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A Case of Autism – Pdd-Nos

Written by Deborah Licurse

A case of autism triggered by 20 vaccines.

This is a case of a 4 year old girl with severe developmental delays. She had limited eye contact, a brief attention span and a blank stare throughout the evaluation. She was non-verbal. She would communicate her needs and wants by vocalizing in open vowel sounds when reaching for desired objects. She would shriek. She did not respond to her name being called. She would mouth almost every toy or object offered to her. She would pick on her lip till it bled. She liked to be naked. She also made several attempts to escape in the meeting. Her toes were contracted while walking. She was born full term via a vaginal delivery, weighing 7lbs, 7oz. There were no complications with the pregnancy labor and delivery. As an infant, she was bottle fed. She received twenty vaccines between 2005-2006. The mother noticed she was more withdrawn, aloof, stopped communicating, and lost eye contact after the vaccines. The mother expressed feeling very fearful during pregnancy.

The remedies chosen for this case were Hyoscyamus 30c, 200c, Medorrhinum 30c, and Thuja 30c. I chose Hyoscyamus based on the rubrics: Delusion, of fancy illusions; Escape, attempts to; Aversion, to answer: Refuses to answer; Abstraction of Mind; Picking at bedclothes; Shrieking; Jumping; Naked, wants to be; Jealousy, Sensitive to noise. I used Medorrhinum when Hyoscyamus would stop working, for the miasmatic block. I chose Thuja based on the fact that 20 vaccinations were given in her first 18 months. After the vaccinations she stopped all speech, slipped into her own world, lost eye contact and could not comprehend. Thuja was used for loss of speech after vaccinations and development arrested from Vaccinations.

After the Hyoscyamus 30c was administered she was more cooperative, slept better, eye contact improved dramatically, she was more engaging with improvements in speech and less shrieking. After using Medorrhinum 30c and Thuja 30c she started becoming more social, more cooperative and her verbal skills were increasing. After Hyoscyamus was repeated, she became more verbal (60 words) and more affectionate. This case was followed for 11 months.

During her healing process she did break out with skin rashes (exteriorization) and showed anger when she didn’t get her way (vital force fighting back). I would like to mention that her mother’s commitment to her daughter’s treatment has been instrumental in her healing.


About the author

Deborah Licurse

Deborah Licurse, FsHom practices classical homoepathy and has been in private practice since 2006. She completed five years of study, July 2008 in advanced 5th/6th edition prescribing at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy, under the directorship of Dr. Luc DeSchepper. Deborah received her Fellowship Degree, June 2009. She is particularly interested in treating children with special needs, children’s health issues and women’s health issues.


  • I understand that the link between autism spectrum disorder and vaccination has been revealed to be a matter of “correlation does not mean causation”, as the age of the child when ASD symptoms appear coincides with that of early childhood vaccinations. To call this story “a case of autism triggered by 20 vaccines” seems to sensationalise the matter.

  • As we know, there are many factors that could “trigger” a miasm such as vaccinations, strong emotions, traumas, accidents and so forth. A child must have an inherited syphlitic background in order to be affected by these triggers which could bring out the symptoms of Autism. The vaccinations are simply a trigger.

  • Hi , I enjoyed the article. Thuja was regarded as the remedy picture which emerged after the Smallpox vaccine was first introduced. Burnett called the symptoms which followed from the small pox vaccine vaccinosis and would use Thuja to treat them. However, it is not automatically the answer to symptoms coming on after all vaccinations. As the vaccinations are so numerous, the best way to remove the symptoms, caused by them, is by using isopathy, i.e. potentising the vaccines and administering them in homoeopathic form.

  • Hi, Thuja is not the simillimum of all vaccines. The only vaccine which it is the simillimum of is the smallpox vaccine. It is entered in the repertories under vaccination as a result of the symptoms ,observed by Burnett and other homoeopaths, at the time of the introduction of vaccination, The only vaccine which was given at this time was the smallpox vaccine . Since then numerous vaccines and combination vaccines have been given . There is no clear simillimum for all of these vaccines ,so if the vaccine has caused the problems,the best way to deal with it is using isopathy,i.e using the potentised form of the vaccine

  • Dear Deborah Licurse

    I have son aged 9 suffering from mild autism disorder along with mild dylexia from India. Currrently he is under homeopathy treatment in India. He is afraid of the crackers being brust and socialising with others and other kids. Suggest some to help him overcome the disorder.

    Sreedharan Menon

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