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Homeopathy for Spermatorrhoea, Involuntary loss of semen

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

The meaning of Spermatorrhea is the flow of semen with urine. In some cases, semen passes either while passing urine or while passing stool when straining due to constipation. The condition is really a symptom and not a disease; it does not in itself precipitate in to a disease demanding treatment.

The meaning of Spermatorrhea is the flow of se-men with urine. In such cases, se-men passes either while passing urine or while passing stool when straining due to constipation. In few cases, the se-men passes even before urination or also mixed with urine. In Spermatorrhea, the se-men is secreted from testicles. It has also been noticed that some time instead of semen, secretion is passed from the prostate, which is known as prostatorrhea. The secretion from the prostate is milky without Spermatozoa while on the other hand in semen, spermatozoa are present.

This can be checked by the help of microscope. Over and above, sometimes the secretions take place from vesicles or Cowper’s glands. The secretion of vesicles is yellow in color and that of Cowper’s glands is colorless like water.

However, if prostatorrhea is not checked may cause Spermatorrhea. Therefore, this ailment should not be ignored at all and should be treated as soon as possible since it disturbs the whole nervous system and may cause impotency.

Symptoms of Spermatorrhea

Observed symptoms are many and visible; it includes weakness of sight, dizziness, high heart bit rate and dyspepsia. Also back pain, fatigue, incapability of mental effort and sometimes chest tremors are detected. While this list is this long, often most of it relapses on their own meaning it is all mild and temporary. It becomes psychological though and depression is the perfect choice because the victim is simply shunning away from everybody like as if everybody knows his problem.

The condition is really a symptom and not a disease; it does not in itself precipitate in to a disease demanding treatment. It emanates from the gonads though but it ends up being a weak nervous system requiring attention.

Homeopathic medicines for Spermatorrhea

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.homeopathic medicine for Spermatorrhea This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat Spermatorrhea but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat Spermatorrhea that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the complaints.  For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. There are following remedies which are helpful in the treatment of Spermatorrhea:

Agnus castus – loss of both sexual desire and erection with coldness of the sexual organs; sometimes scanty emission without ej-aculation and sometimes great loss of se-men during sleep with lack of courage; nervous depression and mental weakness. Sexual melancholy with pains; organ cold and relaxed with physical weakness.

Picric acid – Spermatorrhea  with great sexual desire followed by prostration; involuntary seminal emission during sleep without sensual dreams followed by great weakness.

Phosphoric acid – remarkable remedy for Spermatorrhea associated with general irritability, distressed and anxious with burning in the spine, penis has no power of erection, along with all this, the scrotum and testicles are flabby.

Selenium – more suitable for seminal emissions, voluntary or involuntary, associated with an increased desire and decreased ability; sexual thoughts accompanied by dribbling of se-men during sleep and loss of sexual power; on attempting coition, the penis becomes relaxed with the feeling of sexual neurasthenia.

Staphysagria – is the remedy for the bad effects of masturbation where there is great emaciationstaphysagria homeopathy medicine for Spermatorrhea with dark rings under the eyes, sallow face, peevishness and shyness. The patient is hypochondriacal and permits the mind to dwell too long on sexual subjects; the boy becomes apathetic and gloomy, he has the sunken face and he becomes uneasy about the state of his health.

There may also be irritability of the prostatic portion of the urethra.

Conium – this remedy, on account of its mental conditions, is of a great utility in the treatment of sexual excess. Spermatorrhea from long lasting abuse of genital organs, face pale and sunken, with blue rings around the eyes; dread of company, yet does not want to be alone.

Sulphur – there is frequent involuntary emission of se-men at night without any erection of the penis. The seminal flow is thin and watery.

Useful when the patient feels weakness, suffers from gastric ailments and the genital organs relaxed, the penis is cold, the erections are few; lasting a short while. In coitus, the se-men escapes too soon, almost at the first contact.

Cantharis – seminal emission at night, followed by a disagreeable burning heat all over body, great anxiety, heaviness, inability to sleep for the rest of the night; nightly emissions followed by shivering lasting for an hour or two and sleeplessness for that night; partial blindness for an self to work and thus life becomes a burden; violent painful priapism, discharge of blood instead of semen.

Cina Officinalis – more suitable for the acute effects, such as emissions on three or four consecutive nights weakening the patient greatly. Spermatorrhea with excited, lascivious and fancy dreams at night associated with debility from exhausting discharge.

Calcaria Carb – bad effects of early masturbation; night sweats follow every emission, or, after marriage, every coitus is followed by weakness of mind and body; increased sexual desire provokes emission, but unusual weakness follows indulgence, and ejaculations is tardy; burning and stinging while se-men discharges during coition; pressing pain in head and back; lassitude and weakness in lower extremities; sweats easily.

Nux Vomica – for the bad effects of early masturbation; it should ne give when the patient suffers from headache, frequent involuntary emissions at night, especially toward morning, and the digestive organs are weak. There is an irritable condition from sexual excess, erections taking place, but they are not under the control of the mind and may subside at any time during an embrace; this is a common complaint of city man who have been high lives and drinkers all their lives.

Caladium – here, after masturbation, the penis is as flabby as a rag, the prepuce when withdrawn Caladium-Seguinum homeopathic medicine for Spermatorrheabehind the glans does not have sufficient contractility to replace itself. Nocturnal emission occurs with or without dreams. It is indicated in the advanced stages when there are no erections. Emissions occurring without any sexual excitement whatever is a good indication for caladium. Feeling of coldness and cold perspiration about the genitals is also a useful symptom for the remedy.

ZincumThis remedy corresponds to long-lasting abuse of the genital organs, with great hypochondriasis. The patient has a pale sunken face with blue rings about the eyes, and there is with this drug great local local irritation, the testicles being drawn up against the external ring. Aurum may be useful when despondency predominates.

LycopodiumLycopodium is the remedy for cases which have gone on to complete impotency; the erections are absent or imperfect and the genital organs are cold and shrivelled. Exhausting pollutions (Nocturnal Emissions or Wet Dreams) (Homeopathy for Wet Dreams) in men without erections. Lilienthal termed Lycopodium “the old man’s balm.” It corresponds especially to the impotency of old age where there is great despondency. Kobalt has backache following seminal emissions. Sarsaparilla has nocturnal erections with lascivious dreams, followed by pain in the back down to the spermatic cords; prostration, the least excitement causing ej-aculation without sexual feeling.

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    • Hi, have you take treatment before? What is current position? Its necessary to take complete information about case, then treatment could start.
      Dr.Mohsin Rana.

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  • I have thru. the cholysistictomy removal of hall bladder. And was on anti anxiety medicine SSNRI and bupropion & venlafaxin. For the surgery purpose all of these medicines stopped. After 4 days of sergery I began to ejaculate painfully during stool passing and urination generally at the end .I had having very burning pains during urination. I started feeling very high sexual drive.oWhenever the woman who used to came for sweeping I was getting highly aroused. When it came to masturbation very painful ejaculation was there with the thought why I deed it. I am widowed and not in any sexual relationship. During marital period too I had remained sexually deprived. Before the operative I was passing thru. the mood of very high sexual desire and very desperate for that and was very frustrated of being sex deprived having been of the age 37 yrs. After this experience I rushed to the surgeon who did the segery.First he said it is not a problem. But when I pressed him it can b the problem he prescribed Leofloxacine 500 mg bd x 5 day.And told to do some excerciseses like during urinating holding it &releasing it.Secondly too contract anus & rectum and third taking pillows between the legs and compress & release cycle.I did first two exercises & not third.Even because of some emotional turmoil I haven’t taken levofloxacine except two tablets .After four days i called the Dr. and told about dose missing so that new antibiotic can b started but he told me to just complete remaining dose so i did.But haven’t came out of the problem. During the time just after sergery semen was also coming out after urination. But after some time it stopped but during stool passing it remained same.Today it again started coming out at the end of urination with mild pain in urethra and moderate pain in back and foot too and started feeling sick.I am suffering from anxiety disorder without being fearful but doctor’s described symptoms of anxiety due to the drift in autonomous nervous system which has become hypersensitive .I am also suffering from type two diabetics with fribo myelgia. When does masturbation getting ejaculated very quickly.

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