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What Remedy Is Marge Simpson?

What’s Marge Simpson’s Constitutional Remedy?

Mom, it’s time for the Quiz!!!!

Are you trying to say it’s August already?  I can’t believe we waited this long to do Marge!  We did Homer so long ago!

It’s actually been August for quite some time, Mom!  And yes, I am so excited about this month’s quiz!  But first, my announcements!  My high school friend, Bijan Welch, came to visit from Alaska!

What can I say?  This was really a month for high school reunions!  My friend from high school, Andrea Cohen, came all the way from California!

A fun time, despite the 100 degree heat!  But I have a rather unfortunate announcement to make.

Oh geez, we have to begin with tragedy?

The actors who played Bob, Gordon, and Luis were apparently fired from “Sesame Street”!

Get out!

From left to right, Bob (Bob McGrath), Gordon (Roscoe Orman) and Luis (Emilio Delgado)

They have been on the show for such a long time that it feels like they’ve always been there even though I don’t remember their debut appearances.

Wasn’t Gordon an original from 1969?  And Bob too?

I can’t remember.  Roscoe came as Gordon in 1974, I think, but there were three Gordons!

OK, now it’s getting too confusing!  Did I mention that I hurt my knee?

Mom, we’ll get to your announcements later, OK?  I’m too young to remember but I have always liked them.


OK, I have an update.  Gordon was there from the beginning; BUT, the original actor was not Roscoe Orman.  And may I just say, regarding your knee, you better take something for it because remember–the Beatles and the Rolling Stones movie’s in September!

The Rolling Stones again?????   Aaaaaaah!!!!!  I don’t know if I can possibly sit through another Rolling Stones concert!

I did read that Bob was in the original cast.  How can you just fire someone who’s been there since the beginning?

I sense that no one is listening to me…

It’s not right.  I’m glad that HBO has Classic episodes of Sesame Street.  Apparently certain segments have been cut for some reason (which is unfortunate) but it means we can see Bob, Gordon, and Luis whenever we want!  If I remember correctly they were also in a Sesame Street movie called “Follow that Bird.”  I never saw the whole thing and now I want to.  It’s about Big Bird, by the way, as you can tell from the title.

Thank goodness you’re here to explain these things!  And now, if you don’t mind, I think our readers would like to see Gordon, Luis and Bob performing on Sesame Street as soul singers, imitating The Floaters; and then later I want to see The Four Tops!

The Four Tops?  What do they have to do with Sesame Street?

They were on Sesame Street–numerous times!  They had that real cool song about looking both ways before you cross the street, I love it!!!!  Now go find it, OK?

But Mom….

Hurry up, I’m starting to get bored!!!!

OK, geez!  Is this what you mean?

Please be careful baby please be careful, can’t you see I’m on my knees…


Please be careful when you cross the street….

Mom!  It’s a kid’s song, OK?

This song is too good for kids!  It’s got “HIT” written all over it!

Here’s the other one you wanted.  It’s Bob, Gordon, and Luis with another character I don’t remember singing about the number 5.  Apparently this is a spoof of “Float On” by The Floaters.

I know, I know, I know; let’s see it!

I can’t believe they’re firing these guys!

Bob, Gordon and Luis have barely made an appearance on the show since I don’t know when.  Also apparently the producers are re-tooling the series, whatever that means, and I guess Bob, Roscoe, and Emilio don’t fit into their plans.

Then their plans must be stupid!

I read a post on the official Facebook page that seemed like it was making excuses for firing them.  All I can say is How dare they?

Indeed!  Hear, hear!

I haven’t seen the recent episodes and don’t really care to now after what happened.  I don’t think they do Ernie and Bert segments anymore and since Kermit is off with the Muppets at Disney, I don’t really see the point in watching Sesame Street anymore.

I hate to interrupt, but, did you know you’re 24 now?  And, P.S., Ernie and Bert aren’t real people.

I know that Mom!  They’re puppets, but I love them.  Anyway, for those who don’t know, Bob McGrath played a music teacher, Roscoe Orman played Gordon who was married to Susan, Emilio Delgado played Luis who worked in the fix-it-shop and he married Maria (the actress who played her retired last year.)

OK, I really have to bring the curtain down on this segment, as we have so much to talk about today, and…did I mention that I hurt my knee and can hardly walk?  Sympathy cards can be sent to: [email protected].

I always liked Roscoe the best out of all the Gordons. He just looks like a Gordon to me. Anyway, Gordon makes an appearance at the end of this video in which Cookie Monster tries to contact Santa Claus.

Oy vey!  Rick!!!!

You’re going to love it, I promise!

OK, that was pretty funny; now, can we move on?

I would like to close…

Thank God!

…this particular announcement by saying I read later on that since there was so much backlash over the firing of these beloved characters that it looks like the producers of Sesame Street are going to reconsider their insane decision in September, and that’s all I know.  However, we have to keep the pressure on!!!  Here’s a petition for everyone to sign; getting fired because of old age is a terrible thing!  It’s discrimination and we can’t tolerate it!

You go, girl!  Sign the petition, everybody!

And now for the Quiz!  Watch the following episode of The Simpsons called “Homer Alone” and then write to me at [email protected] and tell me what remedy Marge Simpson is!  I love this episode!  OK, I have to summarize it for those of you who can’t see the video.  Marge’s husband, Homer, is selfish and inconsiderate.  They have 3 kids and Homer doesn’t help Marge at all; in fact, you can see here that Marge is the typical American housewife with too many responsibilities, too many demands on her time, too much to do, trying to do it all perfectly, and never says no.  Despite all this, Marge never complains.  Not surprisingly, in the middle of the episode, Marge has a nervous breakdown when the baby spills a bottle of milk on her in the middle of traffic.  Well, you gotta love it!  Here are your instructions:

  1. Click on the link below (The Simpsons–“Homer Alone”).
  2. Click on “Close Advertisement” if you see an ad, otherwise…
  3. Click on the “play” button and
  4. Click on “Full Screen”

The Simpsons–“Homer Alone”

OK, so, Anne Sash just told me that she couldn’t see the video, and maybe it’s because the link is only good for the United States; so, she found an abbreviated version on youtube; so, I am posting this for those of you who tried clicking above and couldn’t get anything.  Thank you, Anne!

Mom, don’t forget: “See You In September” by The Happenings!

OMG!  Is it that time of year again?  I can’t believe it’s time to play “See You In September” again, yeesh, where did the last 12 months go?!

Bye-bye, so long, farewell!


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