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A Case of “Black Eye”

Written by Hana Hajkova

Hana Hajkova, a recent graduate of the Allen College of Homeopathy shares a brief case of her neighbor’s black eye.



Hana Hajkova

 It was the end of the year when my neighbour was playing with his son and got accidentally kicked in his eye. I did not know about it, but I met him the next evening. He was wearing sunglasses which caught my attention. I asked what happened and he showed me the injury to his eye. The eye was purple-red and swollen to the extent he could not open it. He managed to get to A&E to be checked.

He came back with an all clear from eye damage nor any other serious issue. No medication was given. He was complaining about pain and inability to open his eye at all. I gave him Arnica 200C and told him to sip the remedy diluted in the bottle of water until symptoms improved.

The progress of healing can be seen on the photos below. Day 7 was a day when his daughter was born, and he was able to open his eye. The picture was taken a few hours after her birth. He was thrilled as his eye did not show any signs of swelling, nor pain, and he did not look like a pirate on the big day.

There was still a bit of bruise on the upper eyelid, but according to my neighbour, he was fine. He could not believe how quickly the remedy worked. What a great end to a case of a black eye. I felt very happy that the first day as a daddy went for him without any discomfort and full sight restoration.

Photos: 1st day, 3rd day, 7th day



About the author

Hana Hajkova

Hana Hajkova - I am Czech, and I have been living in the UK for over 12 years now. My previous working experience was marketing and everything around product development. Coming to UK, I became a carer. I always wanted to become a doctor, but my life has taken me a different direction. I decided to study homoeopathy as it is an excellent way to restore health and wellbeing in general. I also had a personal positive experience with it. I knew that becoming a homoeopath I would be able to help my family, friends and hopefully many others. I graduated from Allen College of Homoeopathy in Chelmsford in 2022 and I am very grateful for it. I speak Czech and Slovak so I can easily help clients who speak those languages and who are not as confident to express their health issues in English.

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