Homeopathic medicine for Eyes Diseases

Sulphur – This remedy will be found especially useful in conjunctivitis from a foreign body, after Aconite or Ferrum phosphoricum; in scrofulous inflammation of the eyes, with tendency to congestion; the eyes are red and injected and there are splinter-like pains in them, worse in hot weather; it suits old chronic cases. Keratitis sub-acute conjunctivitis, particularly scrofulous cases with acrid discharge, hot tears flow out on opening eyes, also Rhus toxicodendron. Calcarea carbonica.

Out best remedy for scrofulous ophthalmias, corresponding to the worst cases; no remedy excels it in opacities and ulcerations of the cornea; the general symptoms will indicate the remedy. Discharge bland, cornea opaque and lids thickened. Conjunctivitis form getting wet, here resembling Rhus toxicodendron.The eyes are so sensitive to the light that patient insists on thick covering, and lachrymation is constant. There are phlyctenules and pustules on the cornea and the lids are glued together. Fistula lachrymalis. Its effects are speedy and permanent in the characteristic Calcarea child.

Hepar sulphur has red, thick margins of lids with little points of pus appearing at the roots of the cilia; excessive soreness and sensitiveness of the lids is an indicating symptom. Vilas states that it will cure more cases of keratitis than any other remedy. It is invaluable in the suppurative form.

It speedily absorbs hypopyon, and abscesses of the cornea require no other remedy. It has been called ” the king of remedies in ulceration of the cornea.” Acute symptoms, severe pains, worse by cold touch and bright light, hypopyon. The ulcers of Silicea are sluggish. Boyle prefers Ipecac to Conium in phylctenular keratitis in children with redness, photophobia and lachrymation.

After Operations on the Eyes.
Aconite. Principal remedy. Ignatia. Violent pains in temples. Rhus tox. Pains shooting into head. Bryonia. Pains in head accompanied by vomiting. Asarum. Jerking pains with vomiting and diarrhea. Crocus. Hammering and jerking in eye. Thuja. Stinging pains in temples. Senega. Promotes the absorption of lens debris. Strontium. Objects appear as if tinged with blood.

The above information about homeopathy treatment of eye diseases is only for information purpose. Please consult a professional homeopath before taking any homeopathic medicine for eye diseases. 

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  • This is a valuable information for all the homeopathy doctor. Here is mentioned that it required to find out the right selection of the medicine of the specific diseases. Would you like to tell me remedies of myopia. Thanks a lot.

  • I under went cataract surgery in both eyes. My eyes were highly myopic. After surgery my vision has not improved -the distant vision is 6/9 and with reading glasses the near vision is also blurred. Eye surgeon said I am suffering from Lazy eye problem known as Ambloypia in which the the brain can not recognize the clear image. I am of 53 yrs of age and facing great difficulty in reading and doing official works.

    Kindly suggest any homoeopathic remedy for lazy eye treatment available. If so whom to contact.
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