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We Are In Hell!

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Mom, Dr. B wants to know what’s holding up the quiz!

Tell him I’m stuck!

On what, finding a remedy?

No, a fictitious name! Shana, you’re young and don’t know much about homeopathy; but, you have to come up with just the right fictitious name when presenting a case or you risk throwing your entire audience into mass disorientation!

Oh my God! I had no idea!

That’s why I hold this important post! Now, let’s see…. Melvin… Irving Slotkin….

What about “Joe”?

Shana, too American. We have to be cognizant of the international scope of our audience!

Then, Jose!

Brilliant! Shana, you deserve a promotion; how much am I paying you?

Five pizzas a week.

Now you get six. OK, this is the case of Jose, a five-year-old boy who’s driving his parents nuts with his non-stop screaming!

What’s wrong with him?

Noise is bothering him, he’s covering his ears!

What sort of noise?

Any noise! The sound of people talking, people walking, you name it! Let’s let the mom tell it:

Oh my dear Lord! Jose is OUT OF CONTROL. Something has GOT to change. We cannot live like this.

He is Not sleeping!!!!! Lots of night waking and then up before 6 with such loudness that both of the other 2 little ones were also up- the whole house is up! He never did go back to sleep!

Constant screaming and crying and fussing about everything. I mean every other minute. He has been taking toys from the other kids a lot today. It seems like he has been out here with us all, instead of off to himself like he was. Hubby just put him in his room, because we are in hell.

Listening to a child with as loud a voice as his cry all day is just the pits.

So I missed my class since I was up in the night so much. Can’t be doing this.

I had hoped to watch the inauguration, but am now thinking I’ll be lucky if I can hear any of it! I’m sure you can tell I am on edge, tired and hoping you will have a suggestion.

I asked hubby what he thought and how he would describe him- hoping he would add something that might help- he said he was “irritable, doesn’t want to be bothered by anything, very bothered by noise.”

He is rather thirsty today. Recently he hadn’t been as much. He doesn’t want to be made to do anything. He wants to do what he wants to do. He will scream if someone is disturbing him. He will scream and cry then if you don’t stop or heaven forbid make him do something.

Trouble sleeping apparently. Wants to play in the middle of the night.

He doesn’t want to be disturbed either by the other kids. Not playing with them. He is quiet if undisturbed, which is hard to do since lots of things seem to set him off.

Well I looked and looked in the repertory in my desperation and seem to have stumbled onto something. Of all things, _____________. I focused on the sensitivity to noise, irritability, and the sleeplessness. It especially had the “sensitive hearing, noise is painful, sensitive to noise, music and voices. Sensitive to noises, even if anyone walks across the floor. Fear of least noise. Annoyed by voices.”

It also had some restlesslessness and sleeplessness. “Great nervous agitation and restlessness. Hysteria, screaming weeping and restlessness.”

To me, the noise was the big thing. I really didn’t know that I thought it would help, but it has.

Almost immediately after he took the dose, he began to sort of skip around squealing- his happy squeal. I was thinking oh lord, he seems happy. Really happy- happier than he has been in days. He is smiling, hasn’t screamed in the time since I gave it. No crying. He has been eating like a hog. He has played a little with his siblings. And NO covering the ears, which has been constant. He crawled into my lap and played with me a long while too, which was nice. He seems like my normally happy boy. It was a 30C in water. Love my sweet blue-eyed boy!

OK, if you know what the remedy is, write to me! [email protected]. The answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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