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Homeopathic remedies and homeopathy treatment for cellulites.

Cellulitis is a spreading subcutaneous inflammation caused by hemolytic streptococcus. Streptococci produce hyaluronidase and streptokinase. Net result is that the inflammatory exudate spreads in the subcutaneous and fascial planes resulting in gross swelling of the affected part.

Source of infection

  • Injuries – it can be minor or major injury
  • Graze or scratch – can produce such condition
  • Snake bite, scorpion bite etc.

Precipitating factor

  • Diabetes
  • Low resistance of an individual

Common sites of infection

  • Lower limb
  • Face
  • Scortum

Clinical features and symptoms of Cellulitis

  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Diffuse swelling
  • Shiny skin
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Toxaemia
  • Suppuration, sloughing and gangrene can occur

Complication of Cellulitis

  • Cellulitis can turn in to abscess which needs to be drained
  • Toxaemia and septicemia
  • Ketoacidosis in diabetic patients
  • Necrotizing fascitis

Treatment of Cellulitis

General instructions – Proper hygiene should be maintained, bed rest with legs elevated. This reduces oedema of legs

Homeopathic treatment for Cellulitis – Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat Cellulitis but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.As far as therapeutic medication is concerned; several well-proved medicines are available for Cellulitis treatment that can be selected on the basis of cause, location, sensation, modalities and extension of the Cellulitis. For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. Remedies that may help include: Belladonna, Rhus tox, Sulphur, Natrum mur, Agaricus, Calcarea carb, Lachesis etc.

Allopathic treatment – mainly done by antibiotics, anti snake venom, insulin in diabetes etc

Other natural and alternative treatments – it include Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Yoga therapy etc.


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