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A Case of Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral palsy is an umbrella like term used to describe a group of chronic disorders impairing control of movement that appear in the first few years of life and generally do not worsen over time.

Magnitude of problem

According to The United Cerebral Palsy Association that more than 500,000 Americans are affected. In India, the frequency of Cerebral Palsy (Homeopathy Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Symptoms) is 2 per 100 live births (Gai).

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

  • Prematurity
  • In utero disorders
  • Neonatal jaundice
  • Birth trauma
  • Perinatal asphyxia


Diseases in antenatal period
Delivery forceps
Cause not known

Clinical Presentation

Slow development of milestones such as head holding, learning to roll over, sit, crawl, standing and walking


Mode of presentation in a case of cerebral palsy

  • Mental retardation
  • Delayed developmental disorders
  • Paralysis
  • Speech delay
  • Drooling
  • Hyperactive
  • Movement disorder


Cerebral Palsy can rarely be diagnosed with certainty during early infancy, and specific syndromes often cannot be characterized until age 2.

Homeopathic concept

The Syphilitic miasm is the main cause for the development of Cerebral Palsy. The miasmatic predominance in both parents accounts for the tendency for genetic defects. The miasmatic influence run in the families of both parents. The syphilitic miasm disturb the metabolism of the higher centers to produce deficient growth from brain to bone and blood.

Kent’s view

“It is impossible to get the symptoms and wants of a child especially in an infant except by interpreting its Gestures”.

Boger’s view

“Objective phenomena being the least deceptive, by their great utility have contributed much to the brilliant success of Homoeopathy, particularly in the diseases of children”

The Case

Baby ‘A’ aged 5y.8m, was brought to my clinic on 16/10/2000 with the following presentations –

  • Child is calm, shy natured
  • Anemic, thin built, under nourished
  • Can speak few words, not clear
  • No bowel control
  • Dependent , no interaction with peer group
  • Timidity, lack of attention, Fear
  • Sitting difficulty, Standing difficult , Walking impossible.
  • Squint, increased movement Of eye balls
  • Can recognize parents and few family members
  • Sensitive to dampness

Maternal / History :

  • Delivery: hospital normal
  • Delivery, full term, low birth weight

B /H: Cry delayed (5M)


  • Mental age: 1.8y–
  • Chronological age :5.2Y
  • IQ: 34 %
  • Treatment History: modern medicine :3Y
  • Physiotherapy: from the age of 7th month
  • Vaccinations Taken
  • Weight: 11 kgs, height:3.2″
  • Spasticity of limbs, tone increased
  • Gait: imbalance

Calcarea phos was selected on the basis of above symptoms as child was not in position to express her symptoms, only
on objective symptoms were considered. (Kent, Boericke, Murphy)

17/10/2001 – Calc phos 200C, 3 doses were given.

21/11/2001 – Not much change, Calc phos 200 3 doses repeated

31/02/02 – Not able to stand with support, able to sit for few minutes,
Concentration :ok
P oor memory, not able walk with support, speech no change,

Calc pos 1M, 1 dose was given followed by Sac Lac for 1 month,

12/03/02 : Standing with support for 5m, able to sit for half an hour, concentration :ok
Not able walk with support, speech no change

Tuberculinum 1M was given, SL for 2 months

1/07/02: Walking with support, able to talk few words, fear of falling timidity, Calcarea phos 10M 1 dose, 45 days SL was given.

3/12/02 : Speech: satisfactory, clarity was less, grasping : better, getting up with support, walking with support,

Calcarea phos 10M 3 doses were given, sl for 2months was given.

Child was brought after 5 months as they lived 600km away from Hyderabad.

12/06/03 – Weight: 16kgs, standing for 30 minutes without support, sitting for hours, talking with clarity, with breaks, Tuberculinum 1M was given along with SL for 60 days .

11/09/03 – Able to stand without support Improvement 90%

The child has had no complaints since then.


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Dr. G.R. Mohan M D (Hom) PG dip (Env Stud) is Principal, Devs Homoeopathic Medical College, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is Visiting Professor at Vinayaka Mission"™s Homoeopathic Medical College, Salem, Tamil Nadu.Dr.Mohan and Director of a Multi-specialty Homoeopathic Research Center at Hyderabad. Dr. Mohan is Principal Investigator for Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy for Extra-mural Research Project. His numerous research papers have been published internationally. He is author of Wonders of Homoeopathy an Evidenced Based Study.


  • very good Dr. what a nice treatment u did god bless u.
    i was here to say yes cerebral palsy is curable in early age.
    as i treated many patient by sujok and twist therapy. so don’t leave hope be positive.

    • Dear Doctor
      My 3.5 years old daughter is a cerebral palsy patient. We stay at Hyderabad & Kolkata. Please let me know how to contact you or any good Homeopathy doctor to treat her.
      Samik Mitra

  • My son is 6 years old with delayed milestone.he is able to walk and run with little imbalance. able to speak few single words. speech has not developed. kindly give me your contact details

  • I am interested to know if I can treat my niece who has Cerebral Palsy, age 3.2 years. she can’t sit, nor speak. doing physiotherapy.

  • Dear Dr.
    My son who is 3 years old is having delayed milestone. Please let me know how to contact you.

  • Dear Dr.

    My son and daugther (1.5 yrs old) are diagnosed with spastic diplegia. Please let me know how to contact your.


  • Dear Dr. Mohan,
    My son has a daughter, now 22 months old, diagnosed with CP. Your case study above says that the Syphilitic miasm is a major cause for such disorder. Does that mean that if they have an another child, that child might have problems too? We live in Toronto, Canada and can you recommend a homeopath in our city? How can we get in touch with you? We would really appreciate your respone. Thank you

  • Hello sir,
    its my Daughter Case.please Help me i want your Expert opinions so that she could Live a Healthy and Normal life. Thanks These are details My daughter got interception at the age of 7 months due to the continuous vomiting.after a few day of the operation the burst abdomen occurred,after which she got sepsis followed by septic shock.After a few days meningitis appeared and the blood platelets were reduced to the lowest level .then she was shifted to ICU for further treatment and she recovered from all these problems But the Matter of Concern is that at the present age of 4 years She is unable to Talk, cannot hold any thing in her hands and the worst point that she can not even sit properly rather than moving and walking of a child at this age. She is normal not healthy v week but no obvious problem. Growing normally not holding her head She is improving in supporting her head about 30%but still some times she could not hold it properly. She can not sit without any support.usually using couch or some thing behind her back. she is efficient in identifying parents and her toys and things which she use and when pointed to some where she looks their properly and hear properly.but can not speak properly but produce voices. She has normal saliva but the fluids come out of her mouth regularly. upper and lower body is OK.she cannot maintain her self to move and walk neither can turn to another side but struggle for it. lower limbs r weak but it may be due to weakness and the movement of legs is ok. paw fingers are curved inside when we try her to walk or to stand on foot. Regarding This Matter i want your Expert opinions so that she could Live a Healthy and Normal life.

  • Sir, My my younger son is a cp child age 7+, staying in Delhi, unable to speak and walk. He is under alopath treatment and daily physio-therapy. Pl. advice me.

  • Hello Sir
    My son aged 9yr is cereral palsy with mental retardation. He cannot stand see do anything on his own cannot speak or hold things going physiotherapy treatment can you please suggest treatment/doctors
    Presently we are at Amritsar but ca go anywhere for his treatment

  • Respected Sir,
    I am Kamal Prakash, 56 years Male from Hyderabad. I have severe balance problem since 3 years very difficulty to walk.
    Sir Please I want to consult you, so please mail me your contact address and phone numbers as soon as possible.
    Thanking you.

    Kamal Prakash
    M.No: +919502935145.


    • What is the stage of ur son. Anything positive for him. My daughter is also having same problem. My mobile no is 7039379859. Please inform if u have got any remedy for him.

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