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The Terrible Tooth


Elaine has a dental abscess, try to guess her remedy.

Shana, what are we doing?

It’s time for the quiz, mom!

Again? Already?


Where does the time go?

Who’s our patient of the month?

Shana, as you know, we’re in hard times. There is a lack of everything nowadays–a lack of jobs, a lack of men who are interested in me, and yes, a lack of patients! Luckily, I have had, yet again, another dental abscess!

Mom, again with the dental abscess? Dental abscesses are boring, and besides, people go to the dentist for that!

Well, Shana, then “people” are making a big mistake, because all the dentist can do is prescribe an antibiotic which may or may not work, but which will surely upset their stomach and cost an arm and a leg! Besides, my story is sooooooooo interesting as usual!

I suddenly remembered I have homework to do!

Fine! See if I care! Now, where was I….. Ah yes, It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia, the birds were singing, there was a dead spider in the doorway….

That’s because you killed it!

Shana, how many times have I told you not to interrupt Mommy when she’s fondly reminiscing!? So, despite being taken by the joys of city life in the dead of winter, I was able to focus on only one thing, namely–it’s back! The dental abscess! Does anyone remember the Apis “Toothiness” quiz from November ’08?

Oh, yes, Mom, I’m sure everyone remembers it!

Well off course they do, Shana! Here’s part of it:

Now, as I’m sure everyone remembers from the July ezine…

Mom, no one remembers the July ezine!

… the molar on my lower left side had begun to hurt; specifically, touching the top of the tooth was very painful and I had very little hope for holding on to that tooth until Pyrogen performed yet another homeopathic wonder for me! Now, fast-forward to one month ago. I was totally minding my own business when gradually I felt an “incident” brewing in that same tooth! I didn’t worry because I “knew” that all I had to do was repeat the Pyrogen! I did, and it didn’t work!

If there was ever any proof needed that every case is different, this was certainly it! After Pyrogen didn’t work, I became suspicious and checked to see if I had the same tooth sensitivity on the top of the tooth as I did last time, and, in fact, no, the sensation from last time was not there. I looked in the mirror and there it was as big as life — a huge swelling of the gum on the facial side! “Oh my God, an abscess!”


So, here we are again, back to square one! I, of course, did what? That’s right, repeated Apis 30C! But nothing happened. So, I went up to Apis 200C, and nothing happened. I said to myself, “Elaine, check to see if that same ‘stinging pain on touch’ is still there from last time.” Well, you guessed it, it wasn’t! “Apis isn’t going to work this time!” I lamented. “Now what?” What was the sensation this time, that was the question! The best I could come up with was that it was a “sore” sensation. “Maybe Arnica!” I thought; but, Arnica only worked a little. In the meantime, I tried Silica 30C but after several hours passed, I noticed no difference. In the end, I decided to use the “Abscess, acute” rubric and “sore” pain rubric, plus noted that the bad tooth in question was a lower left molar. With that, I came upon the right remedy; which, by the way, worked in less than an hour despite the abscess having been present for several days while I fooled around with Apis and Arnica!

Now, I know these rubrics don’t seem very informative or very peculiar or characteristic, but, you will be surprised to hear that only two remedies covered the whole case, and since I had already tried one of them, it made the choice rather easy!

Another homeopathic miracle, and, once again, I get to keep this obnoxious tooth; yay me.

If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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