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Whats Up, Diana Ross?

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We are once again about to benefit from another tragic event in Kelly’s life! This time it’s a friend, right Kelly? Would you care to tell us about it?

Thank you once again for the dubious honor of being asked to present yet another case for the hpathy quiz. Around 2pm last weekend…

Pardon me if I interrupt, but, 2 PM last weekend? Kelly, we homeopaths pride ourselves on being very precise!

I’m so sorry. Around 2:03 last weekend…

The DAY, Kelly!

How do I know what day it was!

Please continue….

….a friend of mine stopped by to visit. It was obvious she was uncomfortable so I asked, “What’s up ‘Mary’? It looks like your leg is bothering you.”

“Mary”?  That’s what you came up with, “Mary”?

What’s wrong with that?

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…. I know you’re new to homeopathy, but, part of presenting a good case has to do with choosing an appropriate fictitious name for the patient because you don’t want the listener to be distracted by any associations he or she might have with the name you choose.

Makes sense, I guess.

Now, you see, the name “Mary” can very easily be confused with Mary from the Bible, or Mary Wilson from The Supremes!

Ohhhh. I didn’t realize that!

That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional.

OK, so, let me start again. Around 2:03 last weekend, a friend of mine stopped by to visit. It was obvious she was uncomfortable so I said, “What’s up, ‘Diana’?”   How’s that?

Hmm……Diana…..Diana…..who does that remind me of…..Diana…..Diana…..nope, nothing!  OK, do continue!

“What’s up, ‘Diana’?” I said.  Rubbing her left outer thigh, she said, “Oh, I have sciatica and it’s really acting up the last couple days. I was up pacing the floor around 2:00 this morning!” (Meanwhile she’s up and down in the chair as we speak.) “It really hurt first thing this morning, but feels a little better right now.” (Elaine, could you stop humming, it’s really annoying!)

Was I humming?

Yes, you were humming!  So, later on I phoned to set up a time to exchange our children back to their respective homes and I asked how she felt. “Better, I’ve been sitting on the heating pad and stretching it out, it helps to rub it too.”

A little while later she showed up to pick up/drop off kids and said, “I feel so out of it and kinda foggy. I have this really bad headache.”

When I went to her house to retrieve yet another child, she was in the bathroom but didn’t know I had come in. She yelled down to her husband, “I’m in here again!”

I asked how she was doing and she said, “The headache is still pretty bad and it extends down my neck, in the back.” She still had the leg pain and was acting a bit “spacey.”

She took 3 doses of _______30c before bed and one the next morning. She said she slept really well and much of the pain was gone by morning. The next day she was almost completely pain free–another happy customer! Elaine? Elaine are you even listening?????

…how can Mary tell me what to do when she’s lost her love so true?

and Flo, she don’t know, that the boy she loves is a Romeo…


….I listened once to my friends’ advice but it’s not gonna happen twice

Cuz all advice ever got me was many long and sleepless nights


I got him back in my arms again, right by my side….

Elaine!!!!!!!!!  Stop singing!!!!!

I got him back in my arms again, so satisfied


Aaaah!  Dr. B….!!!!!


If you know the name of the remedy (or the name of the song and the artist) write to Elaine at [email protected] . The answer will be in the October issue.

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