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Tearing My Hair Out!

Written by Elaine Lewis

One-year-old gets furious when told “No”, tears her hair out! What’s her remedy?

Mom, I think you’ll be glad to hear the announcement I have to make.

I sure hope so, Shana, because this is the Hpathy Quiz, and, believe it or not, when people come here, some of them expect to find a quiz!

I know that Mom, yeesh! 

So if you could possibly move things along…

I was about to say, our favorite show ever, “Gilmore Girls”, has just turned 20.  See cast picture below:

Thrilling as that is….

And I can’t believe the show is that old!  I kinda wish I had known about it before.

Before what?

It would’ve been great to watch episodes as they originally aired.

But you wouldn’t have understood them!

It first premiered October 5, 2000 on a channel known as the WB (which no longer exists since it shutdown in 2006.  “Gilmore Girls” moved to what is now known as the CW for Season 7.)

No one liked Season 7.  And by “no one”, I mean me.

Anyway, we’ve talked about “Gilmore Girls” in the quiz before.  We did “What Remedy Is Emily Gilmore?”  And I believe there was an article about Jess Mariano as well.

There was.

(who didn’t make his first appearance until Season 2.)

Shana, I have a suspicion that no one cares!

Anyway, I will now present a Gilmore Girls moment that is really hilarious!!!  Richard Gilmore’s mother dies and his aristocratic wife, Emily, has to plan the funeral.  In doing so, she finds a letter from Richard’s mother to her son saying, “Emily isn’t good enough for you, you should marry Pennilyn Lott.”  In an overly dramatic fashion, Emily takes up drinking and smoking and refuses to plan the funeral, click below:

Oh, that was so funny!!  Maybe people will start watching this well-written “soap opera”, now in reruns.

While I’m at it I must acknowledge the 25th anniversary of “Wishbone”!

Another extremely well-written show!

Turns out both shows premiered in October, only “Wishbone” started in 1995.

Shana, trivia alert!!!!

It aired its final episode December 4, 1997.

OK, I have it on good authority that there is only so much space on the internet; so, if there’s a salient point to be made here, please make it!

“Wishbone” was a show on “PBS Kids”.  It’s about a little dog with a big imagination!  He would always imagine himself as a character in classical literature.  The supporting cast was always top-notch, often having to act out scenes from Shakespeare, Mark Twain, etc.  The producers really fussed over authenticity: period-costumes and dialect appropriate to the times, etc. made it all very believable–including the fact that the actor in the starring role was Wishbone — a dog!  Now that I think about it, both shows did episodes acting out Romeo and Juliet.  I cannot believe this show is not in reruns!

Shana, wait a minute; all the Wishbone episodes are on Youtube!

They are?

You can copy them onto a DVD!  Better hurry up before they get tagged for copyright violations!  Here’s a Wishbone excerpt below, I think they’re doing Mark Twain’s The Prince And The Pauper:

Do you have any more announcements?

We have quite a “Death Report” this time!  Sadly, last month we lost 92 year-old Tommy Devito, a founding member of the 4 Seasons; we lost him to the dreaded COVID-19.

The 4 Seasons: Tommy Devito, Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi

The 4 Seasons were probably the biggest selling pop group of the early ’60’s, known for lead singer, Frankie Valli’s, unmatched falsetto; all their hits were written by Bob Gaudio.  Here’s their big hig, their first and most endearing record, from which they never looked back, “Sherry”:


Last month we also lost a lady by the name of Edna Wright who was the lead singer of Honey Cone, famous for the song “Want Ads”.

Gonna put it in the want ads, I need somebody new, gonna put it in the want ads, my man and I are through…

Mom?  Could you stop singing for a minute?  Not only that but she sang backup for the Righteous Brothers and Ray Charles.  (Who knew that she was one of the Raelettes?)

Shana, after the original group (The Cookies, remember?) broke up, the Raelettes never had a stable line-up.

Well excuse me for not knowing things!  The other thing that blew my mind was that she was the younger sister of Darlene Love!

OMG!  I did not know that!  Here it is now, “Gonna Put It In The Want Ads”!

It’s just called “Want Ads”.

Well pardon me, Mrs. Know-It-All!

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  Wanted: young man single and free!

Mom!!!  The song’s over and we have to move on now!  (My mother: America’s oldest teenager!)  It seems that last month we also lost a member of the Emotions, Pamela Hutchinson.  The Emotions were a group of sisters, Pamela was the youngest.  One of their biggest hits was “Boogie Wonderland”, which they performed with Earth Wind & Fire:


We also lost Marvelettes co-founder and writer of “Please Mr. Postman”, Georgia Dobbins.

The Marvelettes

“Please Mr. Postman” was Motown’s first #1 record! 

You better wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, please Mr. Postman…..

Mom, time to start the Quiz!

Really?  I thought we were at a record hop!  OK, OK.

Who’s in the quiz this month?

We have another guest presenter!  Maria is back with another niece!  Take it away, Maria!


Hi Elaine!  My niece is 1.5 y.o. and her parents called me for a remedy.  It seems that whenever she was told “No”, she would get angry, cry, throw a tantrum and pull her hair out!

I hate it when that happens!  What did her parents do when she had a melt-down?

They try to distract her.  “Look, there’s a cat!”

She went for a month to a nursery school because her parents both had to work.

One day the kid actually pulled her own hair out because she wanted something and the teacher nicely said “no”.  The teacher was shocked seeing in the kid’s hand all that hair and immediately informed the parents.

Generally she is a very obstinate kid, if she wants something you can’t change her mind.

She is warm blooded, thirsty and likes bananas a lot.

So I told them to give her ___________ 200C.  After 3 days the parents told me that she stopped pulling her hair, was cooperative and enjoyed being at nursery school.

3 months have passed and she is still doing great.  She is calm when refused something she wants.

I hope your family appreciates all you do for them, is all I gotta say!  What about “canine appetite”, does she have that?

Yes, she loves to eat and she wants her mother to carry her all the time.  I don’t know if this changed after the remedy, though.


OK, that’s it everybody!  Do you know the remedy?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.  Bye-bye!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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