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A Case and a Half of Rhus Glabra While I Had Diarrhea Everyone Betrayed Me!

Written by Mario Boyadzhiev

Homeopath Mario Boyadzhiev presents a case of chronic abdominal pain complicated by side effects from years of allopathic treatment.

This is a case of a 41 years old woman first seen at mid November 2013. This case is interesting because both a woman and her boyfriend were in a similar mental-emotional state which lead them to a situation which looked like their life was in a dead end. Both of them had the feeling that they could not continue anymore and tomorrow there will be no food or a roof overhead. She had constant insupportable pains so was not able to work, and he was working almost day and night for little pay that was hardly enough to live on. Also, he knew that his strength was fading away.

“Everything started 2010. I put an end to my previous life and the things I didn’t like, moved to Italy and tried to understand what I really want to do in my life. My previous life was missing and the new one had still not started. I needed some points of support. I found a boyfriend there and I was all the time flying between Rome and Sofia and everything was very insecure, but I had some hope. In 2011 I developed cystitis after sexual intercourse and because this was not the first time I decided to treat it with herbs instead of antibiotics. However everything got complicated – the Escherichia Coli was still present and I started to feel pains in the inside part of the right thigh. As a whole I felt something was going wrong. Then I visited an MD and got Cyprofloxacin. I had pains in the rectum, the whole lumbo-sacral zone and there was an acute cystitis.

Then an old trauma emerged. When I was between 12 and 20 years old my mother was suffering with colon polypus and cancer. Since then doctors have told me that this is a hereditary disease and I have to test myself for polyps. The pains opened that fear and all the memories from my mom’s suffering were all the time occupying my mind. So after the antibiotics I was tested again and there was no E.Coli any more, but I still had excruciating pains in my rectum, felt the colon was sore and I had diarrhea quite often. Then I came back to Bulgaria and did a colonoscopy, endoscopy and the only thing they found were internal hemorrhoids which used to get inflamed by the E.Coli.

Then I calmed down. February 2012 however some warts started to appear on my forehead and they swelled and itch a lot. Doctors told me it was an immunity problem and give me “Imunactiv” with Lyzin and Vitamins. I started to treat them externally for 20 days with “Tretoinoina”, vit. A, and some kind of acid applied externally and they disappeared.

Then May 2012 I again started feeling the pain in the rectum and the inner part of my right thigh, burning in the bladder, profuse perspiration every night and the urine tests showed no evidence of E.Coli. August 2012 the rectum again stars hurting, profuse night sweat, again E.Coli was missing.

In December 2012 there started a kind of a neuralgic pain in the whole right part of my body starting from the head, neck, the right scapula down the back to the hips. The armpit lymph nodes got swollen and painful and after few days wheezing sounds were heard in my right lung. I was told it was asthma and started endless asthma tests. The conclusion was that it was a bronchitis and a mild form of asthma.

In June 2013 again I felt my rectum and colon were inflamed and painful, again pains in the whole right part of my back, again night sweating, again the wheezing in the right lung and I was prescribed corticosteroids from June to September, Aliflus, Salmeterol, Fluticazon propionat, Vit. B2. For two or three days I also took Sindicort. After I started taking Aliflus, my hair started falling in bundles.

At the end of 2013 again E.Coli was present and a high level of the blood leucocites, so they decided that the infection was local and prescribed Azytromicin (Zithromax).

At the end of August my hair started getting thinner and started falling so much that I got scared and visited a doctor. He told me that all my problems were psychosomatic and prescribed antidepressants, which I didn’t take. The only thing that I took was Melatonin every evening for about a week.

I remember the way my mother was treated before they found out about the colon polypus. They treated her for two and a half years and at the end decided she was crazy and gave her antidepresants.

The last crisis I had was about the 4th of November 2012 – I felt the inflammation and the excruciating pain in the rectum and in the colon, hemorrhoids inflamed and painful. I used some suppositories to calm down the pain. I had diarrhea and pains in the whole right side of the body.

I also have a very low level of iron in the blood, so I also have anemia.

Recently I have neuralgic pains not only in the whole right side of my neck and back, but also like a very strong neuralgic pain in the whole right part of my abdomen together with a loud rumbling.

– Have you ever got any kind of Influenza Vaccine?

– Yes, about 1997, Vaxigrip.

– Antibiotics?

– Since childhood I have been prescribed a lot of antibiotics like Tetracycline, Doxicilin, Cyprofloxacin. As a child I also had bronchopneumonia and received Penicillin. I have been treated with antibiotics all my life. Two times had I had myocarditis as a child.

– What about a hormonal or contraceptive pills?

– Yes, 20 years ago I used Postinor pills.

– Which are the most difficult moments to accept in your life?

– The first is the death of my mother together with the 8 years agony and suffering, I was 12 when it all started and everything remained stamped in my mind, the helplessness when you see your mother fading away and you can do nothing, so much grief that I have not had any support when I needed my mother, emptiness, missing the mothers presence. Everything related to my mother – emptiness, grief, insecurity. I have always seen her as unstable, vulnerable and fragile.

– The other thing is the fear that was installed in my mind that my father died from a colon cancer, so every time when I have any intestine problem this fear gets activated.

– The other thing is related to men. When I was about 14 the husband of my grandmother used trying to abuse me sexually, to kiss me and so on. I felt disgusted and at the same time ashamed, because I thought I should have done something wrong if someone behaved so bad to me, so I also developed auto aggression.

– Anything else?

– Afterwards everything started to intensify. I found out that my first boyfriend at the age of 16-17 had been cheating on me for a long time and there opened the theme of being betrayed, mistrust, suspiciousness about men, that they cannot be trusted. At the age of 22 I was raped with aggression. Later followed a lot of unhappy love disappointments, destructive relationships, loss of trust in relationships. Betrayal.

– What do you do when you feel upset?

– I draw, meditate, listen to music, make pictures, I try not to suppress my emotions..

– Which emotions do you mean?

– That I will not be able to manage with the things I started, lack of self-confidence, grief… then I take it out by painting, making pictures… this way.

–  Any foods that you don’t like or didn’t like in the past?

– Celery, parsley, pork. I prefer salty food instead of sweet.

– Are you generally a chilly or hot person?

– I always feel cod.

The patient looked very sick, had sallow face with dark patches as well as very big dark circles under the eyes and thinning hair which was falling in bundles. She said she felt so sick, week and exhausted that she was not able to do anything. The recurrent cystitis, the pains in the rectum and in the lumbo-sacral zone were agonising as well as the spastic pains in the whole right part of the back. Diarrhea was present almost all the time. Asthmatic breathing didn’t let her take a rest. Her dominating feeling was that of a BETRAYAL – she felt betrayed by her parents, by her grandparents, by her friends and boyfriends. As she was not able to do anything and to earn money she felt very insecure and desperate about her future survival.

She lives in Rome with her boyfriend. They do not have children. He is an architect and works for an Italian construction company. Because of the enormous fear of remaining without any income he does the work of the whole architecture department working 18 hours a day including weekends. His bosses know about his fears and make him work as much as he possibly can without paying him for the endless hours of extra labour. Later he also took homeopathic treatment where his main remedies were Kalium Iodatum and Rhus Glabra. Kalium Iodatum was prescribed because of the existential fear about survival and Rhus Glabra because he felt used and betrayed by many people including the company that he worked for. As a result his fear about survival disappeared, together with his paralyzing pain in the lower back and he quit his job. He called the homeopathic remedies “The fuck off drops”, because now, for the first time in his life he dared to say “Fuck off” to anyone or anything that intended to use or abuse him. He started feeling strong, happy and like an independent human being. Together with his girlfriend they started their own successful business – she started painting while he started supporting a web site where they show and sell her paintings. Very soon people started buying her art from all parts of the world. A year and a half later she had an exhibition in Brooklyn, NY and a few months later a famous Hollywood movie company bought a lot of her paintings. Last time when I saw her a week ago she told me that her paintings were already exhibited in a New Orleans gallery. Now for the first time in her life she started feeling self-confident, happy and has the feeling of a successful person!

The case of this woman was very much complicated by various medications – hormonal pills, a lot of antibiotics, a flu shot, different corticosteroids and others. Every one of these pharmaceuticals added its own symptoms and diseases over the natural state of disease of the patient. For instance her hair started falling after she took Aliflus. So during the treatment we first needed to get rid of all the mess and the artificially complicated and confused symptoms and diseases caused by the medication that she took during her life since childhood. In my book “Systematic approach in homeopathic Theory and Practice”, in complicated cases like this I always recommend the homeopathic nosode Chlamydia Trachomatis in the beginning of the treatment in order to open the case for the action of the chronic and the acute remedies which respond to the natural diseased state of the patient.

So the first remedies she got were:

Influvac 2012/2013 10M                

Chlamydia Trachomatis 10M                 

Folliculinum 10M                           

She took these three remedies in the course of a week 5-6 times a day, 5 minutes  between the remedies.

After a week she declared that the pain in the right side of the back had gradually disappeared.

– When I take the remedies I feel general warming of the whole body and I am much more active during the day. During the night I am a bit restless and the pains may appear. The abdominal and stomach pain in the beginning got stronger, but now it is much better. On 3-4th day the pains in the kidney area became stronger and a hematoma as big as a walnut appeared under the right armpit and then disappeared as well as the pains. I feel emotionally calmer and in a better mood however I started doubting if I like to continue living with my friend in Rome, I fell lonely there. When I do not feel that he understands me or maybe I  do not understand him, I cannot express myself there, I lose my individuality and this makes me feel tied, especially when I am jealous. Last two years I am always sick, there is always something wrong with me. May be I am sick because I cannot take a decision, I am always insecure, all the time feeling bad. My hair continues falling in the same way, it started after the cortisones this summer. The place where we live has a lot of mold everywhere.

Well, this is important information! I have noticed that people who live in a place where there is a lot of mold may get quite sick, especially from asthmatic symptoms. She added that all her symptoms aggravated by the mold. In cases like that I always give potentised Aflatoxins – this make the body more resistent to the mold and patients feel generally much better. At the same time I advise my patients to get rid of the mold by applying baking soda dissolved in water on the mold and around it every day for a month.

A few days later she developed flu symptoms as everything started with a pain in the left side of the throat, the tongue became white, she started coughing, she feels her lungs inflamed, the right hypochondrium feels hot extending to the back and she feels drained of energy.

Here the keynote is the pain that started in the left side of the throat. The remedy is Malandrinum. This remedy has a very deep action as it is a great antidote for the chronic side effects of the Smallpox vaccine. So it will sweep away a lot of chronic symptoms if you have a chance to prescribe it.

MALANDRINUM CM every half an hour.

A week later she says:

– The flu disappeared in two days, I felt much better as a whole.

Next two weeks she takes Influvac 10M, Aliflus 10M and Aflatoxins 10M 5-6 times a day, 5 minutes interval between remedies.

Two week later she says:

– Today is the 3rd day since my hair stopped falling, I have much more energy, the pains in the kidney region almost disappeared. There are no pains in the back, nor in the abdomen, although I expected to have pains during my menses.

Next three months we continue with Influvac 10M, Chlamydia Trachomatis 10M and Aliflus 10M, three times a day, 5 minutes interval between remedies.

25th of March 2014

– As a whole I feel much better, there is a visible amelioration in my state of health, even as a way of thinking and becoming very positive. I am not anymore afraid about my survival and about my future. I STARTED PAINTING PROFESIONALLY AND STARTED SELLING MY PAINTINGS!!! I am not afraid if money will come or not! I do not doubt in that everything will go in a positive direction. At the end of January my asthma aggravated, I had stitching in the lungs and in the back, suffocation, asthmatic breathing with wheezing and you advised me to take Bryonia. So everything disappeared very quickly. After that some eruptions appeared on my legs, that I have had in the past and they are strangely moving downwards.

During the mid of February I had inflammation in the rectum, diarrhea and pains in the abdomen that lasted a few days. It was related to my grandmother, I feel neglected by them, they do not love me and I feel guilty that I do not take enough care about her because I have left her here. Her husband is sick and I feel guilty to leave her alone if he dies, then I have to take care about her. Then I developed all that crisis with the diarrhea and everything got inflamed. I suffered about the way my mother died, felt guilty about my grandmother because she is almost paralyzed by arthritis and I do not send her enough money from Italy. She calls me almost every day and makes me feel guilty all the time, she repeats that I do not care about her, that I do not call her, that I do not think about her and so on….

When I was a child my father always told me that I was a coward, I had a fear to ride a bicycle and skiing, he repeated that I never did well with my tasks, that I was a looser, that I didn’t justify his expectations, that he still didn’t have a grandchild, that he was all the time disappointed by me…. I have some memories emerging about sexual abuse… feel sad about it… not loved enough….

My hair used to fall in bundles, now it is so strong!

I cannot trust men, I feel BETRAYED by men and by my family, my father, my grandmother – she intentionally tries to make me feel guilty all the time! They use me all my life, I have had taken care about all of them since I was a little girl and they blame me all the time for everything. They abused me sexually and in every way possible! Now I start to realise all these things!

Next three months she will take three times a day, 5 minutes interval between remedies:

Penicillinum 10M and Rhus Glabra 10M

Now it is the right moment to give the remedy Rhus Glabra. All the feeling of being BETRAYED, USED AND ABUSED emerge and she becomes very much aware of them and it is again accompanied by diarrhea. So these chronic complaints, these chronic feelings coupled with the physical symptoms become exacerbated and they desperately call for their homeopathic remedy. I also give Penicillinum to continue the detox of the iatrogenic diseases, in this case the antibiotics that caused suppressions. This is very much necessary, because she had been suppressed all of her life with antibiotics and the first one was Penicillin. This will open even better the picture of Rhus Glabra and the remedy will work even better. So we go!

A month later she comes back to Bulgaria and visits her grandparents.

– This family has always lived in a big LIE, “let us not tell this, let us hide that…”! I had to visit them because of the inheritance being divided between the children, but the husband of my grandmother manipulated her to give everything to his children. They started to blame me that I was living far away, not visiting them…. this blame that they have always used to suck my energy. My grandmother never got enough of my attention, “you are so far away and you never call me”… never contend with me… all the time, all the years sucking my energy. She behaved in the same manner to my mother. Before I visited them I went to the grave of my mother and asked her to help me to get everything out of me and to go there where it came from! The pains in the colon were horrible, like internal eruption with diarrhea. I collected my power, the remedies helped me and I didn’t feel guilty this time! Before I had always been afraid that I might hurt someone, I always had to conform to everyone. There was always present a feeling of shame and fear! So I told her about all the sexual abuse her husband had ever done to me when I was a child. He started to blame me for making intrigues, but I looked him right in the eyes and told him – “look at my eyes and say that it was not true!” and I saw a demon in him that started throwing around and wriggling like you see them on the movies when you flash them with light! He didn’t look me in the eyes. So I poured out everything that I had collected all of my life, all that I had suffered. He used to do the same with my mother and my grandmother never told him anything, when my mother told her she did nothing about it! So she had BETRAYED my mother as well as myself! Now I told them everything and I didn’t feel any guilt about it! The important thing is that I have not any sign of guilt feelings! She takes all the vital energy of the people, that she was the victim, that she needed attention. She had controlled my mother in the same manner. Now I feel that the anger of my mother also gets thrown out through me. This whole thing to hold control on you by LIE, FEAR, SUBMISSION, CONTROL! My grandmother can do many things, but never teaches you anything in order to make you dependent on her! My mother had all of her life missed confidence because of not being capable to do anything and she made me feel the same way.

These drops that I take now made me understand all these energetic things that happen! So there is the anger being thrown out and the POWER that enters into my body in the very moment when I threw my anger out! This anger started to get out and I shouted out in the fields, I screamed and shouted the whole afternoon, the evening, the whole night till the morning. I didn’t sleep. I became aware that that man had a demonic entity and I got thrilled all over. Hours and hours the anger continued to pour out of me, then vomiting as if all the dirt got out of me and all the darkness too and I asked all the Entities of the Light to give me their support because the pains were unsupportable, incredible and the diarrhea continued and at a certain moment I felt everything calmed down and there was nothing to throw out any more!

All that feeling of suppressed anger, pain and I felt I was doing this also for the benefit my mother.

This morning the pains were calming down. I walked bare foot out in the fields and my feet were bleeding. Again I felt that all the time this family lived with manipulations, lies and evil, related to money and properties, without love we had lived all our lives and I started to feel my inner power growing up! I was aware that all my life I was giving my energy, in order not to hurt anyone, not to make a conflict and so on… Enormous feeling of injustice!

I felt there was darkness there and dirt, horrible darkness and there was a second being living in him like a demon and I thrilled all over and I decided I didn’t need their dirty inheritance! All my life he kept me in shame, lie, helplessness, fear and I had to keep it in secret, it was useless to speak because nothing was about to change… You know what a burden fell down off my shoulders!

What happened was the culmination of the healing process! At the same time the above abstract is a good example of the feeling of the remedy, a kind of MM of Rhus Glabra. It is difficult to present the remedy in a better way. Everything this woman felt and experienced was an expression of the Rhus Glabra state. The remedy made her throw all the dirt out of herself and since then she started to improve continually on every level.

On the 4th of July 2014 she told me:

– There are a lot of positive changes in me, because I do not tolerate things that I do not agree with or someone to make me do something that I do not like to. I keep my borders and my positions safe and I do not let peoplemanipulate me. For example some people stole my pictures and started making copies and selling them on their website. So we decided to protect our territory and wrote them a letter threatening to sue them. We gave them 24 hours to stop selling my pictures and they did take the pictures off their website in 24 hours.

– The second thing was some clients which used to ask me for a discount every time they bought something. Some months ago I was always ready to make a discount, now I know that this is the right price and if you do not like it – do not take it. I feel my power and I do not care if I will lose the client. This means that the client does not appreciate what I do, so he does not deserve it.

– Still there is a lot of anger going out of me and I have a punching bag where I regularly pour out all my anger and aggression that I kept inside me. I remember some episodes from the past and I feel I have to throw out that aggression and I furiously beat and kick the punching bag. I realise more and more that I had followed some patterns of behavior, how the woman was expected to behave, to be good, warmhearted… and I had used to turn all the anger to myself, because anger had been forbidden. And I feel that more and more clearly and I know that there is now a way back!

– My friends are not content with the way I have changed, but I tell them everything I think right in the eyes and I am not afraid to do that. I feel really strong now!

– Before, if my friend was feeling fear or other emotion it used to penetrate me and make me feel the same way, now it does not enter into me anymore.

Later on she had taken Carcinosin and AIDS together with Rhus Glabra. Carcinosin CM was prescribed because of the family history. She needed AIDS CM to help Rhus Glabra resolve the family issues to the very roots. She was also given a few doses of Plumbum metallicum.

She last visited me a week ago. She looks so much younger than the first time we met. Her hair is literally falling like a waterfall. There is no trace of the dark circles under the eyes and the dark patches on the face. The skin is light and clean and she is a happy person. There is no trace of the initial complaints. All the anger has gone away. All the bitter feelings remained in the past. Instead she feels strong and successful.

In conclusion I would like to mention that the Rhus Glabra state in which the patient loses confidence in all people naturally leads to the state of Kalium Iodatum or any other remedy of the Iodum group in which the patient starts to feel a constant paralyzing fear about his survival. I have noticed that Kalium Iodatum is complementary to Rhus Glabra where Kalium Iodatum takes the role of the acute remedy. If the Rhus Glabra state continues to develop not being treated properly it may enter the state of Plumbum metallicum.


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Mario Boyadzhiev: I’ve practiced Homeopathy for the last 31 years, since the age of 20. I started learning homeopathy at age six from my stepfather Dr. Ioncho Ionchev, who was the only homeopath in Bulgaria during the communist regime. From age of 23-28 I practiced about 5 years in Rome in the private clinic of Dott. Adelina Dancin. I returned to Bulgaria to introduce homeopathy in 1993. I am a founder of the Homeopathic Society in Bulgaria and was teaching between 1996-2003. Since 2002 I’ve been a guest lecturer for the Royal Academy of Homeopathy Japan. In 2000 I published the book "Systematic Approach in Homeopathic Theory and Practice" which was translated into English, Serbian and Japanese and reviewed in "Homeopathic LINKS" and in the British journal "The Homeopath". From 2003 to the present my wife Mariana and I developed a new method called "Accelerated Human Development".


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