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OK, fellow Earthlings, it is time now for the bonus quiz you requested! Here is your question:

Why did Mr. Lachesis and his wife get divorced?

Now, synchronize your watches, and, I’ll meet you back here in four weeks!


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  • Hi,

    My daughter is 8 yrs old, she is having tonsils in her mouth, doctors told us to show ENT specalist and also to operate it.
    As a parents we would like to know whether tonsils can be remove completely by having homeopathy treatment in how many years.

  • She has tonsils on both side, she snarl always while sleeping. If tonsils can be remove by homeopathy treatment, what are the precautions we should take along with the medicines. She has tonsils when she was 3 years. About her she is too smart good in her studies helpful and playful in nature; bit naughty also.
    Within how may years tonsils can be remove with the help of homeopathy treatment; what are the medicine, how it should take, and what are the other requirement we should take at the time of treatment

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