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Not to dissappoint Elaine this month, I came down with and successfully treated a sinus infection, just in time for the November issue!

I had what appeared to be a cold coming on for several days. it seemed to settle….

Oh gee, Kelly, I hate to have to interrupt, but, are you using your own name for this case?

Is there something wrong with that?

Dear, innocent, Kelly; let me give you an important tip regarding homeopathy. If you use your own name, people will think you don’t have any clients! This is not the impression you want to create; people should be led into thinking that your skills are highly sought-after!

Oooohhhh…! I didn’t even think of that!

That’s why the guidance of a professional, such as myself, is so important!

OK, let me start again. Ahem!

One of my many clients, Queen Elizabeth, (not her real name) just happened to be in my neck of the woods when she quite unexpectedly developed a stuffy nose. I ran out of my house….

Psst! Kelly! I don’t think anyone’s going to believe that Queen Elizabeth traveled all the way across the ocean to see you because of a stuffy nose! Think of her age!

You’re right. She’s much too old to travel. Let me start again.

“Prince Charles” just happened to be walking past my house when he suddenly broke out in a stuffy nose! Fortunately, my reputation as the only homeopath anywhere within miles…

Hey, now there’s a catchy phrase, mind if I borrow it? Elaine Lewis–The Only Homeopath Anywhere Within Miles! How does that sound? I’m interrupting again, aren’t I?

Is it safe for me to go on? OK, so he rang my door bell and I quickly hooshed all my other clients out the back door and asked him in to sit down.

Oh, this is so exciting! Then what happened?

I think we all know what happened, Elaine! His wife got killed, he got engaged to….

The case Kelly, remember? The stuffy nose?

Oh, that. Well, “Prince Charles” had what appeared to be a cold. It was coming on for several days and seemed to settle in my, I mean, “his”, nose, which was stuffy. I, I mean, “he”, was chilly and restless.

So, you, I mean, “he”, had a cold, slow onset, which finally settled in your nose, I mean “his” nose, and you, I mean “he”, was chilly and restless.

This is so tedious!

Yes, it is, but do go on.

I’ll try! After a couple more days of this, “Prince Charles” began to have a headache centered above his eyes, along with nasal congestion and a discharge that was yellow-green and gelatinous.

How devastating!

It was difficult to blow out and seemed to be high up in my (aaah!) “his” sinuses. (Elaine, I’m going to get you for this!) The next day, “Prince Charles” had the same symptoms but also a throbbing in his right jaw that hurt worse when he opened his mouth wide. The pain was really bad when “Prince Charles” bent forward to pick up toys off the floor, or clothes from off the floor–I guess the servants had been dismissed early! Needless to say, the castle remained a mess!

I recommended that “Prince Charles” start **** 30C in water with succussions before each dose. He took a total of 3 doses by the end of the day. He could tell the remedy was working as he felt “crackling” up in his sinuses and a decrease in pressure.

The next morning however, I’m told, his stuffy nose was back and he had a headache again. He took another dose of **** 30C in water and waited. He felt better within an hour but several hours later, was back to feeling stuffed up again. I, I mean “he”, resolved to try a 200c dose after giving the 30c one more try that afternoon.

Well, the 30c worked and held! He took another dose the next morning and continued for a couple days taking 2-3 doses per day.

Thank God for homeopathy or my house would be a perpetual mess!

And by “your house” you mean Buckingham Palace, don’t you?

Of course!


If you know the remedy, write to me, I mean “Elaine”, at [email protected] . The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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