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The Pain Has Stopped Me Completely!

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Test your acute prescribing skills! Elaine presents another Hpathy Quiz.

Mom! Look what time it is!


No, it’s February!

It’s only February? I’m going back to sleep!

No, Mom, get up!

Just five more minutes? Or months?

Mom, Dr. B’s on the phone and I’m running out of excuses! 

Have you tried: The dog ate my Quiz?

I’m going to count to three!

OK, OK! Where’s our patient?

Are we counting Gabi as a patient?

Does she pay?


Then Gabi’s not a patient.

Well, here she is anyway, Mom…enjoy!


Hi Elaine, I have a severe injury from a fall on my shoulder that I can’t fix!

Hi Gabi, I’m sure I can help you with that!

I also don’t have any money.

I’m sure I can’t help you with that.

I have been on Symphythyum. I think it has helped. Just now I took Acid phosphoricum because I realize how many symptoms I have that match.
The pain is so intense it has stopped me completely! It also scares me. Let me know if you have a minute to suggest anything.

Yes, that’s a good idea, try anything! (Is my minute up yet?)

I went to the doctor.

And let me guess, he gave you an anti-inflammatory!

He gave me an anti-inflammatory…

Is there an echo in here?

…but I don’t want to take it.

There’s no point, really; when it wears off, the pain will come back even worse.

I told him I didn’t want it and he got mad and grumpy.

You’re outside his universe, Gabi.

I think he might have needed healing himself!

It’s a reasonable assumption.

One more reason why we don’t go there anymore.

In any case. You are my only hope.

Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place! Just fill out my questionnaire and make yourself at home while I run around the block. I’ll be back as soon as I’ve lost 20 pounds.

Acute Case Questionnaire

1. What happened?

I fell on my right arm almost a year and half ago while walking the dog. No broken bones but shoulder has become increasingly hard to move and more and more painful. Pain is so intense it forces me to lie down or run and hide to cry, paroxysmal pain, only subsides after a while of quiet resting. If I move in certain ways especially very painful. Very sensitive to touch.

2. Etiology

It came back after I stopped doing yoga and did not exercise, perhaps a session of weights with a friend forced ligaments too much. Wakes me up at night, the pain. Slightest movement in wrong direction makes me cry.

3. Sensation

The pain is like shooting, it doesn’t extend anywhere although it is worse on the outside and back side of the bone.

4. Appearance

I have bags under my eyes, my hands swell, sometimes the pain goes all the way down to my hand. Lots of very sour sweating. No desire to move.

5. Location–where on the body?

Right shoulder

6. Modalities–what makes the complaint better or worse?

Heat makes it worse, touch doesn’t, motion aggravates, worst in the morning but movement does not improve, can’t even put on my bra or clothes without help, noise aggravates, pressure too, massage no, company no, consolation no but better company. Depondency, hopeless of recovery, depression.

7. Concomitants (additional symptoms that came with the main complaint)–for instance, pain with crying; pain with excessive salivation; pain with nausea–the things that have come along for the ride, fellow-travelers, in other words.

Pain with crying, nausea this morning, hate certain smells, feeling of giving up and going to sleep.

8. Discharges

No discharges but I am having my period now so it is worse. Cried uncontraollably for hours yesterday after I stepped on the dog’s tail and moved my shoulders in a certain way. The pain was so intense I started crying and could not stop.

9. Generals

I am cold, thirsty for fizzy drinks (Acid phosphoricum?) tired, sad, irritable not hungry at all.

10. The mentals

I don’t want to do anything not even tidy up the house, want to escape and not face what is happening.

11. What does the person say?

The person says, I wish this was not happening, why me??

12. Thirst
I wake up very thirsty and get very thirsty during the day.
I am thirsty all the time but don’t drink enough but I only like to drink sweet drinks.

13. Fever?

Warmer than usual

14. Sweating?


15. Odors?

Sweating is strong metallic odour

16. What is most striking about the condition? What is most peculiar?

Depondency, no energy, no will to improve in any way.

17. Is there a diagnosis?

Injury on the rotator cup.


Well….. I thought of two remedies, and I told Gabi to take the first one and if that didn’t work, to move on to the second one. (The first one worked but only slightly.) Does anyone know what this remedy is? Write to me at [email protected] and let me know. The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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