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A Case of Chikungunya Type Fever

Written by Suruchi Sodhani

Dr. Suruchi Sodhani treats a case of Chikungunya- like fever.

mosquito-chikungunyaName: Mrs .A

Age/Sex:  39/F

Date of first visit: Oct  27, 2014

Presenting complaints:

Pain in all the joints of the body since morning.

Chilliness with sleepiness since evening.

History of presenting complaints:

In the morning, after waking she felt some pain in her joints, which she attributed to the previous day’s hectic schedule. But that pain started increasing as the day advanced, especially in both shoulders and knees. She was unable to turn her hands backwards and also unable to sit or to rise from the floor. Every time she urinated she winced with pain in the knees. In the evening it became most difficult to rise from bed or from sitting and also to do any work.  Chilliness with a great desire to sleep.  She desires to be covered.

Mental Generals: Patient was asking again repeatedly “what happened to me suddenly. I will take only your medicine as allopathic doctors had spoiled two similar cases in our family last year.” She was irritable with all family members talking very loudly to them.

Rx: Polyporus pinicola 200 , 4pills , 1hrly,3 doses.

Follow up: Around 10 p.m. she had 1030  fever (Homeopathy Treatment for Chikungunya Fever) and they had already given crocin to her. I told them to wait till morning. Pain in joints was slightly better.

On 28 Oct , fever was 1000 , joint pain was still severe. She said she was still feeling chilly and lying on a bed with a blanket as she felt better covered. I asked about thirst and she said she wanted small amounts in short intervals. I gave her Arsenicum alb.200 , 2hrly till afternoon.

Around 4 p.m. she called and said there was no relief and the fever was still 100F.  I asked her if there was desire to cover in heat and sweat stage also. She said “Yes, I am constantly covering myself despite high fever or sweating .I m feeling good while covering.”

Then I prescribed  Nux Vomica 1000 , 2drops , 2hrly.

Around 10pm  she updated that she was feeling much better. Fever was still 100F , but she was feeling good on the whole. Pains has also subsided but were still there in shoulders and knees. I told her to take the medicine 3hrly .

29 Oct:  She reported feeling much better. There was no fever and pain in all joints had subsided except in shoulder and knees, which wass also much better than previously. I told her to take the medicine 6 hrly.

On 30 Oct she developed some eruptions all over the body . They are maculopapular eruptions which she related may be due to some hot neem water she is taking from the day the fever started or may be due to kiwi as she never took that earlier. So I stopped both of them and gave a dose of Pyrogenum 200, as she told me that she has feverish feeling, but there is no fever. She also told me that some other homoeopathic doctor came to her house and said that it may me be Dengue and took blood samples.

In evening platelet count came out to 2.5 lakhs and she said that eruptions were reddish and become much more red near gas .There is itching also and she feels better by covering .I prescribed a dose of Apis m. 200.

On 31 Oct the eruptions had subsided, but she again experienced some pain in joints. I again prescribed a dose of Nux v. 1000.

After this last dose she was fine and to date has no complaints .

Basis for selecting Nux vomica:

Wants to be covered in every stage of fever

Irritable, zealous and careful.

About the author

Suruchi Sodhani

Dr. Suruchi Sodhani received her Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery(B.H.M.S) from Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Delhi in 2009. During her schooling she had postings in the O.P.D. and departments of obstetrics, ENT, Dermatology, Gynecology and Ophthalmology. Since 2009 Dr. Sodhani has run her own clinic and is currently practicing in Dwarka, Dehli.


  • In June end I had a fever n severe joint pain.Fever last for 2 to4 days with chills but today even I feel severe joint pain n very difficult to walk no Energy

  • My wife aged 64 yrs had viral fever with joints pain(knee,wrist,shoulder etc.) .Unable to walk on her own for a day.
    Given pain killer by Allopathic doc. Could stand and walk. Since last 20 days she is not able to walk properly, having pain on whole body. Treated homeopathically too.
    No recovery. Thirst increased since and taking liquid every hrly.

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