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The Shortest Quiz On Record!

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Elaine and Shana are at it again, presenting another great acute case for you to solve! See if you can guess the remedy!

Mom, its time for the quiz!!!

It always seems to be time for the quiz!

Now, Mom, I know we’ve had many disagreements before…

We have?

…about some of the music I like…

Oh boy, here it comes….

but I wanted to share something with you first.

If you can, please do!

This song, it’s “No One Like You” by The Scorpions:

The what???? Why aren’t any of these people smiling?

After hearing it on my favorite Classic Rock station, WMGK, I was really curious about who was singing it because I liked the song and the lead singer; so, I looked it up and read about this German hard rock/heavy metal band called the Scorpions.

Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!! Did you say Heavy Metal????? Rick!!!!! Where did we go wrong?????

Their most famous song is “Rock You like a Hurricane” from 1984.

Do we have to hear that too??????

There is a really good version where they perform this song backed by a whole orchestra.

Shana, in case you haven’t noticed, our Quiz readers are Doo-Wop Fans! (And by ‘quiz readers’, I mean Peter Dunseith from Wales.)

The Penguins

Mom, the Scorpions are amazing, and I’ve never heard such an epic lead singer as Klaus Meine. He has such an amazing voice. Anyway, this is “Rock You Like a Hurricane”.

I was afraid of that!

I honestly like both but the Orchestra version is so much more epic, complete with backup singers.


Here is the Orchestra version:

Other good songs by them are “Humanity”, “Rhythm of Love”, “The Future Never Dies”, “Still Loving You”, “Passion Rules The Game”, and “Loving You Sunday Morning”, which I would encourage everyone to look up on YouTube.

Shana, what has happened to you?????

You were brought up, on Jimmy Reed;

Cornbread, collard greens and black-eyed peas.

You took your first bath in Muddy Waters….

Is that “Blues Man” by Z.Z. Hill?

Yes! Yes it is!!! Shana, you’re back!!!!! You’re back!!!! That’s our little Doo-Wop Baby! 🙂  Now, let’s quickly segue to “The Death Report” before I lose you again to Heavy Metal!

Who died this time?

OMG! Well, this is the worst news ever! Literally, the nicest man in the world — “Speedo”!

You mean Speedo from the Cadillacs?  Earl Carroll? 


You know what, Shana? They often call him Speedo….

But his real name is Mr. Earl!

(Check it out, live from 1955):

Almost a year ago, I visited Earl in the nursing home, in Harlem, where he was recovering from a heart attack, I think…

and I’m glad I did, I was less traumatized by his death because of that; but still, the world is NOT a better place today, is all I can say! See you later, Earl! All your fans love you! (And that’s the truth!)

Did anyone else die by any chance?

Yes, Fontella Bass.

Didn’t she do “Rescue Me”?

It was a classic, Shana! One of the most recognizable bass lines in music history!

Mom, that reminds me, speaking of bass lines… and, well, death…. Remember that song “In A Gadda Da Vida” by Iron Butterfly? Well, their bass player died.

That song will forever be memorialized in the “Simpsons” episode where Bart substitutes the Iron Butterfly sheet music for the hymn that was supposed to be sung in church! So, Reverend Lovejoy picks it up and says, “And now please rise for the opening hymn, ‘In The Garden Of Eden’ by I. Ron Butterfly.”

I found it! Oh, this is hilarious, you’ve got to see this!!!!

Oh, and one more thing, Mom.


Rabbit died.


You know… Rabbit, from Winnie The Pooh?

Um…Shana…. Rabbit isn’t a real person (I hate to be the one to have to tell you).

No, Mom, the actor! The voice actor, Ken Sansom!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! How nice. He even looks like Rabbit! Can we start the quiz now?

Mom! Rabbit was very important to my childhood! Remember? “16 pockets in one suit! A straaaaaange animal among us!” This is gold!

Here we have Ken Sansom as Rabbit:

Shana, you know how I feel about the fake Pooh!


Can we start the quiz now? No one else died from the Disney Studios, did they?

No one, except Walt Disney. Shouldn’t you be making the pizza?

If you could possibly wait a minute, the quiz won’t take long; in fact it’s the shortest quiz on record! It came to me as a text message!


Hi Elaine,

“Mary” seemed all better yesterday and went to bed early but woke up and kept drinking water, then vomited liquid and some mucus. She’s totally quiet and lying scrunched up with knees into her chest, butt in the air, or scrunched in a ball on her side and doesn’t feel well. Didn’t expect a relapse. Any thoughts on what to give? Warm, but, no fever.


Try __________________ 30C.



Thanks, Elaine, I think the remedy worked pretty fast. I would say she asked for food within 10 minutes and started moving around and acting more herself. Her energy and appetite came back. She was pretty well behaved today as well, playing nicely, probably because still recuperating a little, but it really changed the picture, and no cough today either.


OK, everybody, what’s the remedy? If you know it, write to me at [email protected]. The answer will be in the February ezine. And here to sing you out….

I was raised up on Jimmy Reed, cornbread, collard greens and black eyed peas….

“I’m A Blues Man”

ZZ Hill


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