Shrimp Boat Runs Aground

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We nearly didn’t have a case for you this month until, luckily, I was stupid enough to eat at Red Lobster!

My “date”, Tony–actually, he’s my stepson– whom we shall call “Antonio”, asked me where I would like to eat. “Oh, any place is fine with me,” I said. “How about Red Lobster?” he said. Despite sensing the inevitable ship-wreck, I cheerfully said, “Sure, sounds great!”

Red Lobster is a pretentious McDonalds with sea food!!!!

Fast forward to this morning around 7 am when I first realize I’m in trouble! Abdominal discomfort–that unmistakable feeling that diarrhea can’t be too far down the road, an increasing sense of nausea, chills and a bit of rectal flatulence which did not ameliorate, greeted me rather suddenly.

Thank God for Homeopathy! I don’t know how many times I say that in a month! What remedy saved the day? Please write to me at [email protected] and let me know.


The answer will be in the August issue.

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