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A Case of Aurum sulph.

Written by Dimpi Shah

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In this vast ocean of homeopathy there are a large number of polychrests as well as rare remedies, which come to our rescue while treating the patient. Usually we use polychrest remedies due to their large sphere of action on the body. But still we cannot ignore the rare and short acting remedies. Here I am presenting one such case of a 50 year old man treated with Aurum Sulph.


LOW GRADE FEVER since 1 month occurring only at night. Since 2-3 days, fever is also present during daytime. During low-grade fever, he feels hot and sweaty.

WEAKNESS along with fever that is felt more at night. Weakness is not felt during daytime due to work. He had taken allopathic medicines but feels as if there is no energy in body.

He had visited an Allopath [conventional medical doctor], according to whom there is an infection in his body.

There is SWELLING OVER LOWER EYELIDS and TREMBLING OF HANDS especially when he drinks alcohol.

HAIR FALLING from central and frontal part of head since 2yrs.


As a child, he was very active and playful. He had a happy childhood and used to get lot of love from his parents and his 2 younger sisters. He got married at the age of 25. All the troubles started after his father’s death, who died at the age of 46. His father’s whole business collapsed. This was the most difficult part of his life. He had to handle this situation all alone. He had to even support his family. There was a great monetary crisis. He had to develop the business and he also had responsibility of his 2 sister’s marriage.

Patient was very much CONFUSED at that time. He started remaining ALONE. He would not tell ABOUT HIS PROBLEMS to anyone, or to his wife or mother. He would try to FIND OUT THE SOLUTION ON HIS OWN. This is the phase when he turned towards DRINKING ALCOHOL. He started drinking alcohol regularly. He used to drink in front of his wife and mother. His father was also a drunkard. During this period, one of his younger sisters opted for love marriage [Editor: Most marriages in india are still arranged by parents.] due to which his family was socially cut off from the society. At this time his business was also very low.

As a person he is very INTROVERTED. He would NEVER EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS. He always wished that the other person who had hurt him should understand his mistake on his own. He gets angry on least trifles. When troubled, he sits quietly or goes to sleep.

In spite of all this, the atmosphere in the home was such that no one would speak loudly or fight with each other. Even in case of any tension no one would get irritated or fight. In this situation also he had great hopes of doing something. Initially friends didnot cooperate with him. But then he managed to build up his business alone. Now after so many years of his struggle, he is able to develop his business of iron works.


Appetite : Normal

Thirst : 5-6 glasses of water per day

Cravings : Sweets, Alcohol

Aversion : No specific aversion

Urine : Past history of renal stone in left kidney 5 years back but now no complaint

Bowel : Regular

Sleep : Disturbed due to tension.

Addiction : Tobacco chewing – 4-5/day. Drinking alcohol since 20yrs.

Thermal state : Hot patient

Fan : Likes

Bath : Cold water


Past history of Renal Stone 5 years back. But now he has no complaints.


Father – had history of Ascites.

After listening to the entire case history of the patient, there were some holes in the case; so certain questions were asked to him and his wife:

(Q) How did the habit of drinking alcohol initially get started?

(A) “Initially in college days, I was fond of drinking alcohol with friends. My father and grandfather were drunkards. But after my father’s death I made it my support. I felt a little relaxed after drinking alcohol when I had some problem. So this is how I indulged in drinking alcohol.”

(Q) How is your anger?

(A) “I get angry on least trifles. But I will never express my anger to anyone. Sometimes I feel like slapping or scolding the person who hurt me. Even I don’t get proper sleep. But I can’t tell anything to that person. My anger calms down on its own after 1-2 days.

(Q) Suppose if you don’t drink then how do u feel?

(A) “I feel very uneasy if I don’t get to drink. I start feeling very uncomfortable.”

(Q) How is your wife’s nature?

(A) “She is very co-operative to me. She belongs to a very rich family but ven then she has never complained about anything.”

Now patient was asked to sit in the waiting room and certain questions were asked to his wife:

(Q) How is your husband’s nature?

(A) “Initially he was very short tempered. But after death of my father-in-law, he has changed a lot. His younger sister cancelled her marriage. He even used to beat his sister. Then afterwards she did love marriage. Only I and my husband attended that marriage.”

(Q) What about drinking habit of your husband?

(A) “He had this habit since college-days, but it increased after the death of my father-in-law. He had left it in between but he has again started it.”

(Q) Does he misbehave after drinking?

(A) “No, he doesn’t say anything after being drunk. He just goes to sleep”

Here the patient is suffering from a silent grief due to death of his father. Patient is very introverted and there is indisposition to talk to anyone. This is a psychosomatic case. Also there is syphilitic miasm in background.

TREATMENT: (09/13/04)

Aurum Sulph 30 – 3 doses are given, followed by placebo three times a day and proper counseling about leaving the habit of drinking alcohol was done.

Here is an extract about Aurum sulph from Kent:


The symptoms of this remedy appear in the MORNING, forenoon, afternoon, evening, and DURING THE NIGHT. DESIRE FOR OPEN AIR. The open air aggravates many symptoms. Ascending brings on many symptoms.

Dropsical tendency. Worse during and after eating and from exertion. Formication. Fullness of the veins and a feeling of distension ; lack of vital heat.

A feeling of tension all over the body ; symptoms are worse from touch. Trembling in body and limbs. Walking ameliorates ; walking fast aggravates ; walking in open air aggravates. Warm bed increases some symptoms, in some cases worse from both heat and cold ; worse in warm room and from warm wraps. Marked general weakness ; weariness. Complaints worse in winter.

Absent minded ; irascible, even violent ; ANXIETY ; of conscience ; with fear ; about salvation. Very critical with all her friends ; morbidly cheerful and gay ; aversion to company. She has lost all confidence in herself. Confusion in the morning, worse from mental exertion ; very timid, even cowardly.

Loathing of life and desires death. Delusions about animals. Despair of recovery and salvation ; EXCITEMENT and discontentment ; exertion of mind makes all the mental symptoms worse. Marked increase in her imaginative powers. Fear on going into a crowd ; of death ; of evil ; of people ; of robbers ; very forgetful and easily frightened.

It is a very useful remedy for chronic complaints that date back to grief. Hysterical and in a hurried state of mind ; at first mental activity, later dullness ; imbecility. He is becoming weak-minded and indolent ; will not work, becomes like a tramp. These states change to excitement and a mania for work.
The appetite is ravenous. Aversion to food, to meat. Desires stimulants, coffee, cold drinks, milk. Distention of stomach. Digestion very slow ; a sensation of emptiness. Eructations watery, bitter, tasting of food, ameliorate.

Cough in the morning ; nightly paroxysms ; worse in cold air ; short, dry, hard, racking ; short, spasmodic. Expectoration in morning and evening ; bloody, difficult ; scanty, greenish, offensive, purulent, yellow.

Fever of a mild nondescript type. Perspiration in the morning ; during the night ; profuse.


(09/21/04): There was no low-grade fever any more. But patient still complains about weakness. He was given Aurum Sulph 30 – 4 doses followed by placebo three times a day.

(10/01/04): Patient was feeling very much better and now he has no complaints.

So this is the case of a rare remedy Aurum Sulph. This is my effort to put forward the importance of rare remedy in our practice. I hope this case will widen the sphere of homeopathic remedies.

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  • My wife having regular low grade fever these days in the evening and now a days during morning also. There is severe headache. Blood test shows every thing is normal adequate platelets but RBC higher than normal. is this a case of Aurum Sulph ?. She is woried for the job of his son who is staying with us.

  • The personality type of the patient was not given. Whether repetition of medicine is helpful.Please add more details. Thank you.

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