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A Case of Chronic Bronchitis and Pneumonia in a Young Boy

Written by Edgar Mednis

Dr. Edgars Mednis presents a case of repeated episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia in a young child.

First visit August 27th, 2010.

Main complaints – frequent episodes of bronchitis (Homeopathy for Bronchitis) and pneumonia.

He had congested nose, high fever a couple of days ago, dry cough at night – mostly when changing position.


Born from 3rd pregnancy, 1st normal delivery on week 40, weight 3300grams, Apgar score 8/9.

At 2.5 months of age he had first respiratory virus desease, which occurred 2 weeks after his 2nd hepatititis B vaccination.

The next episode was at 3.5 months, followed after 10 days by digestion disorders – green diarrhea. In coprogram (feces analysis) – bacteria excessive growth – clebsiella pneumoniae and staphylococcus aureus. Antibiotic course (trimdethoprim + sulphamethoxasol).

At 4 months he got the first vaccination with Infanrix tetra + Haemophylus influence vaccine.

5 months – respiratory infection.

6 months – Second Infanrix with third hepatitis B vaccine and after – subfebrility, restless mood.

7.5 months – third Infanrix. After 20 days was in hospital with acute entheritis – fever and green diarrhea. Additionally –  urostatic situation in left kidney and allergic erythema. Received ceftriaxone, rehydratation.

10 months – normal urine lab test. Next day – day respirathory infection.

11 months – again respiratory infection.

15 months – MMP vaccination without any reaction.

16 months – allergic skin reaction – exanthema without itching. Received antihistamine.

17 months- Noravirus infection – watery diarrhea and vomiting. Received rehydratation in hospital. Admitted in hospital for 5 days with improvement of health – no diarrhea, normal temeprature, no vomiting. After 3 days at home again subfebrile temperature and vomiting. Again in hospital for 4 days. Received rehydratation and symptomatic treatment. Blood check – normal. After 10 days fever 39 degrees Celsius, dry cough, rhinitis – hospitalized. Diagnosis – mixed infection virus, bacteria rhinopharyngitis, bilateral broncopneumonia RS virus etiology. Received: Ampicilin, cefotaxim, rehydratation, Ventolin and Dexamethason inhalations (1st time). After 3 days at home ( 1 year 6 month of age) again hospitalised with adenovirus infection, rhinopharyngitis and bilateral otitis, bronchitis. Received i/v Ampicilin, inhalations with Ventolin and Dexamethason.

20 months – bronchopneumonia. 2 weeks after recovery Varicella vaccine without complications.

22 months- acute rhinopharyngitis. Received Hyconcil.

23 months– acute rhinopharyngitis – rhinitis and cough. Temperature normal. Received ACC 100.

2years old:  Wwatery diarrhea. After 5 days – hospitalised with right side pneumonia. Received Cephazolin, rehydratation, Ambroxol and inhalations with Ventolin.

2yrs 4mo – acute rhinopharyngitis – dry cough, mostly at night.

2yrs 5mo – Rhinitis with fever 38 degrees Celsius After 2 weeks high fever, acute tonsillitis. Received Amoxycillin.

2yrs 9mo – Watery diarrhea. After 2 weeks high fever 39 degrees Celsius for 2 days. After 2 weeks again same high fever for 2 days. Both times received Ibuprofen.

Family anamnesis:  Mother – pneumonias, 1st pregnancy ends with medical abortion at week 20.  Second pregnancy ends with cessation of heart beats of fetus in week 8, ovarian cysts, frequent metrorrhagia every 2 weeks.

Father – numbness of legs.

At first year did not put on weight properly (emaciation). For one month received only mother’s milk, then due to poor weight gain – Aptamil. Muscle hypertonus during first year. Slow learning to walk.

First teeth from 11 month age without complaints.

Findings during visit – Knows what he wants (obstinate), and daily routines are very important.  Needs order in daily events and things around him. He feels better  outdoors. Slow thinking, dark complexion, careful – always thinks twice what to do. Does not want to go to bed alone. Very sympathetic. Full of worries and a lot of fears. It looks like this child is sad about life – no joy in life – never smiles.

The main point to my mind is great weakness, like gradually appearing paralysis. He cannot resist any outer influences and gets recurent pneumonias, mainly right sided.

Eating cold food, loves beetroot.

Remedy – Causticum

Started with Causticum C30 2 times a day 27 August 2010

Next visit 8th of September, 2010. Complaints – congested nose, dry cough 3-4 times a night. Continue Causticum C30 two times a day for 2 weeks.

4th of October, 2010. Complaints: Fever 39.2 degrees Celsius. Dry cough day and night. Cannot sleep at night because of painful cough. Right basal pneumonia. Causticum C30 4 times a day.

11th of October, 2010. After last visit the cough stopped in few days and they stopped the remedy. Now again dry, painful cough. Causticum C30 4 times a day.

15th of October, 2010. Visit at pulmonologist. Diagnosis: Bronchial asthma, light, persistent form. Administration of Ventolin inhalations, which are not used.

24th of January, 2011. From last visit had 2 new episodes of pneumonia. Each time takes Causticum C30 and has amelioration without chemical drugs. Again fever, dry cough mostly at night. Causticum C200 7 granules diluted in ½ liter of water and take during whole day.

5th of May, 2011. Fever, congestion of nose, insignifficant cough (dry). Use Causticum C30 4 times a day. After recovery use of Causticum C200 every second day.

23rd of May, 2011. Again congested nose, dry, painful cough. Use Causticum C30. After recovery Causticum C1000 because Causticum C30 ameliorates acute, but no long lasting effect. With Causticum C200 no long lasting effect – frequent ilnesses.

22nd of September, 2011. Complaints – abdominal pain, dry, tearing cough, congested nose. Causticum C30 for acute, then Causticum C1000. Note – from May no pneumonias and no illneses!!!

28th of December, 2011. Fever, dry cough, vomiting from cough, congested nose. Bronchitis. Causticum C30 4 times a day.

27th of December, 2012. Fever, pain in left then right ear. Otitis media bilateralis. Since last December did not have any bronchitis or pneumonia. Use Causticum C1000 every second day – twice a week whole year.

After two years : Had a meeting with his mother to ask about the boy’s illness. She sadi he is ill 2-3 times a year with light rhinitis or insignifficant cough. The always use Causticum C30 during illness and always have immediate amelioration. In 2013 he took Causticum C1000, but now using no remedy except for acute illness.

About the author

Edgar Mednis

I graduated from the Latvian Academy of Medicine, the faculty of Paediatrics, in 1995. For 9 months I worked as the circuit paediatrician. That was kind of a pregnancy for me, because then I realized that I want to work in closer contact with my patients and provide them with an individual approach. While working in paediatrics I started studying homeopathy. I have studied homeopathy from Latvian and Kiev homeopathy school teachers. One of my major authorities in homeopathy is the Italian homeopath Dr. Roberto Petrucci. I still continue to attend his lectures and courses. Since 1995, MRC “Valeo”, SWH Medical center, private practice , “Bobath center Attīstība”, Institute of Homeopathy. I have also studied psychology from renowned Latvian psychologists Andra Plotniece and Viesturs Rudzītis. We can change a lot by changing ourselves in order to be healthy. It does not always require medication. Often it is enough to talk – to be able to change the focus. Today I give my patents homeopathic consultations together with guidance about how tro achieve health. Therefore I would like to call myself a health coach, rather than the usual terminology of medical doctor

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