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A Case of Complex & Multiple Allergies

Written by Daniela Karsten

Homeopath Daniela Karsten cures a case of multiple allergies in a boy of 8. It was a feat that no allopathic allergist could ever accomplish, or understand.

Twenty five percent of the UK population suffer with allergies. Many more are diagnosed with so-called intolerances. Due to the limitations of conventional treatments, a broad range of “allergic” cases find their way to our practices. A significant amount of these present as complex cases of multiple allergies, for which the patient has found no positive outcome in general medicine. The following case is in that category, and is proof to me of the ability of homeopathy to redress the balance in immune dysfunction, in even the most challenging of cases.

Matthew was approaching 8 years old when he was brought by his mother, who was in a self-confessed state of desperation. Over a period of 7 years she had witnessed her son’s diet be gradually limited to chicken, rice and a few fruits, as a result of ever more severe reactions to an ever increasing range of foodstuffs.  An eczema prone baby, at 16 months Matthew first developed a rash as a result of eating yogurt and at 18 months was first diagnosed with a mild dairy intolerance. From the age of 5, which coincided with a move from reception to primary school, this sensitivity had gathered momentum, and at the point of introduction, Matthew was experiencing a rapid allergic response to a range of foods including dairy, berries, lamb, corn and wheat products. The normal dairy substitutes of goat’s milk, rice milk and soya similarly resulted in fluid filled hives, an angry, red and very itchy rash, and a soaring fever within two hours of eating or drinking. Matthew, and consequently his mother found it difficult to sleep due to intense itching at night. The mother noted that certain foods affected certain areas of her son’s body, with strawberries linked to his neck area and wheat to his torso.  On arrival at my office, the areas affected were his face, neck, stomach, back, knee and elbow creases.  In addition to that he had a mosquito bite on his left calf which had refused to heal over a period of six months. Matthew’s mother added that she felt that her son’s growth and physical development was being significantly impeded by his condition.

Over an extended period of time Matthew had had a range of allergy tests, regular courses of antibiotics, which disturbed his digestion, 400ml of antihistamine 3-4 days per week, and repeated steroid treatments including possible intravenous steroids as a toddler in China. His father and grandmother, both Chinese, had a history of chronic eczema and allergies.

The last severe allergic response had been in mid-January 2013, and his first consultation and prescription was given on 2nd February of that year. I have to admit that I was initially daunted by the severity of the case and doubtful to what extent homeopathy could help. However, I returned to the purity of my classical thinking and opted for a constitutional approach, as other routes did not offer the same clarity or totality. In analysis this became a complex case with a simple solution. Considering a strong psoric/tubercular preponderance, chilly++, desire sweet/ savoury/ eggs, stubborn, stoic but with a dislike of change, I prescribed Calcarea Carbonicum. Considering chronicity and sensitivity I chose to use LM’s. Treatment started in February 2013 with LM1(1 teaspoon daily from a 0.5 l bottle made up each week). Due to perceived exacerbation of symptoms, a temporary loss of confidence by the mother, and a self-imposed months’ break, resuming with an advised 1 tsp of medicated water every other day, the next appointment was five months later – by which time his face was 80% better, his stomach 30% improved and his knee and elbow creases had been clear for one month. The persistent wound from the mosquito bite had all but healed.

Six months after starting treatment, and after a period of LM2’s, Matthew recorded no severe allergic reactions, only occasional use of antihistamines and most importantly he had been able to re-introduce certain foods into his diet which had previously solicited a severe allergic reaction. These included soya milk, oats, potatoes and berries. He had experienced only mild and temporary reactions to brazil nuts and certain cakes. By this stage Matthew’s eczema had improved by an average of 90%, and he was sleeping much better without the need to scratch. His mother, who was also feeling the benefit of better sleep and reduced anxiety, recorded a wellbeing score for her son of 8/10. As we climbed the scale of LM’s, each appointment brought with it a story of continued and sustained improvement. Just short of a year later Matthew was enjoying school dinners, Christmas lunch and even McDonalds (a doubtful measure of success!)

He had introduced new foods, such as fish-fingers into his diet and could even satisfy his sweet tooth with chocolate, with only mild allergic reactions, which self-resolved in a short space of time. His skin was smooth and essentially clear of eczema. Most notably as a result of improved nutrition, appetite and sleep, Matthew recorded a growth spurt of 7cms, six new teeth and had put on a healthy weight. There had been no necessity for antihistamine for over two months. At LM6 and fourteen months later, agreed aims and objectives were set at maintenance of improvements to date, while ensuring a nutritionally balanced diet with more food variety where possible. At the final consultation, 20 months later, on 28th October 2014, and after a further growth spurt, Matthew’s long term improvement seemed to have become stable and integral to his health and wellbeing. It was agreed, due to financial pressures, that they would get in touch in future, if necessary.

It is now just under two years since the first prescription and I have not had any contact with the patient. I hear through the grape vine that he is doing well, leading a normalised, busy life, unaffected by his former allergies. His mother noted in her testimonial that, “with the change in his diet, his body is developing much better and he is much happier.” What more could a homeopath wish for other than a happy, healthy young boy leading a rewarding and fulfilled life, and another example of the miracle that homeopathy can be!

©Daniela Karsten M.A., RS. Hom., Dip Hom ACH

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Daniela Karsten

I discovered homeopathy while looking for a safe and drug-free approach to treatment for chronic eczema and common childhood illnesses, for myself and my family. It has long been my treatment of choice, and I have been using homeopathic remedies successfully for over 15 years. I graduated from a four year course of study and training at Allen College. Always looking to improve for the benefit of my patients, I undertake regular professional development. In 2013 I did post-graduate study and clinical practice in the slums of Calcutta, India. As a mother and former Montessori teacher, I have a strong interest in children's health. I have contributed to a professional nanny agency's newsletter and website, and write regular articles on family health issues for Salad Days Magazine. I am also proud to be a "selected practitioner" for Cambridge University Hospital Trust, which includes Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Rosie Maternity Unit.


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