Dr. Meeta Nihlani describes a case of borderline personality disorder in a man of 34. If you attack me, I attack you… If you come into my space, I get you, were the patient’s statements that led to the simillimum, an animal remedy.

This patient is a 34 year old computer professional who is very successful in his career. He came for help as he could observe within himself some self destructive traits, especially anger, which he believed could destroy his achievements. He had already destroyed his personal life, which he somehow could cope with.

He was battling with ego issues as he led a team of 84 people in his firm. He felt he was not given due respect, especially from the older members of his team. He was being treated like a child as they were very senior in age.

He denied any suggestions given by them. He wanted to lash out at them. He was at ease with the youngsters. As a leader, his work was to get things done from them and not bully them with his own thought process.

He said his boss was also a young fellow, but he was IIT, IIM. Because of his degrees he was better equipped to deal with the senior members of the organisation.

Here is verbatim of his experiences to appreciate the energy of the case:

I am a workaholic and I love working. I can’t sleep. I have started avoiding people, which is not good for my profession. I am experiencing  mood swings. I am never comfortable in my personal life.

I used to be in a relationship with someone, that’s not also going good. I make good friends though, I know I am not heading towards anything, but I hate taking advice. Personally I feel I am a big flop.

Professionally I was doing good. It’s not that I cannot make good friends or I cannot mingle with anyone, even with the opposite sex, but I don’t want to. Professionally I have to be with people, taking them with me, but I want to be alone.

Nowadays I don’t enjoy being in a group. I am always an individual performer. I am in a leadership position. I personally don’t have to contribute anything but now I make others contribute. But now I feel I am not contributing anything which I am capable of. I want to live my way, which others don’t like and then suppression starts.

My way: if I feel, working whole night is good I’ll do that, and if someone doesn’t agree that’s their problem, same with smoking and boozing. At times I want to force people to follow me, being adamant. For me what I am doing is right, whatever pleases me is right for me, depends on mood and occasion.

That’s my expertise. I was a developer. I wanted to get to the leadership position and I started feeling that I am not contributing individually much there, but I handled the projects really well before.

But now I don’t get such challenges. Everyone in the hierarchy knows that I can solve those problems. I believe if there are problems there will be solutions. I have to use my powers. I get bossy which frustrates me, as I feel I have bullied them, which is not good for me as a leader.

I am a high flyer.

Experience of being in that position:

I think I enjoy it, the energy and efforts I am bringing I can use for my own setup.

I am a big flop. I don’t enjoy being with family, probably I don’t want to be with my family or any other family.

The group try to invade my privacy. I look for a story to leave that position. I prefer to keep my mouth shut.. I don’t want to be in that position.. whenever it comes to elders it happens their way, you are a failure that does not mean I will also be.

I want to know what happens after taking ganja, I want to experience everything on my own, I want to understand everything on my own, I enjoy it, enjoyment is the lesson which I am getting.

Describe the experience of being confined

I have got 24 hours in a day, that is the boundary… I hate being in a boundary, suffocation.. it takes me to my childhood, people used to pull me back, feel that someone is killing me.

MOVIES I like romantic movies, rockstars, dirty pictures, I liked the agitation. I liked their passion to succeed. There is no wrong way to succeed. Success is all that matters. My way is the right way for me.

Experience of being famous; I want to come out of the shadow of the names of my father and my brother.

Childhood History

He spent his childhood in the shadow of his father and his younger brother. He was not good in studies. He said that if he had failed in academics, that means the teachers had also failed to understand his way of learning. His experience of being under the shadow was like “I am the weakest person in the universe “.

Television: He watches snakes and scorpions



Survival-The need to survive
Me vs You
A process and a life story
A struggle with self – A conflict

Sudden attack from hidden posture.
Wanting to hide, to escape and attack when provoked or cornered
Cold Blooded
Feeling defenseless, limbless is a disadvantage, weak, powerless
Hibernation ( I will bounce back)

The vital element of snakes is to survive without limbs. They have evolved survival skills to overcome this drawback. They can crawl on the ground, climb, swim and even glide in the air, though hidden most of the time.

Elapidae warns before attack

“If you attack me, I attack you”
“If you come into my space , I get you”
“If you have bad intentions for me , I have bad intentions for you”
“If you don’t interfere with me, I don’t interfere with you”
They attack if the opponent does not respond to their warning.

Crux of the case 

This case has beautifully taught me, how a sensation at the basic survival strategy becomes the central delusion of the case.

Don’t give me suggestions.
Don’t give your advice/your opinion.
Me vs the elders.
My way
His basic conflict was to do things his way, to have original ideas.

Rubric –

Mind; delusions, imaginations; injury; injured, of being; head: Naja

This means, as elaborated in this case, “Don’t mess with my thought process/my ways, my ideas.

Remedy Naja 200/ 1 Dose

Follow Up – 

After the first dose of NAJA 200 he slept a whole day and night, confining himself in his room. He got up and asked his father to give him his car and went for a drive. He could never ask his father for his car before.

He drove his father’s car into a tree and it was as if a revenge for the treatment he received from his father. But this action of his set him into a mode of introspection.  He started contemplating and for the first time in his life started thinking in his father’s shoes. He realised after all his father was not a bad person. He had his own struggles.

He had his own frustrations of not fulfilling his own desires. He could come back and stay with his family during festival time and for the first time in his life he enjoyed being with his family.

Naja 1M was given after 3 months. His relation with his father has improved. He got married and he took a job in a prestigious firm in U.K. He is still doing well in his profession and family life. It’s been almost 8 years.

Changes after the remedy:

1) He could forgive his father and started expressing and sharing his life with his father.

2)  He could come back and stay with his family during festival time and for the first time in his life he enjoyed being with his family. Initially he used to feel suffocated in his own house and he hardly came to stay with his family. He had updated his status, “Going to my Paradise” when he headed home from his workplace in a city in South India. He stayed with his family for 10 days at a stretch, after 11 years.

3) He got married to a smart woman. This girl was not a “scape goat” like his previous girlfriend whom he had broken up with.

4) He has a little daughter whom he is very affectionate to.

5) His family life is good now. He can express his emotions and does not have any destructive traits.

6) He left his job and got a better job in the U.K. and he is quite happy with his recent upgraded job. He has no ego issues now.

7) The main shift which I could notice is that originally his emotions had been totally blocked. New he became more expressive and he could feel the love, rather than feel threatened (suffocated) in any given situation. Recently he has even written a poem for his wife.

About the author

Meeta Nihlani

I am a classical homeopath, practicing since 1991 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. I started the Research Institute of Classical Homeopathy (R.I.C.H) for teaching Classical Homeopathy in 2008. I practice the Sensation Method and integrate various healing modalities such as meditation and quantum healing. I also use the homeopathic case witnessing process that unveils the innate energy Signature. This has given birth to The Anahata Healing Foundation, a venture where I conduct free meditation sessions and workshops in various dimensions of healing. I’ve had success in less ventured areas with homeopathy including autoimmune problems such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, pcod, and many psychiatric ailments. I did a Fellowship in Psychiatry and Counselling (FHPC) at The Other Song Academy.

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