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“Wonder Brother-In-Law” Has The “Aussie Flu”!

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Remember “Wonder Woman”? Well, her brother-in-law has the flu! What’s his remedy? Try to solve the case!


Mom, last year the most wonderous thing happened.

This isn’t going to be stupid, is it?  OK, let me guess.  What could it be, what could it be….Hmm….  James Taylor?  Elton John?  The Brave Little Toaster?  The Muppets??????

Mom, you are completely wrong!  It’s The Rugrats!

Oh, the Rugrats!  (I was so close!)  Well, that’s different!  Never mind!

In May, Nickelodeon and Paramount teamed up to release official DVD’s of “The Rugrats” seasons 1 and 2.

You do realize this is the Hpathy Quiz, right?  People are reading this expecting to find a homeopathic case!

Hold on, Mom, I’m getting to that!  You see, before now, fans could only get these Rugrats episodes through Amazon’s CreateSpace service, which means they manufactured the old DVD’s and they probably weren’t as good as these new releases.

Shana, might I remind you that we just lost half our audience???!!!!

In fact, Amazon dropped the ball …

They’re not the only ones dropping the ball!

I mean they dropped the ball when they released seasons 2 and 9 by labeling it “Best Of” and didn’t put all the episodes in!

That is tragic.  And you want to know what else is tragic?  We just lost the other half of our audience!!!!!

They fixed it later but still Amazon lost points with a lot of people for that.

Unfortunately, none of those people read the Hpathy Ezine!

Anyway, on February 6th Nickelodeon/Paramount put out official copies of seasons 3 and 4.

Shana, at this point we’re talking to ourselves–again, as usual!–which means there’s no one here to read our very important Death Report this month!

Mom, we’re getting to the Death Report, don’t worry.  What this translates to is, we should get these official DVD’s (for a reasonable price of course) so Nickelodeon will see that nostalgia sells and maybe finally figure out that people want more official releases of their shows.

So wait a minute; we’re supposed to buy a Rugrats DVD to send a message to Nickelodeon?

Actually, it’s more than one DVD, Mom.

This is starting to sound expensive!

I’m still waiting on “Drake and Josh”.  But yeah, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network should take a page out of Nickelodeon/Paramount’s playbook.

And crumple it up into a nice round ball and throw it up in the air!

So, I don’t even know why I’m bringing this up…

Neither does anyone else!

…because its so sad, but you know how I’ve said over and over again what a sin it was that Glenn Frey died?

Is this another update on Glenn Frey’s death?

Well, his wife is suing the hospital for wrongful death.

Oh good.  Have we stopped talking about The Rugrats now?

She is accusing a physician of negligence and failing to properly treat and diagnose her husband.

So in other words, just another day in an American hospital!

I guess I’m mentioning it because, well, it only proves my point.

Would that you had one!

So all I’m saying is, good for Cindy Frey!

Hear, hear!

Also Elton John …

I knew it!  I knew we’d get to him sooner or later!

…has announced his farewell tour.  Apparently he wants to retire to spend more time with his husband and kids.

No one cares, Shana!

But I’ll be sad to see him go even though he deserves to retire.  (This tour is apparently going to last three years and ends in 2021).

Three years????  That’s not a retirement, that’s a new career!

Anyway, he’s calling it the “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, which I think is a clever name.

It should more aptly be called “The Tour That Never Ends”!

He will be performing at the Wells Fargo Center in September.  It’s a shame how it’s during the school year but how often do you get to see Elton John perform?

Apparently every day for the next 3 years!

I mean, he is a great piano player.  I gotta see the show, since I’ve never seen him and this is my one chance.

Oy vey!

Also Reginald Dwight (his real name) should fire the person who misspelled Australia on the tour schedule.

I’m sure Wayne agrees with you.

Anyway, here is Elton John on the Muppet Show…

The Muppet Show???????  I knew it, I knew it!!!!

…singing the tour’s namesake, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” (yes I know, he looked kind of silly in the 70s.)

He looks even sillier now in that hair piece!

Now, can we possibly move on to The Death Report?  I told you it was very important!  And tragic!

The last original lead singer of The Temptations, Dennis Edwards, died!

You know, Mom, one of Dennis’ songs appeared in an episode of the X-Files!  “Don’t Look Any Further”.

OK, I won’t.

That’s the name of the song!  Click below:

Dennis Edwards on Soul Train

And Mom, there’s one more death.  The actor who played Marty Crane, Frasier’s dad, on “Frasier”, John Mahoney, died.  Here’s a brief clip.  Frasier is all upset because he bought a painting that turned out to be just a copy of the original.  He says to his father, played by John Mahoney, “I’m calling the police!”  Then he asks his father, who’s an ex-cop, “Who do I ask for?”  His father says, “The Fine Arts Forgery Department”.  Frasier, on the phone, says, “The Fine Arts Forgery Department, please.”  His dad starts laughing and Frasier realizes there’s no such department!

Anyway, rest in peace, John Mahoney.

Who’s in the quiz this month?

Remember “Wonder Woman”?

Wasn’t she attacked by chick peas on New Years Eve?

Good memory, Shana!  Well, her brother-in-law has the flu–he’s had it for 12 days!  See case below:




Re: Acute Case – Wonder Brother-In-Law

Tue, Jan 30, 2018 9:45 pm

Elaine Lewis ([email protected])To:you (Bcc) + 2 more Details


—–Original Message—–

From: Wonder Sister-In-Law <****[email protected]>

To: Elaine Lewis <[email protected]>

Cc: di… <[email protected]>

Sent: Tue, Jan 30, 2018 7:17 pm

Subject: Acute Case – Wonder Brother-In-Law


Dear Doc,

Hope you are doing good.

Yes, I’m pretty good and finished dinner and the dishes and ready to get back to work!

I would like to open an acute case for my husband who has been suffering from flu for the last 12 days.

Egads!  12 days of the flu?  And it ain’t over yet?  I had it for about 4 days, just got over it a week ago.  Shana had it for only one day.

Please see the form below and the payment has already been paid to your paypal account.  Please check.

Yes, I got it, thank you.  Next time someone gets sick, please let me know before 12 days have gone by?

Hope to hear from you soon!

OK, scroll down for follow-up questions.


Name: Wonder Brother-In-Law


Age: 37

Male or Female: Male

Weight: 76kilos

Height: 5ft 9 inches

Email Address: ****[email protected]

  1. Describe the complaint:

Wonder Brother-In-Law has developed flu and has been suffering from it since Friday, 19th January 2018.  He has tried some home remedies, homeopathy (gelsemium 200 & 1m) and has also consulted the allopathic doctors here.  They gave it the name of Aussie flu and said that it could take 2-3 weeks to get better.  They also mentioned that there are no antibiotics to cure the flu but they prescribed a few medicines that could help him in relieving congestion.

And one of them is an antibiotic!  Doxycycline!  Geez!  This won’t help you, but, here it is!

The list of the medicines is as below:

–       Co-codomol Effervescent Tablets 8/500mg (contains Paracetamol 500 mg & codeine phosphate 8mg) –  thrice daily

They gave him narcotics???  Tylenol with Codeine?  Three times a day?  Give me a break!

–       Doxycycline capsules 100 mg – once daily

–       Sudafed Decongestant liquid – thrice daily

He has been taking these medicines since yesterday (29th Jan 2018).

The symptoms of the complaint keep varying as the day progresses.

Keep in mind that drugs can alter the appearance of the illness and I need to know his condition before he started drug “therapy”.

The below is the list of symptoms that he has been having on and off across the whole duration:

–       Headache from time to time in the forehead (eyebrows to upper forehead)

–       Temperature upto 39F

–       Barking Cough with greenish- yellow/reddish phlegm. Possibly red due to blood.

–       Sneezes with greenish- yellow/Red phlegm. Possibly red due to blood.

–       Difficulty in breathing easily due to congestion

–       Vomiting sensation at times

–       Feeling bloated and belching at times

–       Muscular body pain particularly in back

–       Shivering at times

–       Not feeling very thirsty

–       Feels better inside in warmth. Cold air makes him worse

–       Feels better during shower. Shivering at times after shower.

–       Feels like lying down.


  1. Etiology–

It started on Friday 19th Feb in the evening when he came home and mentioned that he wasn’t feeling too good. He slept well and was looking better the next morning. He then went for his Body Pump class ( high intensity 30 min exercise which he is irregular on) and we immediately dressed up to go to a birthday party for a little boy who is the son of our family friends. The drive was long and there was heavy traffic on the road (both ways – going and return). He drove all the way and since it was a splash party for kids to be in the pool, he accompanied our son inside the pool. They both had a lovely time. He looked ok in the party hall too. It’s only in the drive that he started complaining of body aches and the fact that he was feeling feverish. We came home and all of us were tired and so we all slept over immediately after having dinner.

Sunday was also sluggish. He took Gelsemium 200C  3 times on Sunday in an interval of 3 hours. He went to work on Monday and was pulling himself at work. He came home really tired and he took Gelsemium 200C and slept off. On Tuesday, he woke up early morning with high temperature and took Gelsemium 200C again.

He then checked his symptoms online and felt they were matching better to Bryonia.

After three hours, he took Bryonia 200C. Since the symptoms started resembling Gelsemium again, he took that after 1 hour and repeated the doses quite frequently. By mid-day, he developed a severe frontal headache.

Looks like an over-dose.  I’ve noticed a tendency in your family to go over-board with the 200C’s.  You really only need to take a 200C once.  And if there’s no improvement, it is most likely the wrong remedy.  If you take a 200C, get an improvement, and then the improvement starts to go away, you are justified in redosing after succussing your remedy bottle five times.  Do you think the aggravation is gone now?

After discussing with Wonder Woman, we thought that he had been aggravated

Wonder Woman is right, as usual!

and so we did the aggravation zapper in the night which improved headache drastically.

Alright!  Now that’s more like it!

However, next morning old symptoms started appearing

When you say “old symptoms”, do you mean symptoms of the aggravation?  Because if so, you only needed to repeat the aggravation zapper.  So let’s say you did the agg. zapper in the 12th cup.  You would simply stir the 12th cup with a straw or plastic spoon and take another sip.

with a strong complaint of pain in the eye. After consulting Wonder Woman, I gave him Cocculs 200C which did not help.

I’m not sure why Wonder Woman picked Cocculus.

He moved to allopathy later that day which gave a little relief. He continued allopathy (over the counter medication) until yesterday, 29th Jan. He visited the doc yesterday morning and got the prescription as described above.

Is that pain in the eye still there?

Today, he also took Gelsemium 1m hoping that it would solve the whole case but the backache started reappearing. Consequently, we quickly did a zapper (12th and 24th cup) to relive aggravation. With the allopathic medicine, now he is getting very bloated and belching.

Going with Gels. 1M was definitely a bad idea since he may have been aggravating on it already but, did the zapper work?  And are you saying allopathic drugs are making him bloated and belching?  Definitely stop the drugs.  Oy vey!

  1. Sensation–

A constant heaviness on the whole head. Bloating

But that’s from a drug, right?  Probably the antibiotic which the doctor even said wouldn’t work!  I can’t use symptoms that drugs are causing.

– tummy feels very full in spite of not eating much. Muscular pain in the spine as if its due to the cold weather.

  1. Appearance– anything remarkable about how you look?

Droopy eyes, in the morning he feels his throat is full of phlegm deposit and he feels like clearing it straight away by salt water gargles. Throat feels sluggish. Throat is painful with swallows.

  1. Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

It’s throughout the body!

  1. Modalities–

Worse cold air but better for fresh outside air.  Better warmth.

Better due to:

– Back and chest massage

– Refreshing drinks like fresh orange juice or lemon water

– Warm showers

– Outside when it not very cold winds

Worst due to:

– Noise

– Motion or day to day activities

– cold winds

  1. Concomitants

Described above. He is constipated as well from the last couple of days.

Probably from the drugs he’s on, which he should stop immediately!

  1. Discharges–

Described above.

  1. Generals–

– I’m irritated.

– I’m sluggish

  1. The mentals:


  1. What have you been saying?  For instance: “I’m fine, leave me alone.” “Don’t leave!” “I wanna go home!” “I want ice”, “I want quiet!”, ”Turn that music off!”, “I need help!” “I don’t need any help, OK?” etc.

A- “ I want quiet!  I want to nap!”

  1. What are you doing?  For example, tossing and turning, pacing, fidgeting, moaning and groaning, calling people on the phone for support, just lying down and not caring about anything, keeping busy, putting off what has to be done, etc.

– moaning

– pacing

– Tossing and turning

– calling people for support

  1. Describe your thirst and appetite–

A- Not thirsty. Able to have cold or warm drinks in sips.

Food – Fresh orange juice/ watermelons/ cucumber etc.

  1. Fever?

– Fever comes and goes. Generally comes in the night with perspiration. Worse in warm rooms and in the night between midnight – 4pm.

  1. Sweating?

– Entire body sweats in the night at onset of fever.

  1. Odors?

bad odour in the mouth in mornings.

  1. What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?


  1. Is there a diagnosis? 

the doctor says its Aussie flu

  1. Describe your energy–

drowsy, dull, quiet, dopey

He’s not really “quiet” if he’s tossing and turning and moaning.

  1. What does your tongue look like? (color/coating/pattern, crack/s, shape, etc.)

white heavy coating in the middle with deep dark pink line in between.

  1. If you have a cough, please tell what it sounds like

It’s a barking cough with phlegm.

  1. If you haven’t already said if you’re hotter or colder than usual…

Described above.

He’s cold, right?  OK.  I repertorized the information you’ve given me, and the remedy comes out to be ______________ with ___________ in second place.  Give a dose of _______________200C and tell me what happens.  But do answer the questions above in case ___________ turns out to be the wrong remedy.


Hello doc,

It’s me, Wonder Brother-In-Law.  Thanks for the remedy. It has helped quite a lot and I have felt relief since this morning. I took dry pellets at 4.40am of _____________ 30C (as i could not find 200 and my wife was in deep sleep) and the muscle pain across the spine that was catching up got immediate relief! Then at about 6.40 am my wife gave me wet remedy of _____________ 200C and I slept for 1.5 hrs after taking it. I have just woken up and am much better. i still have a mild sensation across the spine. The cough has reduced, headache is milder too.


OK, everybody, what do you think the remedy is?  Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what you think.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.


Going out, Shana has requested “I Wonder Who She’s Seeing Now?” by the Temptations, featuring Dennis Edwards on lead.  Good-bye Dennis, we love you!

See you next time!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: 

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