me straight.

The biggest mistake people are making is they think they have to repertorize everything and the right remedy will be the one that covers all the symptoms, meaning each symptom is given equal weight, and that just isn’t true; that’s what The Hierarchy of Symptoms is all about!  Now, if we had a strong etiology, for instance “Ailments from jumping in cold water on a hot day”, we wouldn’t care what else was in the case, we would go straight for Rhus tox!  And we would expect to see the following in the case as confirmation: stiffness, better motion, better hot showers, worse at night.  And if we found that, we’d be done!

But we don’t have a reliable etiology here.  So we move down to diagnosis–gastrointestinal flu.  So already we’re thinking maybe it could be Arsenicum or Nux vomica or maybe Phosphorus… but we move down to the mental/emotionals, and there it is!  All our Arsenicum symptoms are right there!  So we don’t have to move down any further, got that?

Thank you again for your willingness to help me.

There are not many people like you, who are prepared to help others, the way you do.

You are an exception.

Well…if you say so…

You helped me greatly to understand things in a different light.

Regards, Wayne

P.S. What do you repertorise for drooping eyes? 

“Eyes: open, eyelids, half open, hard to keep open”

But, you might want to go to the Face chapter and see:

“Face: expressions, facial, besotted”–and when you see that, you want to think of Gelsemium and Baptisia.

Who else showed up here today?


Hi Elaine!

Hi Maria!

For this month’s quiz I vote for arsenicum.  If I am wrong I will try again.

You’re not wrong, so don’t try again!  Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!


Hi Elaine,

This is really a Wonder quiz altogether.

The over-dosing on remedies by Wonder Brother-In-Law was quite alarming.

I know!  Thank goodness Wonder Woman told him about the Aggravation Zapper!

I somehow feel that people think that since homeopathy has no side-effects, they’re free to experiment with it.

Big mistake!  There is not enough education about proper dosing of homeopathic remedies.  I imagine a lot of people have destroyed their health by overdosing with remedies in high potency.  And even sometimes low potencies can do the same. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you get worse after a remedy, stop taking it! 

One dose of a 200C is enough, in most acute cases, to get a response within an hour or so.  If nothing happens after you take a 200C in an acute case, it is probably the wrong remedy, don’t keep taking it! 

Finally, if you feel really well after taking a remedy, STOP DOSING! 

Repeat only if a relapse ensues. 

And now back to Vamsi in the studio.

Thank you, Elaine.  The Net has become a source of all kinds of mis-information, ultimately helping to ruin people’s health, and it becomes an uphill task for the doctor to treat them.

But coming over to the quiz….

Wonder Brother-In-Law’s etiology is the key here.

  1. He went for a high intensity exercise ( he is not regular )

Yeah, and I have to say, I see a lot of people “working out”, going to the gym, etc. and they have no idea that such strenuous work-outs have to be supported with super-nutrition–raw foods, raw juices, high protein smoothies and Vitamin C, etc.; otherwise, it’s just another form of stress to the body! 

He also had a splash in the pool.

( Overexertion, exhaustion and body aches) – Muscle Pains

  1. Better from warm showers , massage, and warm drinks
  2. Worse noise and cold winds
  3. Anxiety and Restlessness.
  4. Mind : Irritated
  5. Desires rest.


This calls for our most famous remedy RHUS-TOX.

Vamsi, just about everyone thought it was Rhus tox, based, most likely, on the dip in the pool, the restlessness and better heat.  But actually, I couldn’t find a firm etiology.  To me it looked like he just did way too much out of the ordinary.  He had a long drive in heavy traffic.  Went swimming which he doesn’t normally do.  Had to keep an eye on his kid which is stressful enough without adding anything else to it!  His whole schedule was thrown off, and come to think of it, that’s probably why Wonder Woman told him to take Cocculus!  He went home and went right to bed.  Since I couldn’t find a clear etiology, I moved on to the mentals, of which there were many.  You got some of them.  But you missed “pacing”, “moaning”, and “calling around for support” which means “desire for company” and “anxiety about health”.  What do you think it is now?

Yes !!  I got it.  Its Arsenicum!

That’s it!  Well, you know what?  I lot of other people wrote but I’d just be repeating myself; so, I think I should wrap it up now.  Congratulations to our two winners–Neil and Maria!  Bye!!!  See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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  • Thanks for helping us understand the importance of the mentals above everything else, Elaine, (when those symptoms are present). Also, I wonder if it would have helped to antidote the allopathic drugs by turning them into isopathic remedies. Would that have helped him with the bloating and itching? And I wonder if he’ll ever regain his healthy microflora after the antibiotics.

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