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Homeopathy for Vomiting

Written by Dr. Manisha Bhatia

Vomiting is usually an indication that there is something amiss. If vomiting relieves pain, it may indicate the presence of gastric ulcers, cancer, or dyspepsia. Cramp like abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting is a sign of colic. Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine.

Vomiting is usually an indication that there is something amiss. Most individuals vomit occasionally due to overeating, indigestion or taking too much alcohol. However, if the patient vomiting frequently or regularly or frequently, the situation should be investigated.

Following outcomes should be noted in case of vomiting

  • The quantity, reaction, color and consistency of the vomitus.
  • The presence of mucus, blood, bile, worms, or undigested food in the vomitus.
  • Check whether the vomitus is of a specific type.
  • Check the time of vomiting in relation to food and medicine.
  • Ascertain whether vomiting was accompanied by pain or relieved by pain. If vomiting relieves pain, it may indicate the presence of gastric ulcers, cancer, or dyspepsia. Cramp like abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting is a sign of colic.
  • Note the frequency and duration of vomiting.
  • Also evaluate the patient for the presence of the consequences of vomiting such as dehydration and other consequences.

Causes of vomiting

Vomiting can be initiated by afferent input to the vomiting center from a number of receptor throughout the body. The causes of vomiting include the following:

  • Tactile (touch) stimulation of the back of the throat, which is one of the most potent stimuli. For example, sticking a finger in the back of the throat or even presence of a tongue depressor or dental instrument in the back of the mouth is enough stimulation to cause gagging and even vomiting in some people.
  • Irritation or distension of the stomach and duodenum.
  • Elevated intracranial pressure, such as that caused by cerebral hemorrhage. Thus, vomiting after a head injury is considered a bad sign; it suggests swelling or bleeding within the cranial cavity.
  • Rotation or acceleration of the head producing dizziness, such as in motion sickness.
  • Chemical agents, including drugs or noxious substances that initiate vomiting either by acting in the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract or by stimulating chemoreceptor in a specialized chemoreceptor triggering zone next to the vomiting center in the brain. Activation of this zone triggers the vomiting reflex.
  • Psychogenic vomiting induced by emotional factors, including those accompanying nauseating sights and odors and anxiety before taking an examination or in other stressful situations.

Homeopathic treatment for vomiting

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.homeopathic medicine for vomiting This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat vomiting but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat vomiting that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the complaints.  For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. There are following remedies which are helpful in the treatment of vomiting:


Vomiting of lumbrici, of bile, of green masses with similar diarrhoea of bloody mucus, with anxiety, heat, thirst, profuse sweat and increased micturition, gastric region sore to touch.


Sudden violent vomiting of a frothy white substance, of yellow fluid, followed by curdled milk and cheesy matter, the milk is forcibly ejected soon after taken, then weakness and drowsiness, vomiting spells at the height of the headache, regurgitation of food about an hour after eating, or painful contraction of stomach which prevents vomiting breath short, interrupted by hiccough.


Gastric catarrh, vomiting of mucus and bile renewed by food and drink, nausea and vomiting after getting overheated after deranging stomach, with vertigo.


Nausea and vomiting with faintness and hot sweat on face; thirst for frequent sips of water, antimonium tart homeopathic medicine for vomitingfrequent retching with eructations tasting of food, bitter and acid; vomiting of large quantities of tenacious mucus of bilious masses with great violence, of bloody mucus, in any position, except lying on right side, with headache and trembling of hands, followed by languor, drowsiness, loathing, desire for cool things.


Vomiting in morbus Brightii and gastric catarrhs, of bile, ingesta and slime, extreme pain and tenderness in gastric region and upper abdomen.


Vomiting of cerebral origin, seasickness, profuse and sudden vomiting with hardly any nausea or none at all.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

with headache, not abating after vomiting; incessant vomiting of food, with a smooth dry tongue; flatulence dyspepsia.


Thirst for cold water and cold substances, which are vomited immediately;very weak and exhausted after vomiting; burning pains red tongue and frequent pulse; sour, acrid vomiting, black vomit; vomits at night what she has taken during day.


Nausea with eructations, followed by painful vomiting; feeling as if it would be relief to vomit.


Empty retching with unsuccessful inclination to vomit; spasmodic vomiting of mucus and bile or undigested food; cerebral vomiting.


Vomiting of all fluids as soon as taken, with burning and cardialgic pains; vomiting and purging orbismuth homeopathy medicine for vomiting vomiting alone, with great prostration, warm surface, white tongue, flatulency and cadaverous- smelling stools, desires company. Vomits at intervals of days enormous quantities when food has filled the carcinomatous stomach, with burning, cardialgic pains.


Vomiting of solid food, not of drink; first of bile, then of food; of bitter substances, of yellow-green mucus; wants to keep still, the least motion, sitting up, moving about, even the motion of hand, aggravates nausea or provokes vomiting, all food is ejected at once.


BLACK VOMIT; nausea, saltish, rancid belching, cold sweat on face; burning, cutting in stomach; griping in lower part of bowels; offensive, bloody, chocolate-colored stools.


Vomiting of mucus and bile announces the remission of migraine, sour vomiting during dentition, nausea follows vomiting of what has been eaten.


Nervous, spasmodic vomiting, sensation as if cold water were in stomach; accumulation of mucus and acids in stomach,


Cancer of stomach, chronic vomiting, sarcinae in vomit, vomiting of drunkards of everything taken in to stomach, often with great restlessness; nervous vomiting.


Chronic vomiting several times in connection with splenic affections, uterine troubles and leucorrhoea; chilliness.


Very violent attacks of nausea and retching before vomiting of very dark-green, ropy and bitter bile with a single gush, followed by cold sweat on forehead and extreme weakness.


Motion of vessel or carriage aggravates nausea and produces vomiting; headache, with a strange feeling in head; vomiting, with vertigo from rising up when in lying position; spasmodic pains in stomach.


Nausea, with great restlessness, on assuming upright position; qualmishness in stomach andColchicum Autumnale homeopathic medicine for vomiting inclination to vomit; violent retching, followed by copious and forcible ejection of food and then of bile, and accompanied by loud, hollow belching, iLEUS: vomiting first food, then bile, finally considerable quantities of stercoraceous matter; vomiting and purging of rice-water stools, with thirst; intense coldness of stomach; vomiting stopped by lying quietly; great prostration.


Vomiting and diarrhoea from anger, with indignation, serous, bilious vomiting, without nausea.

Crotalus horridus

Black vomit, bilious vomiting, with anxiety, palpitation, weak pulse, irritable stomach, unable to retain anything.


Vomiting immediately after drinking of ingesta, of yellowish- white frothy fluid, with anguish, oppression and pressure in stomach.


Persistent vomiting of watery, greenish fluid, with thirst for cold water and burning in stomach.


Excessive nausea; repeated but useless efforts to vomit; vomiting of water, containing flakes, with violent colic and cramps; in gushes of wheylike fluid, (>) by drinking cold water; of blood; periodical attacks of vomiting.


Deathly nausea and fainting not, (>) by vomiting, smell of food excites violent nausea ad gagging, with clean tongue, thirst or water and absence of fever; morning vomiting of food, bile, mucus, appetite for food, but as soon as he eats he commences to spit by mouthfuls; sourer than any vinegar; after stomach was emptied, terrible pain and uneasiness for one or two hours; cold sweat; irregular pulse.


Vomiting preceded by thirst; retching and vomiting of bile with great tenderness in epigastrium and trembling; vomiting immediately after drinking.


Vomiting after breakfast; after eating, coming each time with new force; of infants; not as a symptom of gastric affections; vomiting of food immediately after midnight, followed by aversion to food and dread of open air; everything vomited tasted sour and acrid, haematemesis.


Painless vomiting of food; sudden attacks of deathly sickness at stomach, coming on at no particular time, sometimes awaking her out of sleep and lasting from a half to one hour; vomited matter very sour, setting teeth on edge.


Cerebral vomiting; oppressed breathing, palpitations, nausea and vomiting, the effect of heat or of sunstroke.


Constant sensation of nausea, vomiting without any relief, thirst, sweat, foul breath, but little prostration and hardly any pain with the vomiting.


PERIODICAL VOMITING spells, coming on once very mouth or six weeks, lasting two or three days; violent pain with every fit of vomiting; vomiting of food, then sour fluid, and at last yellow, green bile, with great heat of head, warm perspiration and prostration.


Vomiting of bitter watery fluid in quantity, with severe burning in stomach; tongue covered with thick yellow coating; vomiting sour, undigested; of blood, with cold sweat on hands, face hot; of yellow, purulent mucus.


Vomiting of undigested food hours after eating; painful hard spot at or to the left of stomach, tight clothing unbearable.


Vomiting of bile and mucus in drunkards (Carbol. ac.,); dyspepsia, (<) as soon as he eats; gnawing pressure, (>) after eating, but returning as soon as the stomach is empty.

Lobelia inflata

Incessant violent nausea, with profuse sweat and copious vomiting; sensation of oppression in epigastrium, as if stomach were too full; frequent empty eructations with flow of water into the mouth; heartburn; abdomen distended, with shortness of breath.


Great thirst for cold water, but it is vomited immediately; fainting at every little exertion, with sensation as if bowels would fall out; vomiting first of food then of bile; oppression at stomach.


Spasmodic vomiting with acid stomach and flatulence, during pregnancy, while riding in a carriage.


Nausea with sensation as if vomiting would bring great relief, it seems as if some substance were in stomach which, if ejected, would cure; nausea early morning, from tobacco, with fainting; haematemesis after suppressed haemorrhoids.


Vomiting of food just as it was swallowed, many hours after a meal; hungry and thirsty after vomiting.


Vomiting from gaslight; unsuccessful vomiturition in drunkards; vomiting first of food, then of a faecal-smelling substance (Colch) with hiccough, great thirst, cold limbs, distorted face ( incarcerated hernia ).


Vertigo on rising, nausea and vomiting of bitter; green substances, (<) from riding in carriage, during pregnancy and in mornings; seasickness; long- continued and profound nausea precedes vomiting.


Thirst for cold water and cold substances generally (Ars), which as soon a they become warm in the stomach are ejected; painful committing of fluid, bloody masses, tongue dry, red, burning, swollen or dirty-yellow; food regurgitates without nausea.


Nausea and vomiting with very bad taste in mouth, of substances thrown up, with desire to cleanse mouth frequently with cold water; slimy, sticky feeling in mouth, vomiting about an hour after eating, with relief to nausea and colic, (<) by fruit, fats, pastry, ices.


Cerebral vomiting, tingling in stomach, (<) when rising from lying down; brain feels loose when stepping, or shaking head.


Pyrosis, heat up into throat, copious salivation; vomiting of bile, of lumbrici (Aconite), or frequent nausea and vomiturition, with feeling of foreign body in oesophagus.


Craves food to quiet the nausea,(<) stooping, with salivation; vomiting of sour, acrid fluids, of bitter water, of worms; burning in stomach; head (>) afterwards.


Nausea, with sensation as if too warm, one wishes less clothing, finally profuse vomiting, with marked sense of relief for a little while, when repetition follows, painful retchings; vomiting of food, or yellow-green frothy masses, of mucus mixed with lumbrici, of decomposed matter; haematemesis, must lie perfectly still, great weakness, but no pain.


Painful sensation of emptiness of stomach; smell of food aggravates nausea; vomiting of bile and food, of a milky fluid.


Sinking gone feeling in epigastrium; haematemesis,(<) when lying, (>) from pressure on stomach, by walking, yet so weak he must soon yet; vomiting of bile and mucus on awaking in morning; of water on smelling cooking.


Vomiting from seeing bright light or from raising head from pillow; flow of very salty saliva, but cannot vomit.


Nausea with great sense of weakness and faintness, can hardly stand or sit up, a deathly sort of feeling, cold sweat; suffocating spells, coming from heart; morning vomiting with faintness and cold sweat,(>) fresh ai (<) from least motion.


Nausea increased to vomiting during vertigo, especially on rising in morning; retching and vomiting with icy perspiration during nocturnal paroxysm; vomiting of slimy acrid water, then of bile.


Nausea, fatty vomiting, fat, oily stools at same hour in the morning or forenoon.


Nausea with sensation of fainting, generally with violent thirst; violent vomiting with continuous nausea and great prostration, with vertigo, pale face, clean tongue, of food or of acid, bitter, foamy white or yellowish-green mucus.


Obstinate vomiting with salvation, metallic taste, occipital headache, insomnia from constant formication of skin, as from flea-bites; emaciation and prostration;caused by some irritation in medulla oblongata.

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