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Appendicitis – Homeopathic Remedies

Appendicitis Complicated with Abscess In a 9 Year Old Boy with Achondroplasia
Written by Kulwant Singh

A description of the main remedies for Appendicitis and their indications. Slide down the side bar on the right to view the presentation.

About the author

Kulwant Singh

Dr. Kulwant Singh is Dean-Faculty of Homoeopathy, Vinoba Bhave University. Principal- S H Medical college and Hospital, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India


  • sorry but this article didn’t download to my computer. I have had difficulties with articles in this form before.

  • Try now! Sometimes it doesn’t work with a particular browser, especially if you ar elogged into your google a/c. If you are having problem in seeing the ppt, please switch the browser.

  • Useful and nice article. The presentation along with pictures is good for learning and teaching Appendicitis.
    The auther is requested to give in future the articles on Digestive troubles along with their pictorial representation, like Hiatus hernia, Ulcerative colitis, Pancreatitis, Ca Sigmoid colon, Peptic ulceration etc. etc.

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