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Cold Sores – Keynotes of Often Indicated Remedies

Homeopath Avghi Constantinides shares keynotes of often indicated remedies for cold sores. Natrum mur, Sepia, Apis, Merc Rhus, Ranunculus and Mezereum are discussed.

A patient called and stated that she had a cold sore on her lip. She said that she is very stressed out at work, and she feels embarrassed by the blisters and wants to hide and not go into work.  Can you guess which remedy I gave her from the list below? (Nat-m)

Cold sores originate from the herpes virus which includes chicken pox. It can often lay dormant in the body, stress and or lack of sleep can wake up the virus.  Sometimes certain foods can play a part in awaking the virus. Food to avoid are; salt, nuts, seeds, grains, spicy, dairy and chocolate.

Here are a few suggestions of homeopathic remedies that can help with the outbreaks.

Natrum muriaticum is a wonderful remedy for cold sores (Homeopathy for Cold Sores). The cold sore best treated with Natrum muriaticum often starts from stress, being in the sun too long or too much salt. Generally found on the lips or around the mouth, their personality often holds things in, like their feelings, anger and even tears. They are a more reserved person. Typically, they are very thirsty.

Mercurius solublis: Burning eruptions mostly on the lips and abdomen, tends to be on the right side. They are worse when touching the eruptions with a burning sensation.  The skin can be eroded, very itchy and sensitive to temperatures. Their personality is very mercurial changing their minds and moods often, and their physical state is also changeable with restlessness and a need to move around often.

Rhus toxicodendron: Cold sores around mouth, corners of mouth and neck. The eruptions are very painful, with burning and neuralgic pains. The eruptions are itchy, made better by applying a hot compress.  The eruption will often ooze a clear liquid and then it will crust over.  There is an overall restlessness with the pain, constant need for physical movement. Mentally they have brain fog, very forgetful. They can be anxious which is worse at twilight, and they dwell on the past.

Sepia: Outbreaks can be associated with a menstrual cycle and or periodic outbreaks.  Worse in winter time and cold weather.  This remedy is better with outbreaks on the lower extremities.  The outbreaks often happen when you feel worn down and overwhelmed.

Apis mellifica: Redness and swelling of the area, with a burning sensation and stinging pains. They feel better by applying a cold application directly on the affected area. Outbreaks are often on the face and mostly on the left side.

Arsenicum album: The outbreak will itch, burn and be swollen. Great remedy if you have already tried a prescription medication and suppressed the eruption and it reappears in the same spot.  Right sided remedy with burning pains made better with a warm application. Outbreaks can often be on the neck or on torso.   The outbreak can bring up lots of anxiety, they worry about the outbreak and other health issues.

Ranunculus Bulbosus: Too many stimulants like alcohol, coffee, chocolate and rich or spicy foods can cause the outbreaks. Herpetic eruptions are on the chest and sides of torso, mostly on the left side. Pains are stinging with intense itching, made worse from wet weather and motion. The eruptions appear purple or dark blue in color filled with liquid, and as they heal look hard and crusty. This remedy is also good for Shingles. The outbreaks make they very moody, quarrelsome and angry.

Mezereum: Very painful neuralgic pains that come and go, then leave with a numbing sensation and with severe itching. Worse with heat and from the warmth of a bed. Eruptions are on the face, lips and gums. After itching there is oozing thick moisture, that form into crusts. This is also a great remedy for Shingles. They feel a dullness in their thinking and become forgetful, they also have an uneasiness in the pit of their stomach.

Dosing: With stronger pains, you can start with a 200c and take a split dose of PM, AM, PM then switch to a 12c daily. Or you can start with a 30c 2-3 times a day for 3 days. Most of the time this will help with the outbreaks and pain. But if the pain and outbreaks persist please contact your homeopath for further instruction.

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