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A Case of Alopecia

Written by Shamim Sherwani

Homeopath Shamin Sherwani presents a brief case of alopecia solved with a single symptom and “never well since”.

I received an email from my patient and a couple pictures. She wrote:


Good Afternoon,

When I got up this morning and pulled my hair up in a clip, the hairs fell on the rug. When I combed them, they broke half way and fell on the tiles. My skull hurts from the top all the time. I am also taking vitamin D 2000 IU. Please suggest a remedy?


Ms. M


It was a confusing email. I sent her a questionnaire which included the following questions:

  • Age?
  • Any previous illness?
  • Single or married?
  • Children or no children?


She responded: “I am 60 years old. I have been a single mom. I raised three kids and now they are married and live in a different state. I have got a list of previous illnesses and I don’t think I have recovered fully from those. I live all alone. During the daytime, I am on the job but evenings are hard for me. I feel weak and exhausted.”


She also indicated that her head was very sensitive and she felt a band on her head.

When I read the line that she had got a list of illnesses and she believes that she has never recovered properly, Carbo Veg came to my mind. I gave her Carbo Veg 30C, two doses 1+1 for three days. Then I asked her to take a break of 15 days, and again repeat it in the same way. She took Carbo Veg for three months with gaps of 15 days each. For the next three months, I gave her Kali Phos 6X, two tablets at bedtime. By the grace of God, she has fully recovered and her hair loss has completely stopped. Her insomnia and head band is gone.

I used § 2 from the “Organon of Medicine” by Samuel Hahneman, which is as follows:

The highest ideal of a cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the, health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.” [1]

I picked two symptoms from the modality of Carbo Veg that is worse in the evening and night. From the characteristic symptoms of Carbo Veg, I picked “never recovered from illness”. [2] I am sure if I would have tested pathologically, I would have failed.




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Shamim Sherwani

Shamim Sherwani is a Classical Homeopath (1988 to date). D.H.M.S, Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Diploma in Nutrition Diet and Health Science, Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Cease Practitioner.


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