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Today we are truly honored to welcome a rather unusual guest presenter…whose name I can’t remember.

Senora Maria Montalvo.

Ah, yes! Welcome to hpathy, Senora Montalvo; and you are from…


Barcelona! That’s right, I remember now, but you look so familiar!

Dollink, all of zee beautiful women from Spain look, how shall I say, familiar!

I’m sure they do, but, you know, it’s very unusual for us to have such an exotic guest here at hpathy; we did have someone from Norway once but, we haven’t seen her since that embarrassing moat mishap; but, if you’re as beautiful as you say you are, why are you covering your face with a veil?

Zee veil, it is an ancient Mediterranean tradeeeeeetion. (How’s my accent?)


Shhhh!!!!! I’m in disguise, I didn’t want anyone to follow me here!

Like who, Mister Montalvo?

Elaine, this is a very unusual case!

I’ll say it is!

In fact, it’s top secret! No one can know it’s about my daughter, no one can know it’s about soccer, and no one can know because the entire soccer team reads the ezine!

Oh!  You mean it’s like the Daily News of Little League Soccer?

Exactly! And the thing is, everything that’s wrong with “Baby Maria Montalvo”…

You named your daughter after you?

Yes, Maria Montalvo, Jr. Is there anything wrong with that?

No, it’s a beautiful name. Were you just saying something?

Yes, Top Secret!

What is top secret?

It’s the coach, Elaine.  Baby Maria is not happy with the coach!


She says he pushes her too hard, and tells her she’s lazy….

And you’re afraid that if this gets back to him, he’ll push her even harder!


Kelly, not to worry. Thanks to my crack team of editors, this whole conversation will be edited out of the ezine before it hits the stands!

What a relief!

In fact, we will so disguise your daughter that no one will have the slightest idea who or what this case is all about!

Well, I feel so much better now.

You see? All that worrying for nothing.

OK, here it goes! My 13 year old daughter, “Baby Maria Anita Sofia Jesusa Montalvo”…


has been completely out of control!

I hate it when that happens!

Here’s the scenario: Baby Maria is becoming increasingly nervous before games. She complains that her stomach “hurts”, is very snappish and irritable prior to the game, wrings her hands and is visibly nervous.

Her nervousness has started to effect the quality of her play. She’s slower to respond, hesitates and seems sluggish- even after warming up prior to the start of the game. Most of these physical symptoms improve after she becomes involved in the game and she usually plays well after a short while.

The worst symptom is that she has begun to be somewhat disrespectful to her coach. She’s headstrong to begin with but will now sometimes ignore the coach when given instruction from the sideline. She will engage in conversation to defend a “move” she made when criticized- which by the way, she cannot tolerate! The more he yells “run” the slower she walks! Also, she’s had several emotional “outbursts” on the field…

That would be, the “hockey” field, right?

Yes, Hockey, that’s the ticket!

You were saying?

She has emotional outbursts, screeching at other players to “help” her.
Things were getting worse quickly and I was actually thinking that this whole “hockey” thing was too much for my daughter not to mention her family!

Luckily, my homeopath…


…yes, vous, recommended ____________30C. I gave two doses before the next game and noticed that she was less nervous prior to the start of the game, played well and was a little less irritable with her coach. I felt very hopeful!

Several days later she had another game. Elaine suggested we go to a 200c, which I gave and saw some definite improvement in the pre game nervousness, disobedience and quality of play. I thought, “We are really on to something here!”

After this game a few strange things happened: my daughter became very concerned for her younger brother as we watched his game. It was a very physical game and she was worried he would get hurt. She burst into tears in the car on the way home saying, “I don’t know why I’m crying, mom!” and then several minutes later began playing “car games” with her brother for the remainder of the drive home! This was the first peaceful car trip in a long time! All of these things are very unusual for her. She has had a love/hate relationship with her brother and for the most part “tolerates” him. Hearing them play together (as they did when they were young) was amazing!

The next day I gave my daughter nothing before the game as she didn’t need it! She played hard, listened to her coach and had no outbursts on the field. She even commented that she felt “better and more calm.”

OK, if you know what the remedy is…

Elaine, I’m not finished!

You mean there’s a Part-2?

Yes! “Maria” came home from school recently really crabby, whiny, etc…. flippant and bratty too. I thought about giving the remedy again but there was no nervousness involved.

At practice she wasn’t very cooperative and said the coach was really “irritating” her. Later the entire team ran to an ice cream store (maybe 2 miles) and “Maria” was quietly very argumentative, as in, “No, i don’t wannnnnt that, i want this! Why can’t I have that?” Lots of eye rolling, etc.

I was at my limit with this behavior and told her to go to her room when we got home and stay there. I told her she was acting like a 3 year old. “You’re grounded with no TV,” I said. She had a little more homework but I said she’d have to finish it in the morning. Well this made her hysterical! Screaming, crying – the works!

She said she wanted “to die!” (this is new).

I gave her the same remedy, 200c.

She’d been so quiet in her room that I went in to check on her. She was asleep! I gave her a kiss; she woke up and said, “Mom, whatever you gave me worked! It calmed me down right away. I’m sorry.” She rolled over and went back to sleep.


One week later:

Here’s a storybook ending if there ever was one: Maria tried out for a better team; she competed against 44 girls for 16 open spots and she got one of them! This is the “A” team at another club! Hooray!

You’ve lifted the ban on TV, haven’t you?


If anyone knows the remedy, please write to me at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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