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A Case of Bronchial Asthma Treated with Homeopathy

Written by Ramkrishna Valaki

Dr. Ramkrishna Valaki presents a case of bronchial asthma in a woman of 35.


Asthma is defined as chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that is characterized by increase in responsiveness of the tracheobronchial tree to a multiplicity of stimuli. It is manifested physiologically by widespread narrowing of air passages, which may relive spontaneously or as a result of therapy, and clinically by paroxysms of dyspnea cough and wheezing.

Asthma is an episodic disease, , with acute exacerbations interspersed with symptom free periods. It is more common in developed countries. Seven percent of people suffer from asthma in U.S. and it causes approximately 421 deaths per year.

Homoeopathy has a definite role in treatment and cure of such cases. Through case study we can find the simillimum and prescribe strictly according to homoeopathic philosophy.

Case details

A 35 year old female, suffering from asthma since last three years. She has taken allopathic treatment without much improvement. She has to use an inhaler daily.

1) Respiratory


Since 3 years


Gradually started



2) GIT


Since 4 year




3) Skin











(2 or 3 days)








<Change of





> Nebulizer









< Soap


She spontaneously said that she experiences the same type of dyspnea and suffocation when she gets emotionally upset. The incident which affected her most was the death of her grandfather. At that time she was shocked and became hysterical. She wanted to weep but she couldn’t.

The most critical situation in her life was death of her father in law. When he died (because of heart attack) she was alone at home and she was pregnant. She said that she has to control her emotion because of her pregnancy. She is very mild, submissive, sentimental and emotional.

Physical general

Desire – pickles+++, sour food and ice cream


Past history



Menstrual history

Menarche – 13year

Cycle – irregular – every 2 or 3 moth

LMP – 17-5-2015

Duration – 5 days

Flow – sometime profuse or some time scanty

Color – red, no clots

Physical examination

Weight – 45kg

Blood pressure – 122/ 78 mmhg

Respiratory rate – 17/minute

Pulse – 72/minute

Systematic examination

Respiratory system

At present wheezing not heard.


X ray chest – chronic bronchitis (p/h)

Diagnosis : Bronchial asthma

Differential diagnosis : Bronchitis




  • Reportorial analysis
  • Rubrics

MIND: Ailments from grief cry can not (complete repertory. Page 813)

MIND: Ailments from shock (complete repertory – page 1175)

MIND: Ailments from death of parents (complete repertory – page 267)

MIND: Grief silent (complete repertory – page 816)

RESPIRATION: difficult hysterical

GENERAL: Food and drinks desire pickles desire

GENERAL: Food and drinks cold drinks desire

EXTREMITIES : contraction of muscles hysterical

DISEASE : asthma

  • Reperterisation

June 2016 R. Valaki

  • Explanation

Initially she said that she had dyspnea while emotionally upset. Here we can see the mind –body connection.  One of the most important things in the case is when her grandfather died. She became hysterical. (hg)

She felt shock in a critical situation like the death of her grandfather and death of father in law.  So we have to select a remedy which has hysterical behavior, sensitive to death of relatives, tendency to shock.

Now if we take help from the repertory we can see three remedies            Ignatia, Nat Mur and Gelsemium emerging.

Ignatia and gelsemium both belong to loganiaceae family.

Nat mur belongs to the mineral kingdom and third row of periodical   table. Genius of Nat mur – patient is emotionally vulnerable, reserved, one to one relationship, silent grief and problems in relationship.

Genius of gelsemium – ailments from shock, bed news and gets paralyzed.  Genius of ignatia – Emotional, mild, sentimental, silent grief cry cannot, ailments from bad news and death of relatives.

In reperterisation ignatia, nux vomica and gelsemium belong to loganiaceae family.

Now if we study loganiaceae family we see:

A/f shock,

A/f death of parents or relatives,

A/f bed news,

A/f disappointments


  • Exactness with Materia Medica IGNATIA
  • Dr Boericke Materia Medica

Mentally, the emotional element is uppermost, and co-ordination of

function is interfered with. It is one of the chief remedies for hysteria.

It is especially adapted to the nervous temperament-women of sensitive, easily excited nature, dark, mild disposition, quick to perceive

Effects of grief and worry.

After shocks, grief, disappointment.

  • Dr Phatak

Alert, Oversensitive, Nervous.

Highly emotional.

Brooding GRIEF.


KINGDOM – Plant (sensitive to death of relatives and

shock reaction is hysterical)

SUBKINGDOM – Loganiaseae

(A/F – Death of realtives, Shock, Hysterical Behavior)

REMEDY – Ignatia

MIASM – Syco – syphilitic


A/F Shock, A/F Death of relatives,

Silent Grief can’t cry, mild

Sentimental, Brooding, Signing


Silent and sad.Jerking in limbs.

  • REMEDY – Ignatia 1m
  • Potency selection
  • Indication for high Potency – increased susceptibility

Extreme/ exacting similarity between the patient and remedy

Qualified mentals covered well by the remedy

Hypersensitive patient

More characteristics


June 2016 R. Valaki1

  • Follow up
Date Symptoms          Prescription
18-6-2015 Full case taken

Lmp 17-5-2015

Ignatia 1m phytum(tds) for 7 days
29-6-2015 No inhaler needed

Dyspnea improved

Suffocation improved

Gas complaints improved

Constipation improved

Phytum(tds) for 7 days
8-7-2015 50% improved in all complaints

Last night dyspnea so once pump taken

Ignatia 1m phytum(tds) for 7 days
20-7-2015 Improved in all complaints

LMP – 15-7-2015

Phytum(tds) for 15 days


5-8-2015 Improved but constipation since one week Ignatia 1m phytum(tds) for 15 days
24-8-2015 Inhaler is not needed

Menses appear

Lmp – 18-8-2015

Duration – 8 days

Phytum (tds) for 15 days


14-9-2015 Improved Phytum (tds) for 15 days


30-9-2015 Improved

LMP – 20-9-2015

Phytum(tds) for 15 days


26-10-2015 Gastric complaint since last week Ignatia 1m phytum(tds) for 30 days
30-11-2015 No change in gastric complaint

Inhaler is not needed

Ignatia 1m phytum(tds) for 30 days
28-12-2015 Improved ++

Menses regular

Phytum (tds)30days


  • Bibliography

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About the author

Ramkrishna Valaki

Dr. Ramkrishna Valaki (B.H.M.S.) has been practicing for the last four years at Dhara Homoeopathic Clinic Bhavnagar, State – Gujarat. India, working as Medical Officer at Swami Vivekanand Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital.

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