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A Case of an Astrocytoma

A Case of an Astrocytoma

March, 1996

Male child, 10 years, was brought in for homoeopathic treatment with a recurrence of an astrocytoma. At this time, it was not large enough for the patient to undergo surgery.

History: Headaches and severe vomiting that were not responding sufficiently well to homoeopathic treatment called for an MRI of the brain, which showed a lesion in the frontal lobe. This was immediately operated on and the postoperative histopathological report confirmed an astrocytoma, Stage II. Radiation therapy followed surgery, and the boy was discharged as perfectly fit. Within a month his symptoms reappeared, and the MRI showed a recurrence of the growth. The parents turned to homoeopathy.

The boy was lactose intolerant, and whenever he drank milk he vomited almost to the point of fainting, would sometimes regurgitate his food an hour after ingesting it, and was experiencing headaches again, during which he would cry out in anguish.


Week 1       : Aethusa cynapium 200c – daily, Plussing Method

Week 2       : Carcinosin 200c – daily, Plussing Method

Weeks 3-8  : Same as Weeks 1-2

The boy was totally symptom free.

MRI showed the lesion to be definitely smaller.

Months 3-4: Same as Weeks 1-2

MRI showed that the lesion was completely gone.

Months 5-8: Same as Weeks 1-2, but in the 1M potency – weekly, Split Dose Method

The boy was in perfect health, attending school and participating in sports.

MRI continued to show everything clear.

For another year, the young patient was kept on Aethusa cynapium 1OM and Carcinosin 1OM, alternating monthly, Split Dose Method. After that, he received only periodic constitutional remedies or a cancer nosode and is doing well to date.


Aethusa cynapium is one of the most effective remedies for brain tumors, and the boy’s particular symptoms fit the picture well.

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