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Start Spreadin The Nooooooze…..

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Elaine, I’d like to help you out today but I seem to be in a nose-dive….

…Which is good Kelly because it brings us to this month’s quiz!

It does? You’re waiting for me to crash with a bottle of Arnica?

No, Kelly, Nosebleeds! This month’s case is a nosebleed!

Wow, this IS exciting! Who do we have to thank for this?

We have been blessed with a nosebleed, courtesy of Gabi.

This is especially momentous because of all the songs there are about noses!

Kelly, I’m afraid there are NO songs about noses.

Don’t be ridiculous! What about, “Start spreadin’ the noooooze, I’m leavin’ today….I’m gonna be a part of it, New York, New York!”

That’s NEWS, Kelly! “Start spreadin’ the NEWS”! It’s “New York, New York” by Ol’ Blue Eyes!

OK, OK; what about Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”?

He didn’t mean his nose! Look, Kelly, I think we better just let Gabi present her case. Gabi in Canada, are you there?

Yes, Elaine, you’re coming in loud and clear! Well, here’s my horrifying story!

Santiago, my son, had gone to the park with this brothers. He had been agitated all morning and I decided they needed to take him out. He was also “tired” so they pulled him in the wagon and parked him on the school grounds in the sun while they played soccer. Santi is four and a half.

I was in the house when I heard Nico, his brother, screaming, “Mum, Santi has a nosebleed!” Rushing out, I tried not to panic which wasn’t easy since we had already dealt with Nico’s ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura, an autoimmune condition where the spleen attacks the platelets in the body therefore causing bleeding and bruising so… I had seen enough blood for one lifetime).

The first thing I noticed was that the bleeding was coming from the right nostril. It was profuse, coming on rapidly and getting brighter. My first reaction was to run inside the house to get a certain remedy in the 200C potency.

I left him with his dad while I did this and came back and tried to sit him in my lap so I could hold a tissue against his nose but he was squirming and agitated and kept saying, “Don’t touch me!” He was restless and visibly upset and scared.

He then tells me he was hot in the sun and I notice the concern for the bleeding on his part is worse while I am there. I notice he becomes agitated when I come back with the remedy and while I am with him.

So I gave him this remedy and I waited when I remembered his recent violent behaviour:

biting, rolling his head, sticking out his tongue, doing violent things towards others, kicking, dancing crazily whenever the radio was on and striking his brothers… yes, charming isn’t it?

So while I was waiting for this remedy to do something, I yelled to my daughter,

“Go get me the ___________30C!” (the only potency I had)

The blood kept coming out as if from a fountain.

He was refusing to take the 2nd remedy but after some coaxing he did. The bloody hankies were piling up…but about 20 seconds after the dose of __________30C, a big long clot the size of an earth worm started coming out the right nostril and the blood was less profuse. Santi then got up and started playing with his toys completely forgetting what happened!

His dad said, “Santi sit down, you must rest.” His mood had changed, he was no longer scared.

Another homeopathic miracle!

Thank you for sharing your harrowing experience with us, Gabi! I dare say you saved yourself a trip to the Emergency Room, but that’s what homeopathy is all about!

Who knows the remedy? Please write to me at [email protected] and let me know. The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom takes online cases. Visit her website at:

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